Mold Exposure

by Khadijah
(SIlver Spring)

I recently experienced a mold exposure in a new apartment. Years ago I was told that people sensitive to mold usually have candida.

I got my candida under control years ago, although before moving into the apartment I was starting to feel bloated and fatigued and wondered if my candida was flaring up again.

Now after the exposure, I am experiencing sinus infections, constant cough, irritated nasal passages and lungs, vaginal itching, headaches, fatigue and congestion.

Interestingly, I am also coughing up some parasites. Any ideas candida or parasites----and which to cleanse first?


Hi Khadijah,

Mold is just dreadful and can cause so many health problems. Whatever you do about cleansing your system, you really MUST do something about the mold exposure as well.

If you can't get the apartment professionally cleaned (mold removed), you may want to tackle it yourself. Otherwise, you are likely to continue to have recurring bouts of candida and/or parasites.

You asked "candida or parasites?" Of course, candida is a form of parasite, so it's not really an either or type of question. I guess the question would be do you have more than one type of parasite in your body at the moment. The answer is probably yes.

The good news is that you can treat a whole range of parasites (including candida overgrowth) with the same type of cleanse so that you don't have to choose either/or.

I would suggest using Herbal Fiberblend for the cleansing as well as Florafood for probiotics (replenishing the good bacteria in your body).

I personally would also take some Bear Paw Garlic and Barley Life for both nutritional support and natural antiparasitic and antifungal support.

While you are cleansing, drink plenty of water and watch your diet. Cut out as much sugar, processed foods, and yeast feeding foods as possible.

Again, let me emphasize the importance of getting out of the environment of mold exposure - either move you or move the mold. :)

To your good health!

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How do I get the infestation out of my mattress? My mattress, floor, clothes & shoes are infested NEW
by: Laura

How do I get the infestation out of my mattress, floor, clothes & shoes are infested along with my hair, face, hands,fingernails, & body, Please Please Help Me I AM MISERABLE

Removing Mold from Bed, etc. NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Laura,

If you are talking about the mold, it is really difficult to get it completely out of material. You would be better off replacing it.

If that is completely out of the question, you can try creating a mixture of water and clove oil and using it to clean as much of your belongings as possible.

Another option I have heard of is to make a water and salt mixture to spray the mattress, etc., and then let it sit out in the sun until the water all evaporates and then brush off the dry salt.

I hope that helps you some.

Good website NEW
by: Lind1

Very good website for lots of help, join

Sufferer of Mold Exposure NEW
by: Lala

I wanted to thank you for submitting your story. The answers are finally coming to me. I believe I have Candida as well as mold exposure. I had to move outta the housing development I was residing in. Throw all my LIFE away basically. Even had to buy a new car because everything was so infested. That's the smartest decision I have made as far as this nightmare is concerned. Still very ill I am trying to get my family back to being healthy. its infected us all. However I'm the most sensitive. If there is any advice any of you might need, Please email me. My email is I use a peroxide cleaner type of spray. I add Vinegar to my wash loads. I was myself down with Castile Soap, It seems to help my family and i.

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