Long Scablike Line On My Stomach

by Laury
(Tempe, AZ)

I have had this long scablike line on my stomach for years. I thought it was from an injury but have no recollection of one.

It is a vertical line about 2" long, , maybe 1/16" wide, reddish/brownish and looks like a scab. I have tried to scrape it off, but it comes back.

I just noticed a new one is slowly developing about 1/2" away from this one.

I have an appointment with a dermatoligist, but it is a week away and now I am freaking out a little bit that it is growing! Any thoughts?

Hi Laury,

It will be interesting to hear what the dermatologist has to say about it. It doesn't really sound parasitic since you haven't really had any "trouble" with it all these years or changes in it.

However, I do understand your concern since it appears you are starting to develop a second irregularity.

Do you have an Aloe Vera plant or know someone who does? I would suggest that you get some fresh aloe and apply it to the area a few times per day. Aloe has been amazing in it's results for various skin conditions.

Another option for consideration is to get some tea tree oil and apply it to the long scab-like lines. Tea tree (or eucalyptus) are anti-parasitic, so if that is your concern it may help kill any bacteria you may have growing there.

I've been surprised by the number of people with long time skin conditions who have found that they cleared up (even fell off) when they did a natural herbal cleanse and started using whole food supplements for additional nutritional support.

Let me know what your dermatologist advises.
To your good health!

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