Microscopic Tiny White Balls

by Kate
(Belleville, IL)

I can't see them but I feel them in my hair and pubic hair and even up my nose. All I can see is microscopic tiny white balls. Please help me!

I have four possible scenarios of how I think I might have contracted this problem.

  1. I had to go to a clinic. I was instructed to take off all of my clothes from the waist down and sit on a table with a paper cloth covering. This clinic is famous for treating pregnant women, preventing pregnancies.

    I am very worried I got something sexually transmitted from someone who sat there before me. They insist their tables are sterilized between patients. I got this immediately following this visit.

  2. I went to the hairdressers at JCPenney salon right around this time. Could a comb or something she used on someone else's head have transferred these microscopic tiny white balls to my hair?

  3. I work at a public golf course and go to school and have to use public restrooms and sit at desks other college students use. Could I have gotten this from a desk or table or toilet seat there from someone else?

  4. I am a gardener and have my own greenhouse. There are white flies in the green house and I'm sure many mites and parasites in that warm, humid enclosed environment.

    I didn't have a problem while working outdoors. It was just when I had to start bringing plants into the greenhouse and start working indoors in the enclosed environment.

I do not itch anywhere but it drives me crazy when I can feel these things move through my private area and in my hair and in my nose.

I can't see anything, not even with a magnifying glass. I can't see the formation of a bug, only just the little microscopic tiny white balls.

I have washed in Rid 4 times, used insecticidal soap, and I have used the dogs flea and tick shampoo. I also have a dog that I am very close to and love to be with and he is very loving and likes to be very near me.

I am not sexually active but was with my old boyfriend in July and after we were together he told me that his Dr. told him he had Trich. That is when I went to that clinic to be tested to be sure I didn't have anything. (I didn't.) Could he have given me this at that time
he was with me?

I am at my wits end. I have no insurance, am totally broke and desperately need help.


Hi Kate,

I really can't give you an answer for the microscopic tiny white balls that you are describing, but I can give you some sound advice about the rest of your situation.

First of all, any of the scenarios that you described could have been the source of a parasitic infection. I can't possibly guess which one is the REAL culprit, or even if none of those situations led to your symptoms, but something else entirely.

It definitely sounds like you have either a yeast infection or intestinal parasites. They both can give you that crawling/moving sensation that you are describing.

I highly doubt that you have head lice or pubic lice since you have been unable to spot a louse after diligently searching.

Please stop using the Rid, insecticides, and dog shampoos on yourself. It's not going to help, but will probably only make your situation worse by over exposure to harsh chemicals that your body then has to deal with on top of this.

If you want to use something topically, use raw organic apple cider vinegar or some good quality tea tree oil. You can put a cup or two of the vinegar in your bath water or about 15-20 drops of the tea tree oil.

Cut down on your sugar intake (completely eliminate it for a few weeks if possible). Parasites feed on sugar, so the less food you give them, the easier they will be to get rid of.

Cleanse your system with a good herbal cleanse. I suggest you use Herbal Fiberblend since I think it's one of the best available.

Also, take some probiotics every single day! You need to boost the number of good bacteria in your body to help you get your system back in balance and any parasites or fungus under control.

You can probably buy some decent quality acidophilus, etc., locally, but I would recommend getting the Florafood when you order the Herbal Fiberblend because it is the highest quality combination of 3 probiotics in one capsule.

If you use cleansing herbs and probiotics for a few weeks, you should see a very positive change and get some relief for your symptoms naturally. Hopefully, you'll then stop seeing the microscopic tiny white balls as well.

Let us know how you do. To your good health!

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Oct 22, 2013
Mites NEW
by: Anonymous

I suspect you may have picked up Demodex mites. I experienced the same sort of symptoms. So far, I haven't been able to get rid of them, but I keep trying new things.

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