Morgellons Fiber Disease

Morgellons Fiber Disease

What is the Morgellons Fiber Disease, and what can you do to help yourself or someone you love?

These are the questions people are asking, and it seems they are having a terrible time getting the answers they want or need.

The name Morgellons comes from some historical writings from the 17th century, referring to strange hairs growing out of someone's skin.

The term was adopted or revived in 2002 when a biologist mother was doing research to discover what problem her son might be experiencing.

She found reference to an old medical condition that sounded somewhat similar and started using the term Morgellons fibers to identify one of the symptoms of strange hair-like growth coming out of the skin.

Of course we all have hair growth, some more than others. What's different about this Morgellons fiber disease is that these hairs are more like fibers that can't seem to be identified as to their origin or genetic makeup.

That in itself should raise serious questions and a good few eyebrows in the medical and scientific community, but strangely it has not.

The question I'd like to ask is "Why?" Why aren't scientists, doctors, researchers, etc., beating a path to the doors of those claiming to be suffering from this unusual phenomenon?

Instead, the vast majority are claiming that the individuals in question are delusional and that they are somehow all managing to place these unknown fibrous hairs in their skin by their scratching and digging that is brought on by the delusion that their skin is itching and the feeling that bugs are crawling on/in them.

It's truly a mystery. Actually, more than one! First of all, where are all these delusional people finding these strange Morgellons fibers that can't be identified or classified into a known category?

Secondly, if there are no fibers and no Morgellons disease, and all these people really are suffering from delusional parasitosis, what is it that's causing the delusion?

If you are one of the unfortunate people being brushed aside by the medical community, my heart goes out to you. In some ways, though, I think you're lucky. Instead of serving as a guinea pig for their experimentation with unknown drugs and unknown side effects, you can take control of your own health decisions.

Although this Morgellons fiber disease may be the "unknown" there are basic principles that you can put into practice to give your body the best possible chance of fighting off whatever is afflicting you and renew your health.

A smart natural Morgellons treatment begins the same place any treatment should begin. Cleansing out the bad and stocking up on the good in the system. God made the body to naturally fight against illness and disease. We won't win the war in the end (death comes to us all), but we can win a whole lot of battles along the way.

I encourage sufferers of Morgellons Fiber Disease to tell their own personal story with Morgellons. Share what has worked for you and what has not. By creating a community where each helps and supports the other, you will be helping yourselves.

If you try this natural Morgellons treatment and it helps you in any way, let others know so they can find relief, too.

To your good health!

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