Lichen Planus On Feet

by Stella
(Whittier, CA, USA)

Inner Ankle and Top of Feet Skin Parasites?

Inner Ankle and Top of Feet Skin Parasites?

I think I'm being attacked on my inner ankles and the top part of my feet by skin parasites.

The itching is so bad and unbearable that my constant scratching has created big red spots, the size of a quarter, on the top layer of skin covering the ankles.

I've been applying Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother), with a cotton ball. At first the apple cider vinegar stings my skin; but then the itching subsides. Then it drys up the red spots, but only until the next occurrence.

This is a recent flare-up. When it first occurred, around 2010, I was diagnosed with Lichen Planus. I was prescribed topical creams by two different doctors, but the creams were steroids, which I refused to use, because the steroids would have entered into my blood stream, which would have caused other unacceptable side effects.

What "non-steroid remedies" do you recommend? Please advise.


Dear Stella,

When you received the Lichen Planus diagnosis had either of the doctors run tests to confirm that was what you were dealing with or just came to the conclusion based on the appearance?

The reason I ask is because you may approach natural treatment in a slightly different way depending on whether you are certain it is Lichen Planus on your feet or whether you do have a skin parasite that is attacking your ankles and feet.

I assume you've done some research on Lichen Planus and realize that they don't really know what causes it, but it can be a side effect of medications, a weak immune system, too much inflammation in the body, etc.

I presume that since parasites are rarely considered by mainstream medicine, that could also be an underlying cause.

Regardless, as with most conditions affecting the body, the first and foremost important course of action is to improve the body functions by cleansing (detoxifying) and building the immune system. I can never repeat this enough.

The body is amazingly designed to sort itself out when it is given what it needs to do so.

The Bragg's apple cider vinegar was a great move, but obviously insufficient to get lasting effects. Another natural topical treatment that may also give you some
immediate help and relief is organic cold pressed coconut oil applied topically to the affected area.

In fact, adding some organic coconut oil to your diet (a teaspoon in your coffee or on top of something you are eating) on a daily basis can also help with inflammation levels in your body, too.

Having said that, my best suggestion to you would be to give your body a thorough clean out using my favorite herbal cleanse, Herbal Fiberblend.

I recommend a 3-month cleanse for starters and then a regular cleanse periodically (every year or so) after that. It's truly amazing the help that it gives to the body and the load it lifts off the immune system.

In addition, I would suggest you consider supporting your body's immune system with at least Barley Life and AIMega.

Those are the basics if you are trying to keep your supplements down to a minimum, although sometimes you do need to consider more for a while if your health and diet is not as good as you would like and you need to be more aggressive in boosting your immune system.

For example, although I am currently in "good health" I do have (genetically) extremely high inflammation levels which is a precursor to future problems. Because of that, I make the effort to take a full range of nutritional supplements that will reduce my risks of auto-immune disease that are common for someone with my genetic makeup. I'm pushing 50 and so far so good. :)

I wish I could tell you for sure if you really do have Lichen Planus that is flaring up on your feet or whether you are dealing with a skin parasite (or something else entirely). Obviously, I cannot.

The good news is that the suggestions that I have made above should help your body eliminate the problem regardless of the underlying cause.

I do hope this helps and that you will soon have your immune system stronger and this recurring issue under control. Do keep in mind that if you deal with Lichen Planus (or parasites) successfully and then don't continue to keep your immune system strong you are likely to continue with flare-ups in future.

Angie Berg

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May 02, 2018
Help for your daughter....
by: Angie from

Hi Peggy,
I just saw your post and was wondering if you were able to get some help for your daughter. I am so sorry to hear about what she is going through. Have you tried any of the natural cleansing suggestions here on the website?

The basic parasite cleansing protocol is a good place to start, even if she doesn't follow the whole plan.

A basic cleanse and some nutritional boosters might make more difference than you can imagine. I would suggest at least the Herbal Fiberblend and some Composure, to get her started.

I hope she is doing better and you don't even need this info.


Feb 07, 2018
by: Peggy

My daughter seems to be suffering from some parasite that has also invaded our house. We can't seem to get rid of them. In our house we have tried everything I can think of including professional exterminating. I'm afraid my daughter is going to have a nervous breakdown. She's been to her GP and also a Dermatologist, both of them decided she was delusional. But... they do not bother me or her son. I have seen them in different stages. Black Specs, Slimy stuff on her hair where they wrap around the hair and break it off. I have also seen little tiny worms coming out of her legs, arms, feet and hands mostly. Her feet and hands are so swollen the skin looks like its going to burst. I just we could find someone to believe us, so we can find out what these things are. She sees them better than I do. This has been going on for almost a year.

Jun 04, 2016
Biting bugs and fugus
by: Shar57

Hi everyone.
So here's my thoughts. This doesn't have a ything to do with 9/11 or other terrorist theories I've read. I got this back I. 1982. Way before 9/11.
Even before GMOs I believe. Unless GMO was going on and we just didn't know about it.
I was working at sears in Sacramento.
It was a very old building built in the early 1950s.
Turns out there was a leak in part of the roof of the sears store.
Shortly after the ripped a big hole in the ceiling ,
I got this weird itch.
It felt like some teeny tiny was chewing on me.
I tried different ointments and things. But nothing worked.
I thought I just had a few bug bites.
But weeks went by and they didn't go away.
I would find these little black specs in the sores.
Sometimes I would see blue or red fuzz or strings like what u might get from a sweater. But it 95 degrees out. I wasn't weasriung warm fuzzy things.
I would also notice, it seemed as tho a wet skin was growing over the fibers.
Flash forward a few weeks, a bunch of us from work started getting this skin thing.
At that time there were no computers and the name morgellons hadn't been given to this.
So, back to the ceiling repair. This old building had wood rot 40 yes worth of dirt and dust and moisture in it.
Probably birdsvor other critters living Up there too
The perfect place for bugs and mites. Only I didn't know that back then.
I tell this story, because so many people think they got this strange itch from gardening, or a bird nest found in attic, or rats and mites too.
Then add in some humidity like rain or water from leaky pipes and then your growing mold or fungi.
I think the reason people find so many different types of bugs eating on them, is..... The fungus get on u. Low level at first. Many diff types of bugs like to eat this fungus. Then it could be the little super small gnats or what ever the flying bugs are, may land on u lay an egg sack under your skin, that the quick sharp sting you feel, then they hatch, then more biting, and the crawling starts, slowly at first. Then as the population increases, it becomes unbearable.
These are just my own thoughts.
I was lucky. I only had a few patches on my arms.
I was young and very healthy.
One nite vthe biting was really bad, it had only been a few months or so. It was super hot outside and in. I got a few ice cubes and just held those on my skin, till they melted, then got another and another. I seemed to calm the itch so I could sleep. Also I just happened to have an old stinky jar of black walnut salve. It was all I had. It smelled rancid it was so old. I think it was made with burnt ashes too. I dont know. Just stunk. But I put a dab of that on.
So this became my routine at nite.
Eventually they just went away.
I think because it wasn't in my house, it was at work, I. A huge building, a building that had a air filtration system, like all dept stores, that helped clean out the air at work. Pls once they got the ceiling fixed, that helped get it dry up their and reseal it back into the attic of the building.
Somehow dirt and critters is involved.
I was lucky. But now my best friend who lives in Arizona has it. I never get to see her, we njust talk by phone.
Hers started right after the neighbor cut down 2 huge 200 year old trees.
These trees were homes to mice birds owls e erything.
She also found a big leak in the ceiling in the back part of the house.
She said when they opened it up, the wood was so old and brokjen down and filled with diff kinds of bugs. The wood had broken down into dirt over the years. So there again is dirt connection.
Mine went away fast hers noit so much.
It wasn't until 20 plus years later, I just happened to see the story about morgellons on 20/20.
It was a light bulb moment for me, as I had NEVER forgotten what had happened to ME all those years ago. I knew that's is EXACTLY what I had.
I think morgellons and mites are kind of the same thing, some just notice diff bugs than others.
That could be because we live all o very the world in different places.
OK I'm done. Just wanted to tell my story and thoughts on it. I hope I didn't offend, some people have very strong opinions that maybe different than mine.
But that's OK.
This is how we connect the dots ( no pun intended)
Sharing info is how we piece it together.
Take care everyone.

Apr 24, 2016
Lichen planus on feet. I think I can help
by: Kim

Hi everyone I hope I can help, With some of your problems. I also have had many problems with illnesses. I have Multiple sclerosis, fibromyalga, COPD, Hypothyroidism, Hormone Deficiency, Diabetes, And my immune system is shot and seems like at times I don't even have one due to the fact that my M.S.would find a way to use it and kill me like it almost did a few years back. I got a parasite in my lungs. Fungal phenomena. ..Almost killed me Doctors at the hospital figured out what it was and saved my life. So back to the parasites

Apr 18, 2016
Constant Scratching On Feet, etc...
by: Angie from

Dear Penni and Viki,
I wish I had some new break-thru advice to offer you, but my best suggestions are still the ones I made above for internal cleansing and building of the immune system with Herbal Fiberblend, Barley Life, and AIMega. The emphasis is on an aggressive protocol with the Herbal Fiberblend, but the others are helpful if you can swing them. I wish you the best.

Apr 15, 2016
I Wish I Could...
by: Viki

I have the same with my feet, only it started on my scalp and is now over my entire body. LAST NIGHT I SPENT TRYING TO GET THINGS THAT LOOK LIKE LARVA OUT OF MY FACE AND EYES...
When I do that I first fill the sink with hot, hot water and 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol .... And a good spray of vinegar, Lysol etc.. As soon as the rubbing alcohol hits the water you can see the water shimmer and jump.. There are tiny ) shaped larva in the water.. I assume from some sort of gnat or fly. I believe these things are living on or in my skin only I can't get any help from anyone.
There is a sticky orange/black coating on Everything in our house that really irritates my skin.. I assume it is something coming inside from out since we live in a bushy area, with black, dark sand, lots of pine and oak trees close to the lake.
I have been to many doctors and tried everything everyone else has, only it has reached the point where something is contaminating everything that worked for me before unless it is a fresh bottle...
I have no idea where to go from here. I am so afraid I am going o
To lose my eye site.. They are also in my neck arteries and lymph nodes....
Good luck, I hope you have an understanding person to talk to or help you.
My spouse convinced everyone, my doctors included that IT was delusional parasitis and tried to have me forcefully admitted to Psych hospital.
Unfortunately I have no one else to go to....
Ps. At first oils like lavender, orange, cedar wood, eucalyptus, peppermint worked for me, spraying everywhere but my husband refused to let me use them because the smell bothers him. Perhaps that will help you

Mar 06, 2016
Reg./Lichen Planus on feet
by: Penni Tsocheff

I read your reply and I too am suffering from feet and ankle problems. But unlike the other person, I believe it is a fungus and or a parasite attacking me, After Im on my feet for awhile ,feet and ankles swell, I feel very warm areas,and see peculiar things I shake out of my shoes. My socks have little dots sticking to them and fiberous thread like attaching. Please, can u help Im almost suicidal

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