Lemon Water Cleanse

by Tamar

Does this lemon water cleanse also rid the body of all parasites? How long do I do it for and will the parasites come back? Can I eat other foods during the detox?

Hi Tamar,

No, unfortunately the lemon water does not cleanse out parasites. It may help get rid of some, but it is not really what I would call a parasite cleanse.

The lemon water is more to help improve the pH balance of your body and to detoxify your liver, etc., from excess toxins.

If you are interested specifically in cleansing out parasites, I would suggest you use an herbal cleanse instead.

The cleanse I use is called Herbal Fiberblend. You use it twice per day for about 3 months to get the best possible cleanse.

You can go ahead and eat what you would normally eat, but you do need to be sure to drink plenty of water every day (8-10 glasses).

To be honest, though, it would be best to cut down on the sugar intake in your diet if you are dealing with parasites, because they feed on sugar and junk food.

You can still use the lemon juice, too, for as long as you want. It's quite safe and good for you to drink a bit of lemon water every day. There are plenty of benefits and it may help you to get down more water if it has a bit of flavor to it.

To your good health!

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