Morgellons Hate Colloidal Silver

by Anthony
(Vallejo, CA, USA (north of san francisco))

I now just figured out why Morgellons hate colloidal silver - please read.

I have Morgellons. All the symptoms and problems started about 3 months ago. No cure from doctors. They gave me creams, topical ointments and different kinds of antibiotics over the past 3 months.

I read that some people have had success with colloidal silver. A few days ago I started on collodial silver 500ppm about 2-3 teaspoons twice a day morning and evening. I did not notice any changes till the fourth day - today.

All over my body the skin, which is our biggest organ, was ejecting all those black specs and black string things.

Then in the evening I went to Longs Drug store to buy some beer. I was curious and went to the aisle that sells mite and lice treatments. I found a product called Pin-X for worms that kills worms and the eggs in just one dose. I took a slightly stronger dose than suggested to make sure it kills. I also took an extra strong double dose of collodial silver.

What happened 5 hours later? I felt an itch or wiggly movement in my nose. I bent over the counter to grab a napkin to blow my nose and a thing that looked like a piece of rice fell on the table. It looked like rice, round and about the size of rice but it was not white but rather an amber or light brown color.

Then about 30 minutes later I felt the same thing in the same left nose and I could not pick my nose that deep so I sorta scraped it out with a toothpick very very carefully.

This time it looked more like a worm than the other one did. It was same color as before but 3 times longer than a piece of rice and had white and color like cotton fibers growing on the back of it. On the inside I could see a back strand like a black piece of curly string. What killed it or why did it flee from my body?

I think I know the answer and see if this makes any sense. Assuming the worms feed of skin and blood. Now we introduce a silver compound into the blood stream. When they eat the skin and blood it must taste very bad to them because colloidal silver is very bitter besides being a metal that can't be digested and remains forever in your body I think.

So they don't like the bitter silver taste or the silver is poisonous to them and if they ingest the silver microscopic particles they not only can't digest it but it also remains in their body and kills them after about 4-5 days.

The ones that live after that are the big ones and out of starvation they come out of your nose, ears, fingernails and sores since your body
is no longer appealing to them and they have nothing to live for cause the food source is polluted.

I also think the itching and sores is an allergic reaction to the fecal matter they produce. Remember on the inside of the worm I saw black particles and a stringy black thing. Since the worms are somewhat see though that must me the fecal matter.

All living things have to poop or have some kind of bi-product. It seams the black specs and black string or fiber, that was coming out of my skin all over is probably the waste product of fecal matter that creates toxins in our body and the body is using the skin (biggest organ) to try to extract the matter since it seems to accumulate in certain places.

What do you people think? This is true, and I had to find a website like this to share my story and I hope it helps you.

Hi Anthony,

Thanks so much for sharing your story and experience and your ideas about how Morgellons hate colloidal silver.

I'm not sure if all of your reasoning behind it is accurate, but I have heard that colloidal silver does help many people with this condition, so regardless of "why" it's good to know it does help.

Generally speaking, colloidal silver kills bacteria, etc., so I would assume that's the reason why it is effective. It makes the body an unpleasant environment for worms, etc.

I know some people might think your story about the little worms coming out of your nose is crazy or over the top, but I completely believe you.

I know of another woman who was doing an internal cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend to get rid of parasites and she and her husband testify to the fact that they were sitting in bed one night and her nose started really itching. She felt something in there and eventually pulled out a VERY LONG worm.

It sounds horrifying and people don't like to think we have these things in our body, but unfortunately we most certainly can. It's not that uncommon in our present global society.

That's one of the reasons why I encourage people to cleanse at least once per year with a good natural antiparasitic like Herbal Fiberblend and especially if they are already suffering from symptoms of parasites.

I hope that you are able to continue to improve and get your system completely cleared up. A natural cleanse is always a good idea and you probably ought to get yourself some probiotics, too (good bacteria) to replenish your system. Those antibiotics probably wiped out or greatly reduced the friendly bacteria in your system, making you more vulnerable to parasites. I would suggest Florafood or another good quality brand.

To your good health!

P.S. I posted your other submission, too, but I'll just comment on this one alone.

Comments for Morgellons Hate Colloidal Silver

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Jan 19, 2018
Think I have this NEW
by: Mary

I have the same thing I have the bad itching I saw were someone said to put vaseline on your skin that it will make them come to the top of your skin Oh My God I bet 50 blacks strands popped up on my arms and legs and black spots all over and about 50 little clear flea like eggs that were clear in color I freaked out so today I got some silver sol. And I trying hope to God it works if have been treated for scabies even though the dr said she didn't think I had them cause she seen no tunnelly I can't sleep it is horrible I thought I caught a mite from my dogbrazil

Jul 21, 2017
Silver Does NOT Work NEW
by: Joan

Silver is not going to ever kill these parasites. Silver does nothing compared to antibiotics. Right after I picked up this parasite my tooth cracked and my mouth was swollen on one side like a golf ball. I took silver and it did nothing. The dentist gave me an antibiotic and the swelling went down in 2 days. Silver is a big hype. It claims to be as strong as antibiotics, but it is not true. I took silver for months and months, all the different brands. AND no one knows if silver leaves the body or not. The only one that is any good for killing the tiny bugs that pop out of my face all day long is the Silver Biotics because it has oxygen molecules attached to it. It will give you a temporary reprieve, the bugs will stop coming out of your face for a day if you gulp down $20 worth of silver.

This is some type of co-infection from Lyme Disease and the Lyme doctors prescribe doxycycline and Ivermectin for one year. Silver is not going to cure this.

Jul 19, 2017
Try The Herbal Fiberblend Cleanse
by: Angie from

Hi Lisa,
Have you tried the parasite cleansing protocol that I suggested? If not, that is my best recommendation. If you can't manage all of it, at least try a thorough cleanse with the Herbal Fiberblend. Give it a solid few months of aggressive cleansing at least.

Jul 15, 2017
un effective use of collidal silver
by: lisa

I must be doing something wrong, I have been fighting this for 4 years now. I have been to my ppc and a dermatologist. she said all of this was in my mind. I have tried the nano colloidal silver and other brands and now I an trying asc 200. none of these products are helping me at all. have spent so much money trying to find a cure. can anyone give me any more suggestions. I have going through all of the issue about them in your nose, mouth, ears, rectum, vaginal area. I now have a huge rash on my left in the crease of the arm and I don't have a clue on how to help myself. does anyone have any ideal that I may have missed.

Aug 26, 2016
Morgellons Sufferer
by: William King

I have suffered the symptoms of Morgellons for 7 months since a hospital procedure and 4 weeks on a ward I came home skin crawling found black particles in my bed then coming out my backside had bowel discomfort swollen groin rectum itching and pain going to the toilet it just got worse GP wouldn't agree with anything I said and even Liverpool school of tropical medicine and Londons school of tropical medicine took samples said that it was not parasites labelled me with delusional parasitosis.
Seems that many sufferers are labelled the same way and many treated for mental health issues instead of treating this awful condition which I call a contamination as I believe we have been contaminated as I was in good health prior to this I had underlying health issues but nothing that I could not deal with , this is worse than anything that I could have ever imagined and to think doctors and hospitals are just ignoring the people suffering and labelling them delusional.

I used neem oil that brought a lot out of my skin but never eradicated them then I tried other oils like tea tree mixed with citronella all helped but still these things come back up my nose wriggled and out came this brown fleshy coloured small worm like but pointed at one end and wriggled for a few seconds more then went rigid and died ? freaking me out thinking are they getting into my brain or my spine as my back became so painful and spine pain and numbness along with spots lumps lesions open wound.

A private consultant said that my condition was real and that he had seen this before he made me feel normal again even though he couldn't help he diagnosed me with an unknown infestation but no treatment and here I am 8 months on itching sleepless nights crawling up my nose in my ears and recently theyre started coming out of my lips and my tongue after starting to use colloidal silver just a day ago it seems to be affecting these things but its making me feel bad too but if its killing this off then I can suffer side effects because this feels like the devils work and I cant stop thinking about the Iraqi doctor who performed a gastroendoscopy on me and showed his dislike for westerners later proven when I looked at his facebook page with anti English comments in Arabic he was mentioned in one of my you tube videos but then I was pulled in by Merseyside police and charged with a hate crime ? he reported me and my you tube video was removed its as though there's a major cover up and they are hiding the truth for fear of mass panic.

watch my you tube channel on my diary of this contamination one even shows these white things coming out of my skin. you tube Morgellons or help me my recordings are there or look at my twitter page theres links to my videos @billyking2nd I'm keeping people informed and trying to get media attention.
god bless all sufferers past and present. xxx

May 27, 2016
by: Kay

I don't have Morgellon's but I saw a video while researching being a targeted individual by the military and stumbled upon a video by a scientist on youtube called "From Chemtrails to Pseudolife, the Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology". I found it interesting and now understand how Morgellons, targeted individuals, and chemtrails all fit together. Please watch this video, it shows proof that this stuff is being chemtrailed on our heads. It omits a signal like a cell phone in your body. It needs a super electrically charged environment to live. That is why they have been supercharging the environment with HAARP. They are using satellites and cell towers(really military GWEN towers to track our every move in their quantum super computer....sounds crazy I know. I just thought if I could find someone that has cured Morgellon's that maybe I could kill what is letting out a signal attacking me everywhere I go.

I think this thing also detects DNA. I stayed with my sister for a few months and they started attacking her. I moved out and her attacks stopped. Nobody else in the household was attacked at that time. The only thing in common is the same parents. It got us confused is what I am thinking.

Bottom line, this is them bringing in their one world government of the antichrist. They have been working on is for a while. This is the real star wars, a war against us. Set up with satellites, HAARP, GWEN towers, one world government military, fusion centers, and nanotechnology. They think they are going to kill off 90% of the population and take the earth. They don't realize that God has promised the earth to the meek.

In the Bible it says that God give the leaves of the tree of life for the healing of the nations. I think it is to get this out. Trust Jesus, our only hope.

Nov 18, 2015
I'm almost healthy.
by: Michal

Here I will write briefly what helped me and I believe it will help you too. I was very surprised that, but weak hematite bracelet on my hand, immediately stopped the progression of the disease. Very restricted speech. I never would have believed it. Everybody, I treated several evenings drinking a decoction of Vilcacora, I have to say it's how I started to secrete Morgellons would never have believed it. Within a few days, 2 handfuls of trash from my face !! Everybody, I enjoyed the coconut oil, vitamin c, doing calisthenics and strengthened ... In short, it is necessary to join the fight against the disease, all the funds that you ever helped to combine them. Colloidal silver, mms, MMS2, vitamins and minerals, then I pretty much ate alfalfa sprouts, drinking enough water. Anyway, I was rid of the disease entirely, I think this is not possible, Morgellons is everywhere around us and in everything. Food, water, air, and when you accumulate the critical mass occurs hell. But it is not true that there is no help, it is not true that nothing helps. Keep a calm head and do the most healthful activities at once .. I wish healing each other again.

Nov 16, 2015
I Just Found A Silver That Seems To Kill Morgellons
by: Joan

Hi Everyone,

I have been battling this thing for about 2 years and I take everything - 30 natural supplements, have been to the Lyme doctor and they have me on mega antibiotics, 2,000 amoxycilin per day and another antibiotic twice a day, plus Ivermectin. I had been taking NutraSilver for a long, long time. It is the strongest one, 3,500 parts per million. It never cured Morgellons. I still had bugs hatching out of my face and nose and eyes and scalp, on and on, the whole year I took the silver. What the silver does is makes them smaller and smaller, but tiny larva are still hatching out of those same areas the bugs always hatch out of. Also, I had been taking silver for a long time only to find I had an H. Pylori infection and cracked infected tooth the whole time, so it is a myth that silver is an antibiotic and is so powerful, not one bit true.

I take detox benzonite clay every morning, it cleans the liver like nothing I have ever seen. Next, I take the digestive enzymes and then take some silver. During the day I take the 30 supplements and antibiotics and Ivermectin with lunch and with dinner, and I take Artesmia with tea during the day, take total cleansing tablets twice a day, take Zeolites to remove heavy metals twice a day. All this and I still had the bugs, not as bad, but still had them. Then, I was traveling and out in hotels for a week, didn't have all my supplements with me nor the antibiotics. I just packed the digestive enzymes and the silver and the parasite cleanse stuff. Oh, I forgot to mention the natural parasite cleanse capsules. Those are the ONLY thing that stops them from coming out of my intestines, my butt and so on. So while in the hotels on a hot day in Vegas I pick up this bottle of silver, but this one is nano-silver particles coated with silver oxide coating that has multiple modes of action. I accidentally guzzled some of it down thinking it was my bottle of water, was really hot in Vegas, and then an hour later the bugs stopped hatching. I have been working with this now and I tell you this is the ONLY thing I have ever taken that stops them from hatching. Last week for the first time in two years I went to a dentist to get dental work done because I can get the bugs to completely stop hatching by taking this silver. I don't know why this one works, but is does and it has a different technology. It is called Silver Biotics. I got it from an online discount vitamin store. Just want to get the word out because this thing is hell on earth. I don't know why this stuff works, but it does. I don't know if I should keep taking a lot of it, take it forever. I don't know. Anyone have any ideas on why nano-silver particles coated with silver oxide coating kills this stuff?? I have no idea. The stuff is a 3D structure, it's different than regular silver. I want someone to look into why does this stuff kill Morgellons, as it would tell us what the heck this stuff really is.

Aug 11, 2015
Morgellons Revelation
by: Michal

Also, about a year ago, I first realized that my strange acne is acne when I found out what was going on, so I almost went crazy. When I read that nothing that does not work, there is no cure, no doctor who could help me do this I read how one woman killed her husband ... I experienced the worst in my life, I had to come to terms with death, I told the parents that if you do not find help in the evening, I'll jump out the window .. It was indescribably horrible feeling I had 25 years, nothing I could not so bad finish ... It was almost evening, despite what I've read it or MMS I do not work, so I tried it. Only at the last moment I thought I try MMS, and then I'm going to jump .. Then I filled the full MMS2 capsule washed down with enough water and waited in the stomach capsules dissolve .. When they disbanded, I immediately began cítět as the warmth spreads from My Wednesday in all directions up to the fingertips. Now there was something no one could believe their eyes within 15 minutes. I was healthy. Pale face, inability to concentrate and thinking all sorts of crumbs on my skin began to fall off by themselves, were red sores and inflammation in them finished, she came to me finally tired and I could sleep. I was so happy that I wanted to go to church to thank God and pay. In my case, the disease is not so drastic as in others. I have terrible sores and I were so many just in the face, but sometimes it makes a really big and deep .. The way the skin Treating would have a face scar itself, but I do not, my skin even the biggest holes perfectly healed after holes there is no trace. People had acne worse than I Morgellons, and now they have a terrible skin full of scars. I recommend what I'm also very fast and is Vilcacora helped a lot, but it's nasty after taste bitter, but you can drink it. Colloidal silver is fine, but quite expensive MMS2 is again cheap very cheap, but the stomach is not exactly right. MMS2 pužiji just in case that does not take anything else. MMS has several times saved his life. But I am aware of the potential risks of long-term use, MMS acute cases, otherwise I will vote Vilcacora colloidal silver and other alternatives. It is also good to drink a living, water, dead water again to wash the affected area. These are my findings and it helps me, I did not go to the doctor and in life do not plan to ever go. For his health, I have a responsibility, not any foreign doctor, I am a doctor myself, very carefully watching the reaction of his body had a total of I know how and what helps and harms. So keep it, good luck health and good luck greetings from the Czech Republic. Michal P.

PS: Excuse translation, I used Google translator.

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