Lice And Morgellons?

by Worried in Texas

Is there a connection between lice and morgellons?

I just read that you could get Morgellans from lice and now I'm afraid my boyfriend may have caught this disease from the lice.

After going through an infestation of lice and having difficulty in getting rid of the vermin, I am finally free of the pest. I don't feel them crawling or suffer the itch that comes with them.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, claims to feel them still crawling all over his head, even though he has shaved his self almost completely bald, and has used every single lice product he could get his hands on each and every time it would not work.

Now less than a week ago he came to me telling me to look at his head and that if I could see the slug type things on his head and that they had a little white ball in them.

He also said they were so sticky he could not get them off no matter how much he tried and that his comb was going right through them.

Two days later he comes to me again saying there going up his nose, in his ears, and he's spitting them out from his mouth.

I'm very worried/scared for him but he has also yet mentioned anything about fibers coming from his skin.

Living with us is his mom and dad who are ill, his two sons, our two year old and myself. Should I be worried about us catching this also or already having it?

I also haven't told him what I think he may have. Please can someone help ASAP?!

Dear Worried in Texas,

Let me start by saying that you have to be careful about believing everything you read on the internet (including on this site). Yes, there is a lot of good information, but there is a lot of speculation, too.

Although some may say that there is a connection between lice and morgellons, we don't really know for sure if such a connection exists. It's not really likely that there is a direct connection, but it's possible that a weak immune system, combined with use of harsh pesticides (like in OTC lice treatments), fungal overgrowth, etc., can put your body in a position to be more susceptible to a morgellons infection.

No one can diagnose you or your boyfriend over the internet, and unfortunately, morgellons is not yet widely accepted as a legitimate "condition" in the medical world, so it puts you in a difficult position of trying to figure out what is troubling you and doing the best you can to get rid of the problem.

You mentioned that your boyfriend asked you to look at his head and see if you could see these "slug type" things on his head. DID you see anything? Sometimes we have the sensation of something that isn't really there
- it just feels like it.

For example, if you are with a group of people and start talking about lice, you'll notice that many of the people will start scratching their heads. That's a minor illustration, but I hope you understand what I'm saying.

Other times, what is going on internally (fungal infection/overgrowth, intestinal parasites, etc) can cause you to have the feeling of skin itching and crawling sensations.

If you are confident that what you first had was lice, it's possible that in your efforts to treat the lice with the pesticides, etc., you've weakened the immune system or created another infection that is not related to morgellons at all.

I can't tell you and your boyfriend what to do, but I can make some suggestions based on our knowledge of the body and what has helped others in similar type situations.

First of all, encourage your boyfriend to quit using the various lice treatments. If they didn't help before, they aren't likely to do him any good and will only make matters worse.

Secondly, get him to make up a mixture of warm water and sea salt so that he can rinse his scalp very well with it. After he has rinsed it well, apply a mixture of lavender and tea tree oil to the scalp.

If he does this a couple of times per day for a few days, he may find that it helps to relieve the feelings he is having and heal up any abrasions on his scalp.

Internally, I would highly recommend that he use a natural herbal cleanse. If he does have an internal parasite, infection, fungal overgrowth, etc., of some nature, this will go a long way toward getting rid of it as quickly and safely as possible. I suggest Herbal Fiberblend.

Meanwhile, it's important to cut down on the sugar intake and junk food intake while you are trying to get rid of a problem like this. Your body needs all the nutrition and support it can get to sort things out. When you give your body sugar/junk food, you are just "feeding the enemy" and making matters worse for yourself.

Try to eat a really healthy diet for a few weeks until this is completely under control.

For future reference, when dealing with lice, you may want to read our article on home remedies for head lice, particularly the section on using olive oil to kill head lice. It's safe and easy to do, and works really well. Of course, you'll want to be sure to wash bedding regularly when following any method so that you don't re-infest yourselves by accident.

I hope this helps some and that your boyfriend will be able to get rid of this problem that is bothering him and that it won't be a case of a connection between lice and morgellons.

Kindest regards,

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Oct 09, 2021
by: Donna

Question about NAC. What brand and dosage did you take?

Oct 08, 2021
Living hell NEW
by: Slug things

It's true, I'm embarrassed to talk about this to anyone because I know how it sounds. Everything you described about your husband is exactly what I've been dealing with. NAC worked for me. I believe there graphine oxide nanotechnology parasites.

Oct 30, 2018
How I and my pets got Morgellons in 2011 and still have it. NEW
by: DCPink

I was living in Los Angeles and I found a great oak headboard that was sitting under a tree for over a month. I brought it home and thinking how great it looked in my home I never ever thought of the danger it would bring into my life. It was peed on, bird pooped on, and ended up having bugs living inside the wood. One weekend I offered to take care of my landlords kitten again not realizing it was covered in fleas. After I realized I returned him back to my landlord but it was too late. I now had a flea infestation and that brought out the bugs that were living in the headboard. My dogs and I were getting eaten up alive before I realized and I grabbed them and checked into a hotel, where I spent all hours of the morning bathing 3dogs. Till this day the nightmare has not ended. It’s so sad to watch my pets suffering, biting in between there paws, and watching there hair fall out. In 2015 I was diagnosed with breast cancer (which I really believe I got it from the morg). I just started radiation and I’ve finally come to terms that this is something I will have to live with. It sucks.........I’ve seen all the deterioration it’s done on my body and on my pets and it’s put me in a very bad state of depression. It’s just amazing that there is no help for this especially since the people out there made it happen. For now I just live day by day and try to make the best of it. Ha...Ha...I hope you all have better luck and somehow, someway, get thru it in a positive way. Good luck to you all....

Jan 21, 2017
lice/morgellon connection NEW
by: dmoore

I got lice from my grandkids. I know because I bought an electronic nit comb and it lit up read in our hair. We were declared lice free over Christmas buy lice nannies who used enzymes in our hair which shows if we still have them. I knew the lice were gone but I still found dust like stuff, fiber in my hair. No matter how I research it the only thing that is consistent is Morgellons. I also realize I have a bigger problem. It is internal. I thought the itching was dry skin and I have finally figured it out. I am seeing a chiropractor who was recommended by a vitamin shop that has been around for years and sells parasite cleanse. They have been so supportive. I don't have the Morgellons coming out of my skin anywhere but my hair. Its been over 4 months. Nothing will get rid of them. I am trying to get rid of them on the inside so eventually they will be less in my hair. Today I was with my grandkids and she was itching. I took the nit comb and found 2 lice on her. Tonight I was putting lime juice in my hair and I got 2 lice nits that came out of my hair. They were still wiggling. I feel like I am living a nightmare. My faith in God keeps me going. But I think my grand daughter has Morgellons too. I honestly think its pretty ironic it all started with the lice. But since the medical community wont even acknowledge Morgellons they won't make a connection to the lice. So sad.

Nov 15, 2016
Lice and subsequent slugs and other strange creatures and symptoms NEW
by: Caroline Roberts

I had a prolonged period of repeat bouts of head lice passed on from my children who attend schools with a lice problem. I had these slug creatures that were like saltanas also with a white spot. I have some very clear photos of them which I can send to any one just let me extensive research leads me to believe they are a type of fungus ( read the website called Morgellons Morphology. Best way I found to remove them is to apply a medicated shampoo to dry scalp then rub a handfull of good quality instant coffee granuals and press into scalp. Let them fall away into sink or bath. The dry coffee seems to pull them out. Repeat above several times. No more than once a day or you will become obsessed with it. Make sure to do this in conjunction with a parasite cleanse and immune system boost.Google hair fungus to. It's horrid I know and everyone thinks I'm crazy to.

Jun 04, 2016
lice NEW
by: Theresa mcdowell

IFirst had head lice and quickly got rid of those, but that same night around 3:30 in the morning I was waken up by a crawling then stinging in my pubic area. That was on a Thursday, and that Saturday I went to the after hours care at my Dr. Office and the Dr. Checked me and said I don't see anything, so he said I may have scabbies. I treated myself with a prescription from him and that didn't help.On the followering Monday I seen my Dr. And he could see what the other Dr. Treated me with and before he examined me he said I .just have crabs. He was practly accusing me of being g unfaithfully to my husband who was also with me at the Dr office. It's been 20 years since my husband has been able to preform. I was so embarrassed and ashamed that my Dr was saying this in front of my husband. He checked me and couldn't see anything either. He gave me lindane but that didn't help either. It was getting worse. Now the crawling , stinging was getting all over my body. My husband has not been effected at all. It's been a month now , and I called my Dr again and he told me it's all in my head because there is nothing there. Yes there is. My daughter an RN checked me very closely and found tiny red mites on me. I was brushing my hair over the sink to see if I could see anything. Some tiny black hair fiber things is all we seen in the sink. So we looked at them through a magafighing glass and they were a alive with a head and a stinger at the other end.I called my Dr again and refused to treat me any further and I was imagining it all. I said really Dr. I have holes all over me were they are stinging me and I have proof. He recommended I see a psychiatrist. I just hung up on him. So now I need to find a new Dr. I've been using a product I ordered on line it's called " say bye bugs " I wash everything in it and I have bathed in it and see tons of the black fibers dead in my bath. But it did not say to bathe in it, but I did it has helped me alot. I bathed in it every other day and get many dead bugs. So now I'm going to order from this site and get myself well.

Dec 28, 2014
Similar issue NEW
by: Dani in Texas

Ive read your post over and over..still hesitated to reply but I have been researching online since Aug. 2014. I worked at a daycare and contracted headlice from an infected toddler. However after rhe initial treatment and 10 day followup treatment (declared lice and nit free by facility nurse). I began to experience an infestation very similar to head lice but different in other ways. I believe to this day it is a mite infestation of some sort dogs all got infected(probably cheyletia mite since their symptoms match that horrid little creature). I moved from that house in late October...I was battling the slug like things but not on me, they were always on my dogs in the evenings after coming in from bathroom breaks. They clogged my pet clippers when I gave long haired dogs a hair cut. I am diagnosed ADHD 6 years ago and was really becoming ill from lack of sleep and the terror from what I was experiencing but UNABLE to get anyone else to see..I believw the amphetamines contribute on some level. i had my dosage decreased with a wane in symptoms, but not all. I stopped obssessing as best I could and this helps too. I did parasite cleanse in Early November with B12, Vitamin C, Garlic, and Apple Cider vinegar supplementation every day. I wash hair every other day in selsun blue shampoo or a good peppermint soap. i take tub baths twice weekly in epsom salts or 4 oz of laundry bleach. I lost my job because of all this and still havent been able to secure part time job $ is tight! I purchase what is on sale. Usually bleach and garlic is the cheapest. I am not crazy (funny how this has become a mantra since August, I never had to convince anyone much less myself of this), and I refuze to seek any medical help again with this issue. I have been told by ER doctors, and dermatologists it is a delusion. Ok. If it is indeed just a delusion then the things I am doing that seem to be helping me not itch constantly and putting back on the 11 lbs I lost 6 weeks are good..just treating the delusion I guess
..still somewhat bitter as you cam see. If your boyfriend believes he is experiencing something..don't discount him because you are not. Be supportive but don't believe everything you or he reads online. Trial and error on what helps with the symptoms has been the only way Ive been able to deal with this. I dont focus on the SCI-FI takes too much out of me and breeds fear. At least you have each other, my family rarely talks to me after this. Good Luck and I pray for you as well.

Mar 07, 2012
Lice and Morgellons continued... NEW
by: Angie

I'm so thankful if anything I've said may be of help to you. In some ways I'm glad that you are unable to see the slug like bugs that he is feeling. That gives me more hope that my suggestions for an internal cleanse and some dietary changes will make a big difference.

The body works in very strange ways and can give us sensations of feeling one thing when it is something else entirely.

What I do know for certain is that God designed our bodies to heal themselves in most cases, but we so often don't give the body the tools it needs to do that job. That's why I usually try to suggest good nutrition, high quality supplements and a good internal cleanse. These are the basics needed to give the body the right building blocks to get rid of bacteria, parasites, infection, etc., and create healthy cells and repair damaged cells.

We all usually want a quick fix which doesn't really fix the underlying problem but only hides the problem by covering or eliminating a symptom.

Ooops! I'm going off on a tangent! :) Sorry about that.

Anyway, alcohol is a drying agent when used on the skin, but that's also a benefit that he'll get from the sea salt in water rinse I suggested. It will also help prepare the skin for the essential oils so that they are more effective if he decides to try that.

I do hope that you'll keep me posted and let me know if the changes and the Herbal Fiberblend do the trick for you all.

Mar 07, 2012
by: Worried in Tx.

Thank you so much for responding so quickly! Your words have givin me some peace of mind. I'm gonna calm down and not worry myself sick right away. I do know exactly what you are saying because if I watch him try and comb these things out of what little hair he has left for to long before I know it I'm itching my head. But in regards to your question, when he does try to show me these slug type things on his scalp I can not see them no mater how many ways he turns his head in the light. Also I forgot to mention something that may be important to what maybe going on he says that when he showers or gets water somewhere on him it feels like they just start running trying to get away but never leaves his scalp. Also after experimenting with different items found around the house, he found that rubbing alcohol was the only thing that worked. He was so excited he told me it was making these "slug things" evaporate or I guess you could even say dry up and that the white ball/particle/bug comes to the top of his hair and that is only when he can comb them out. Also I must say that even after I watched him put the alcohol on his head I have yet to see any "slug things/bubble" he talks about but I do see the white objects come to the top of his hair that are supposed to be in these slug things. We really appreciate your advice and plan on taking it, we're gonna get the whole family involved in the cleanse and diet in hopes of keeping anyone else from catching whatever this is.

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