Maca for Morgellons

by Sandy

I found out that Maca is great for not having the pain and also for energy and regulates hormonal balance.

I have Morgellons and Maca for Morgellos seems to be helping a lot together with a multivitamin supplement.

I have also an alkaline diet having almond milk instead of cow milk taking spirulina pills in the morning and at night and wheat grass powder from Amazon brand.

Also, I add a multivitamin with minerals to my diet with very little ascorbid acid as vitamin c because I noticed the ascorbid acid makes my skin red.

I don't have sugar or fruits that are too sweet like mango or bananas. Peaches, strawberries, papaya, melon and any other type of fruit is fine.

Avoid sodas or artificial juices.

Also, I detox my body taking laxatives twice a month and that helps a lot. I live a normal life and sometimes I even forget about it because I don't feel any symptoms now.

Also for my clothes or linens, I use Sun with bleach for color clothes from the dollar store and gets rid of these horrible creatures.

God bless!

Dear Sandy,

Thank you so much for sharing your experience using Maca for Morgellons as well as the other nutritional supplements and dietary changes.

I think this is so important because I am
a firm believer that the best chance we have to achieve good health is to give our body the highest possible nutritional support that we possibly can.

There's no doubt that we are all going to die of something some day, but I feel that many people suffer unnecessarily because they treat a symptom rather than the body as a whole.

God designed our bodies with incredible healing properties. But the body can not do what it was designed to do unless it is given the support that it needs.

Getting rid of the rubbish from our diet that is most definitely poisoning our system is the first step. Replacing it with healthy food is the second, and high quality nutritional supplements are the third.

I'm glad that you are doing a regular cleanse each month, but I'm not too crazy about the method - laxatives.

I would suggest you use a herbal cleanse instead (like Herbal Fiberblend). You would achieve a superior detox affect, and you wouldn't run the risk of becoming dependent upon laxatives over the long term for efficient bowel motions.

I'm just so very pleased that you are doing better and managing your health. We hear so many sad stories here that it gives me a thrill to hear an encouraging one!


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