Morgellons and Crohns

by Kori

Questions about treating Morgellons and Crohns - I believe I may have Morgellons but I also have Crohns Disease, concerned about remedies...

I have been battling intense skin eruptions for the last year or so. I get lesions that have stringy white fibrous material deep under the skin.

At times I get white pimple like bumps on my ear lobes, feet, and hands that lead to my shedding layers and layers of skin.

All of these symptoms take months to heal and I have been accused of being crazy on more than one occasion by my Primary Care Physician and husband.

My doctor has tried to convince me that these outbreaks are due to my taking Ritalin for ADD (even though I have taken this medication for 3 years with no skin problems) and my husband tells me that it an obsessive compulsive disorder because there is nothing there and I am picking at nothing thus creating the sores myself.

I have also recently learned that I am a TI and I believe my husband to be one of the perps. I learned about Morgellons on some of the TI sites and there seems to be a correlation?

I read your recommendation for treatment and I would like to start immediately however I also have Crohns Disease and am concerned about the possibility if these treatments inducing a flare up?

Have you had any experience with others who also have Crohns Disease and if so are there any considerations I should be aware of before I start self treating this disease?

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Kori,

It appears that you didn't include your email in the notification box, so I do hope you find your way back here for the responses to your question.

First let me say how sorry I am to hear about all that you have been going through with the Morgellons and Crohns.

The way you've been treated is a familiar story told by our readers but is heartbreaking
every time I hear it.

Although you have been taking the Ritalin for 3 years and feel that it is not contributing to your condition, you may actually want to look over the Ritalin side effects just so you are aware of all the dangers and possibilities.

Side effects from prescription drugs don't have to manifest themselves immediately. Quite often it takes long term use for the negative effects to develop.

Having said all that, I have no idea whether or not Ritalin has anything to do with your current condition, but I wouldn't rule it out completely if I were you. If nothing else, I'm sure it isn't helping your immune system.

Okay, back to the main point of your question about following the Morgellons treatment protocol when you have Crohns...

I don't have a ton of experience with Crohn's disease, but based on my understanding of the condition and my understanding of the supplements suggested for battling Morgellons, I don't think you would have too much concern. I actually believe that they would probably help deal with the Crohns disease at the same time!

Is there a particular supplement you are most concerned about? I'm guessing it might be the Herbal Fiberblend that you are worried about. If that is your concern, start with a smaller amount than is usually recommended and work your way up gradually to see if you can tolerate it well.

If you find that you can't tolerate any (or all) of the supplements, simply return them for a refund. That's the best suggestion I can give you in that regard.

It certainly sounds like you would benefit greatly by a comprehensive cleanse and building of the immune system for both the Morgellons and Crohns. I sincerely hope that you get fantastic results and are soon returned to good health.

Please keep us posted. Others that suffer from Morgellons and Crohn's disease may also like to comment below to help you out or make suggestions.

To your good health!

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