What's All This About Morgellon?

Is This Morgellon

The term "Morgellon" has been given to a somewhat new skin condition that has been becoming more and more widespread over the past decade.

Those who believe they have Morgellans describe lesions on their skin, severe itching and the feeling of bugs crawling over and under their skin, and even strange and unusual colored fibers in the lesions.

On top of that problem, when they go to their doctor for help, many of them are being told there is really nothing wrong with them. That they have a mental illness that just makes them 'think' there is something wrong with them.

I'm truly sorry if that has been your experience.

Even if there were something neurological wrong that was causing people to feel the sensation of the Morgellans skin symptoms, anti-psychotic drugs hardly seem to be a sensible recommendation!

I don't pretend to know a lot about Morgellans. It seems like no one really does. But, common sense would tell me that there is a problem that needs addressed rather than be covered up, pushed aside, denied, or otherwise ignored.

The US Center for Disease Control is finally looking into the growing problem. Hopefully they will find some answers and offer some genuine solutions to those of you who are afflicted. Honestly, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting.

What I would do, as I'm sure most of you have done, is look for your own solutions and remedies.  Perhaps that's why you're here?

If you are looking for answers and solutions, consider this natural solution for Morgellons. It is a very good starting place to get your health back under your own control.

By cleansing out any parasites and toxins in your body and then building up your immune system with rich nutritional supplements and a healthy diet, you give your body the tools it needs to attack and eliminate unhealthy invaders.

Your body will have the fuel it needs to build healthy cells that strengthen and support each other. These basic principles apply to any disease. Just because we don't know the source or cause of this particular illness, it makes good sense to apply what we DO know to be true.

Chart your progress here to help and encourage others who come along after you looking for help and answers.

To your good health!

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