Little White Long Things

by C. Lynn

From being a victim of flea bites, I believe that I have been infected with parasites (little white long things). I've read that they can carry up to 20 various parasites.

(Incidentally, because my cat began to have fleas and due to the fact that I've used Frontline on her for years, I began to research Frontline and kitty parasite prevention.)

I've found online a Fact Sheet from the EPA informing the public that there are manufacturers of FAKE Frontline and Advantage for both cats and dogs. The packaging looks almost identical. This EPA Fact Sheet details the subtle differences between the REAL products and the fake products.

Before I knew what was happening, I received many, many flea bites from the infestation in my yard and flower beds.

Sometime after, whenever I would take a shower, I noted in the mirror that these long, thin, white "things" were coming out of the pores of my face and neck, all by themselves.

Later, I started discovering elongated little white long things under my skin, and they would come out whenever my body was heated and my pores opened. They are about .2 inches in length.

I've been to doctors, emergency rooms, etc., and they continue to tell me that I am delusional and want to admit me into the hospital. I'm 54 years old and have never been delusional.

So, I took videos with my phone and have shown my family. However, the doctors either will either refuse to see them, or do not believe my videos. I find that incredible. I also find it incredible that they don't take samples of these "things" and test them.

However, I did discuss this with my primary physician, telling him
I would like to be tested, and he ordered stool samples for ova and parasites.

He also prescribed Vermox, a "Helminth eliminator" -- take 2 three times/day. My stools have been practically white with worm-looking objects, but I continue to have thousands under my skin.

In the corner of my mouth, I have a quarter inch deep HOLE. During the night, the "white things" cause this thick, gooey , sometimes clear, sometimes green, substance to fill up the hole, and it becomes very, very hardened. I have been able to apply and soften it with Eucerin Cream, and am able to use tweezers to remove it.

However, completely surrounding this hole are these HARD tiny teeth-like "things" that do NOT want to come out of my skin! Using a large amount of Eucerin Cream, I can finally pull a couple out. They look like baby seahorses.

I know this sounds insane, but I've read of another lady experiencing the exact same thing, and I am VERY grateful to have read her experience.

Also, sometime when I tweeze out the white worm-looking "things", the ends of them have what look like to be white feathers on them. Others that I pulls out sometimes look like cotton-balls with little worms making it up. In doing research, I'm finding that I must have fungi, as well as other parasites.

I'm relieved to have found this site, and to have read some of the forum entries. I was able to discover that other people have the same things, and unfortunately, they too find that many physicians have a Hippocratic oath deficit.

I'm going to try the anti-parasitic products on this site as they make sense.

C. Lynn

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Apr 27, 2016
I am still dealing with this parasite NEW
by: Jane

I have seen several Infectious Disease doctors and they have all said they knew how to treat these parasites, but then say they've never heard of my symptoms. I told them that reputable, large hospitals list those same symptoms for this parasite on their websites. I have been under treatment by a Chiropractor for about a year now. Garlic, Zypan, Zymex II, Wormwood Extract, and others to help with my immune system. Although my stool has not been this clear since I started going through this, I still have things coming out of me, but they are much, much smaller now. They are now in my liver, kidneys, and lungs now. My blood sugar jumped up 200 points and my cholesterol 250 points. My Endocrinologist said there is something wrong because that is so out of the ordinary from my past levels. She referred me for a liver biopsy which I am having this week. It's not like I am saying I have this parasite with no proof, I do not understand how traditional medical doctors can say no one has this parasite in this area. This is such a nightmare.

Please let me know how to upload pictures and I will share some of mine to see if our parasites are similar.


Apr 27, 2016
I've got them too! NEW
by: TT

Ya, so the white long things on me, they drive me fucking nuts! They look like white hairs, but on one end, it's like their head, it's always propped up and like looking around, and the other end looks kinda like a feather. They have hella attitude too! I have them in/on my head/in my hair. And when they fall out, they don't fall like a piece of hair. They're heavy. They fall straight down, and like bounce off things. I've been dealing with these things for several months this time. I've had them before, but it seems as if they can go dormant. I never realized they were parasites until recently. I am a victim of gang stalking at times, and I was just reading about gang stalkers, and I just read that they have all these tactics to make their victims life miserable, and one tactic is giving them and/or their home parasites. Now before I had pinpointed what it was on my head, I couldn't find anything. I could just feel them. But one night, I saw one of those long white hair looking things on the table I was sitting at. It was like coiled like a cobra looking at me. So I caught it, put it in a container and noticed that it's back end had these little feather like strands so I thought, what a cover...These things look like hair, attach to ones hair(by wrapping it's feather strands around to hold on), and walla. You got white hair, THAT DRIVES YOU NUTS!!! HOW CAN WE KILL THEM? IM READY FOR PARASITE WARFARE MURDER!!!!!

Dec 01, 2013
Removing Parasites Via Surgery NEW
by: Angie from

Dear Jane,

Thanks for posting again, and taking the time to encourage others. I already responded to your previous post, but I just wanted to quickly comment on your statement that parasites "get into the bloodstreams, muscles, and tendons and it takes surgery to remove them."

Although it's true that parasites definitely can permeate the entire body, including the brain, I don't necessarily believe that the only option for removal is surgery.

God has given us such a wide range of anti-parasitic herbs that the body can utilize to kill parasites all through the body. I would always encourage everyone who thinks they have a parasite problem (regardless of what others may think of their claims) to take advantage of these herbs and give themselves a thorough and lengthy cleanse.

Of course, I can't and won't say that every single person who follows that course of action will be healed, but I can help people to understand how the body is designed to eliminate and heal when given the right tools and resources to do so.

It is my sincere desire to help others achieve better health, particularly when they are not getting help from mainstream medical professionals.


Dec 01, 2013
You could be telling my story
by: Jane


Like you, I am so happy to find someone else with my symptoms. I have everything just as you described except for the 2 inch white things coming out.

I think the "long, thin, white things" may be entering and not coming out. I have seen them travel across my face and go in. With our symptoms being so similar, I have to wonder if you may also be dealing with a tapeworm.

Alcohol wipes and Witchhazel cleansing pads rubbed over the unhealthy looking white/greenish skin by my mouth will bring them out after I dissolve that covering. What comes out though is tiny, yellowish worms. I found a description that I think explains this. The white covering is like an armor on the thing. (I am not able to crush it with a fingernail.) This armor dissolves when it goes into a suitable environment. is the sex, but I can't remember which is which.

I also find these things on my clothes and I have to pull them off with tweezers. Do you get them on your clothes also? It's so frustrating because I have turned them into the lab in one of the two stool specimen jars and even wrote notes that the things were inside the threads. The lab apparently doesn't even bother to check. They just wrote that all I have turned in is threads/fabric.

I am also now finding where these things have entered my body in other places. It is scary to me because I have been reading that when these (I think the things are actually embryos) enter your body in this way, they get into the bloodstreams, muscles, and tendons and it takes surgery to remove them.

One of the things that is so nightmarish about this (as if being infected with it isn't enough!), is that even while telling people all the symptoms I have, I realize how crazy it would sound if it was someone else telling me. I feel like the more I try to convince them I know the symptoms sound crazy but they really are the truth, the crazier I do sound.

If you have not been told what type of parasite you have, you may want to go to the website of a parasite testing facility (I found Parasitology Center, Inc.) and arrange to have the test done. You can order (and pay for) the test kit but your results are sent to your doctor. I just started my test this morning. The vials are the small stool specimen vials, but I was very happy to read in the instructions that you can fill the two vials with two different days specimens in each to give the biggest chance to find something. The instructions say this is to help those who still have the symptoms but have had negative results which is what happened to me.

Please take care.


Aug 14, 2012
Little white long things on arms...
by: Angie from

Dear J.G.

It doesn't sound as if you are dealing with the same condition as C Lynn above, nor does it sound like bed bugs or lice. It's possible that you do have some type of mite, but are you actually seeing little white long things? That sounds more like a different type of parasite.

Do you have a bathtub? Try soaking in a bath with sea salt or epsom salts if you can. I would also add clove oil to the water.

The cleansing supplements that we suggest here are ones we've used ourselves with great success. The basics are Herbal Fiberblend and Florafood.

There are other supplements, if you want to take a more aggressive approach. Others that would be beneficial are Bear Paw Garlic, Barley Life and AIMega as they provide great support for the body and make the cleansing process more effective.

Aug 14, 2012
on line
by: j g. omaha

for the past 2 weeks i been dealing with the same issue .. when i shower it seems like they go under skin and come out for breathe when not in water stream . the affected area for me is basically the back of my armms \\\\ i been racking m brain wondering if its bed bugs mites lice or baby bugs layed in my skin :( the two crater holes that u describe or on my wrist three in a triangle .. it seriously is driving me crazy

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