Kangen Water

by Leilani Plummer
(Springville Utah USA)

Since 1991, I have had as many as 60 sores at one time. Fatigue lasted for many years but the sores are less now in 2009.

A few weeks ago I started using kangen water on my skin. As an owner of the kangen machine, I have been drinking the kangen water for 3 years but I never took seriously the beauty water or 5.5 pH that is the toner for the skin.

It didn't seem to change my sores until I started taping on a wet bandage and keeping the sores wet. Then in a few days, even overnight, I saw hardened flesh changed - even became yellow and oozy like a healing wound.

I cleaned and scrubbed the messy sore with 2.5 acid kangen water. I balanced the 2.5 with 11.5 alkaline strong kangen water then applied the wet bandage with the 5.5 low pH kangen water.

Anyone in the United States can find someone in their area code with one of these machines. Just put in your area code and kangen water to find a compassionate person who will share their water from their kangen machine.

You will find this machine now in Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, and Canada. USA has these Japanese made machines in 100 hospitals in Japan. They are classified as medical devises. They are in most every large city in the United States.

Kangen means return to origin which is the pureness of water as it runs off the mountains before it becomes stagnant in our municipal systems.

The negative charge is in nature and at healing water pools like Lourdes France and other sites where people come for healing water. There are 4 such places world wide as is the top of the Himalayas or Hunza is famous for its glacial alkaline waters.

By drinking the alkaline 8.5 water, the internal terrain of the body will change as the negative charge of the kangen water bonds with the + charged toxins in the body. Tap water has a + charge and doesn't bond like ionized, electrolyzed water.

Putting the 5.5 pH water morning and night into the ear has reduced buzzing. As a child I had ear infections.

After 3 years drinking the water I am strong enough to find work again. I'm feeling better and without depression and pain and gaining energy, I was still searching 3 months ago for the final natural tool to clear this disease from my system.

I found a practitioner who does meridian testing. I'd had it done before from other practitioners, but
this one has the most skill of any after doing it 20 years He made me remedies to take home.

He found that all my systems were out of balance so with his computer and a system called Interrogatory Biofeedback (IB).

It is the opinion of my body that can detect pathogens, toxins, vertebrae out of alignment, physiological and emotional functions out of balance.

My body needs to stimulate its own immune system, reaction to chemicals, supplements. By holding a titanium bar and the tester probing an acupuncture point on my opposite hand, inate intelligence can communicate through the computer to tell my heart, bones, stomach, liver and all body systems etc. what it needs to do to achieve balance.

The technology is on line with this vast and massive computer program and a trained practitioner to pick up this information and search for the frequency or remedy to balance the specific body parts by a custom made homeopathic that works for about 3 weeks then I need another check up and a new remedy. Some practitioners do proxy work.

Spending money on natural remedies is guess work. This technology is exacting. The remedy which is imprinted into amber bottles with water contains hundreds of frequencies at the exact tested dilution for the homeopathic that are precisely tuned to my needs.

I feel like we have finally achieved informational technology that is no longer just a shot in the dark. I do not do this work. I am merely passing on this a part of my journey to wellness.

The inventor of this machine resides in American Fork Utah. Many similar machines have been copied and have some programs like the original.

Hi Leilani,

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell your story and share your experiences with the Kangen water and also with the meridian testing machine.

Visitors interested in getting their own Kangen water may want to check into the KYK Harmony Water Ionizer from Water For Life USA.

I found your testimony about the Interrogatory Biofeedback machine very interesting. I was introduced to this technology about 6 months ago when I took my mother to a homeopathic doctor. The doctor is excellent and a lovely Godly woman.

She uses this machine on my mother and has been helping her improve her health concerns and strengthen her body. I hope to continue to learn more about the process in the months ahead.

Thank you again for your story. I hope you continue to improve in your own health.


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Jun 03, 2018
Parasites NEW
by: Theresa

It is all over the web that kangan water lowers stomach acid. Therefore creates candida and parisites

Feb 14, 2018
Free Kangen Water Share NEW
by: Kathy Gatt

I give out Kangen Water in the Colorado Springs area, no charge.
You are welcome to bring your own car ntainers, or, I have them for sale if you need them.
Kathy’s Hydration Station
3645 Jeannine Drive # 103
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
I LOVE what this water has done for my life and want to share it with anyone and everyone!

Mar 20, 2017
I will give out water NEW
by: Penny

I will give out water. I live in Fairfield Iowa 6412330020

Jan 22, 2017
kangen water/meridian imbalance NEW
by: damien

weren't you concerned that after 3 years of drinking kangen that all your meridians etc were out of balance?

interested on your thoughts as to why they weren't balanced after 3 yrs on the water.


regards, Damien.

Jan 03, 2015
Awesome testimony! NEW
by: Laura

You have an awesome testimony! Thanks for sharing! Did you ever find out what was causing your sores....or the name of the disease?

Apr 04, 2014
pH 2.5 water NEW
by: Mark

Only Enagic's Kangen machines make pH 2.5 water!
Don't bother with other machine.They don't have medical grade titanium/platinum plates.
No lasting quality.

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