Medication for Candida

by M

What is the best medication for candida?

I have been diagnosed with Candida. I haven't noticed any symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection, but instead have been having serious nasal problems which led me to an allergist then to an Ear Nose & Throat MD who after testing diagnosed me with Candida Overgrowth.

They gave me instructions on a yeast and mold diet and I am receiving desensitizing shots weekly for my allergies and taking Nystatin daily.

The diet is very hard to follow as you know, it removes anything with yeast which is almost everything, and cheeses...I would like to know if Coconut Oil as an antifungal would be helpful to take as well.

I'm also curious about the candida cleanse and what that would involve. My doctors office told me that it would or could take up to six months to get rid of this. Is this true?

Can you completely get rid of the overgrowth and can you go back to eating normally again with yeast products? It's been so frustrating for me.

I'm a 58 yr young woman and am really upset to have this happen to me now. I know it's caused from using antibiotics as I've experienced many sinus infections.

I hope to hear back from you soon. Any help would and information about medication for candida would be greatly appreciated.

Hi M,

I've read some good things about coconut oil, including its anti-fungal benefits in treating Candida. I don't know the recommended amounts suggested for the best results, but I do think it wouldn't hurt to try it.

I bought some pure coconut oil not long ago myself for another purpose, but I've never liked coconut, and just couldn't tolerate the strong coconut flavor. :) If you like it, it may be very pleasurable for you.

As for medication for candida overgrowth, I generally suggest and use
Herbal Fiberblend. It's full of antiparasitic and antifungal herbs and I've found it to be very effective.

I also recommend anyone who is treating for candida that they also take plenty of probiotics to replenish the friendly bacteria in their body. Florafood is one of my favorites.

You mentioned taking antibiotics, which of course is a very common cause of yeast overgrowth. Probiotics are SO important any time someone takes antibiotics for whatever reason.

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if regular use of Herbal Fiberblend, Florafood, AIMega and the Garden Trio actually took care of not only the yeast/candida, but also your long-time sinus issues.

I can't guarantee it, of course, but it's a strong possibility. These supplements will both cleanse, detoxify, and build up your body. Quite often, when the body gets what it needs nutritionally, it takes care of the troublesome health issues that we have.

You most certainly can get your yeast overgrowth under control. It may take a month or 6 months, depending on the severity of your overgrowth, and how strict you are on your diet in the early days.

Usually, after the first few weeks of strict dieting, you can start adding back your regular foods if you have been careful to cleanse and build with some natural medication for candida supplements, whether the ones I mentioned or other good quality supplements.

We all have yeast in our body all the time. You just need to get yours back in balance and under control again.

Believe me! I know how hard it is to stick to a strict diet. Ugh! I find it extremely challenging, even when I know it is good for me. I wish you all the best of success with it. Just keep reminding yourself that it is only for a little while. ;)

To your good health!

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