Kinoki Patches

by Jay
(Los Angeles, CA)

Kinoki patches help me sleep better!

A few month ago, I was having problems sleeping. I tried all kinds of sleeping pills and medicines, but it never improved the quality of my sleep.

A friend told me to try the Kinoki detox foot patches. So I decided to give them a try.

Just a few days after I started using the patches, I feel I am sleeping better.

I don't have to take any medicine now, and I sleep better in the night time. It's amazing how the small konoke detox foot patches help.

Thanks for the review of the Kinoki patches Jay.

I'm really glad to hear that they have helped your insomnia. I know family members that have turned to prescription sleeping pills and have really suffered as a result.

Prescription meds have some dreadful side effects that are very unpleasant for the person taking them and the rest of the family, too. It's amazing how they can almost change a person's personality. They are also extremely addictive!

Another option for natural sleep remedies is to take some Melatonin. You can pick some up at places like Walmart, or you can order Melatonin online at Puritan's Pride.

Lack of sleep takes a real toll on your health, but you really need healthy sleep, not drug induced sleep. I'm really glad that you have benefited from your first foot patch detox experience.

To your good health!

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