Lines in the Skin

by Phillip
(Saint Petersburg, Florida USA)

I have a question about lines in the skin.

My son has a very strange looking line on the top of his hand.

It's about 2 inches long, goes from almost a point at each end to about an eighth to a quarter inch wide in the middle. Every half inch it has a taller bump that kind of has points on it, (almost like a barb).

The doctor looked at it and said that it was a wart, said that he must have scratched his wart and his hand at the same time.

I have never seen a wart look like this, and because my son was there for another wart I think the doctor did not look at it real well.

The line in the skin is very defined and I believe that it is a parasite of some kind. It is slowly getting bigger.

Dear Phillip,

I can understand your concern over unusual lines in the skin on your son's hand. Your perception of the doctors diagnose sounds like a likely scenario.

Does this line itch at all or cause your son pain, or is it just appear as tough piece of skin almost like a scar?

I'm trying to picture it in my mind based on your description. It almost does sound like a scar tissue building up from a cut that is healing, but I'm assuming that you've already considered that option and ruled it out.

There are a couple of options I could suggest that may or may not be helpful. I'll leave that to your judgment.

First of all, you may want to consider some type of drawing salve to pull out any infection that may be building up under the line in the skin causing it to appear to grow.

Even a wet tea bag could be used to help draw out anything festering there.

If it IS a parasite, you may also want to try using some anti-parasitic essential oils to apply topically to the line in the skin. Good oil choices are Tea Tree Oil or Oregano Oil. If you don't want to use the oil straight, you can mix it with some extra virgin olive oil before applying.

Other good suggestions include a parasite cleanse (Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend are excellent and safe for children), and immune boosting probiotics (Florafood).

I hope these thoughts are helpful and that you are able to make some decisive moves to help your son get rid of this and any other lines in the skin that are causing concern.

I'd enjoy hearing an update of his progress as time progresses and you find out more.

To his good health!

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