Morgellons, I Don't Know

by Nina

Whether or not I have Morgellons, I don't know. I refuse to self-identify, but admit I have the symptoms.

Upon further digging, I learned a few very striking and important things.

Morgellons is now a broad-syndrome encompassing three sub-categories:

- "fly people"
- "thread people"
- "worm people"

Many of the parasitic symptoms - crawling, biting, etc. - are common across the board, but then the manifestation branches out to the above three.

The white dots: it's important for Peters and the other posters to recognize specifically what is going on, and where, and what does it look like.

I've come to find out that some people with the white dots on their skin are "fly people". I think the white dot IS the parasite...I don't think it's an egg...could be wrong.

Either way, folks are reporting that flies are LITERALLY flying right out of their body! Some notice it more often when around foliage or dirt, fruit or vegetation, etc. This is just something to be aware of.

For my symptoms that I described above, I was told by another sufferer who had the same thing, that she discovered that her flies were aphids --- YES, APHIDS.

Upon further research, she discovered that regular dish soap breaks down their exo-skeleton, and oil (she used baby oil) suffocates them.

She got a spritzer bottle and mixed some baby oil with just enough dish detergent to color the oil and sprayed herself before she went to work, put her clothes on, etc., after the shower, etc.

Cleaned like crazy, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Eventually she got rid of them all and states she is TOTALLY symptom-free!

This is what I tried: entire bottle of Castor oil with enough dish detergent to color the oil. Spray on and rub in then sleep over night. I would even spray it on my scalp and leave it. It helped, but not immensely, although the itchies did decrease.

Feeling insufficient, I decided to look for more possible things I could do. I found somewhere that parasites on scalp can be suffocated...some using tea tree oil, some with a diluted vinegar/water rinse, and some even with plain old mayonnaise (yup...gross).

When the oil/dish soap didn't work sufficiently, I went to an extreme. I bathed in a tub full of alfalfa tablets...I had about 40 or so in there. I soaked for about an hour. Not too much happened.

I then applied mayonnaise to my entire body, even a little in nose/on eyebrows (none in ear). Let it dry on my body for about 20-30 mins, then ran a tub full of hot water...**IMPORTANT** When running the bath, use 1/3 of a 1.5 gal container of vinegar (I used Heinz distilled white vinegar) ... I think the vinegar is the key ingredient here.

Then, get your cator oil/dish soap mix and pour about 2 tablespoons or so into the tub. Make sure the bath water is verrrry warm.

Soak. Soak, soak, soak. I was soaking for about 20 mins when I was thinking nothing was happening...but then, something magical happened: these little egg things started coming out of my skin, ALL over my body, little by little in succession.

I soaked in that mixture for just over one MUST soak for at least an hour. Just rub off the eggs things with your hands and soak more, waiting for more to come out. Repeat.

Yesterday morning was my first time but it was very successful. My itchies were GREATLY minimized. I didn't feel any on my legs or waist...I felt just a little bit on the top of my back, way later in the day. The ones on my back persisted on and off until evening, but I'm telling you, HUGE difference.

I had forgotten what it felt like to NOT itch all the time (sad, I know). I don't have time to soak tonight, but the plan is to do this vinegar/oil/dish soap soak twice a day until seeds stop coming out during the soak. If it takes me two months, so be it. It was WORTH it.

Now for the scalp: it's gross...but it worked. Take your dish soap - pure dish soap, no oil - pour religiously alllll over scalp. Once your entire scalp is covered with this dish soap, work into a lather into all of hair.

Once lathered, add mayonnaise...a LOT of mayonnaise. I'm talking about 2/3 of a jar (I have hair that is down beyond my waist but I would recommend absolutely slathering it allll over).

Work the mayonnaise in with the dish soap until well mixed. Put a plastic bag over your head (not your face!) and let it stay there for two hours (remember, I had a one hour bath earlier, than another one hour soak with the vinegar).

Once the 2 hours is up, shower off the dish soap/mayonnaise mixture...rinse out well, then shampoo as usual, and wash body as usual. Repeat this twice a day.

When I washed my hair out, tons of little pebble things came out of my head. They didn't move independently like worms, they just came out.

Now my
scalp was definitely sore from the soap and mayo, but it was also sore before from being bit all the time. I'd rather be bit and endure the process of de-bugging than live with bugs.

For the house: just as everyone else has done, vacuum well, dust, etc. Here is the thing though, keep VERY clean, no clutter. They like clutter and dust.

I got a full sized spray bottle and filled the entire bottle with that white vinegar (straight vinegar). Add a little dish soap to the vinegar - enough to color the vinegar.

Spritz onto mattress religiously but not soaking the bed. Stream the edges of the walls, spray the carpets, couches, chairs, everything that has material. Keep doing this every day as long as you are doing the vinegar soak. Do NOT let your dirty laundry pile up - easily re-infested.

It's a ton of work (I'm a single mother and I work full time - this thing has literally zapped my energy), but I too was at my wits end, considering the relief from suicide...this parasite is just insidious. But keep it up. It will get better.

Also important: I started 2 tablets of garlic three times per day (6 tabs total), added Niacin and Vitamin B12.

Trying Kangen water...bottled water when I run out. PURE CONCORD GRAPE JUICE (NO SWEETENERS) for internal detox.

Go to organic produce. No sugar or complex carbs...I was doing well just on organic produce alone then I started to crave sweets...that is how I know I am not alone in my body as parasites love sugary things.

Another topic of interest: these parasites LOVE hair! The majority is, they are usually found burrowed or bitten at the bottom of a hair shaft. The parasites in the nose, they look especially for the nose hairs. Every bite that has been on my face especially, and others on my arms have predictably been at the base of the hair shaft. This means that these little guys love clothing with fine fiber/thread. Probably not a good idea to wear those kinds of clothes.

Also when doing laundry, add a couple measuring cup fulls of the white vinegar...helps to kill. Washing alone IS NOT HELPFUL...dryer will NOT kill them. I've had to throw away clothing after countless cycles through the washer and come out, put on, and feel my shirt just CRAWLING with these things.

If your clothes are crawling and itchy, throw them away. Throw away your hair brushes and hair barrettes, etc. Don't share hair things...the eggs will be transferred...kinda like lice.

Some of these things can fly. The woman earlier stated they start out as little egg things and end up as flies. Seriously. Throw your hair stuff out.

Use the vinegar to take care of glasses, blue tooth, cell phones...ANYTHING that is near your head. I found these dots on my freaking laptop just chilling.

For Morgellons...and I don't know if this is Morgellons...but most all sound like they are, so I'm treating mine as it is...just as an FYI, here are some risk factors for the disease:

-green eyes
-Basque region (heritage)
-family history of negative Rh factor
-weakened/compromised immune system

There were a couple more, but those were the 4 that applied to me...again, I'm not self-identifying with Morgellons, but I'm treating it as such.

Also to note: many Morgellons patients have been found to have been gardening, doing something in the dirt, in the sands of the beach even, camping, etc. when they came down with Morgellons symptoms.

Many found out that the organism is Collombola. TAKE CAUTION when out and about...this thing is spreading like's GLOBAL...and the CDC IS STILL NOT TAKING ACTION.

There are 60,000 reported cases of Morgellons, and the medical community WON'T recognize this disease. Not saying this is what we have, but I am just please take caution and talk to your family. Might want to do the vinegar soaks even if not symptomatic just to keep healthy.

Another interesting fact is that yes, this is contagious...I can't figure it out, if it's skin to skin, hair to hair (VERY logical), if the flies land in someone else's hair, I don't know, but my daughter has this now...she's 7...NOT GOOD.

Please note, this thing can cause so many other symptoms ergo, GI Issues - IBS/Chrohns, cardiological issues, shocking sensations (in addition to stinging sensations), etc. The list goes on. If you are symptomatic of something, don't just go out and take some some thinking first.

Last thing to consider: GMO foods (genetically modified organisms) are widespread here in the US and even globally. GMO foods are EXTREMELY dangerous...some parts of Africa started to refuse GMO food for safety reasons. It is genetically altered crops, etc...they're using nematodes, trematodes, helminths like roundworms even, and the list goes on, to create self-repelling pesticides on plants/crops, etc.

That's not the entirety. Do some research into this topic and begin to change your eating habits. It's quite possible people could be coming down with these things as a result, and somehow I believe they are inter-related.

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Apr 09, 2017
by: Diane Olive


I wrote a book with 7 peoples stories and how they healed from Morgellons. The book is called Natural Ways For Healing Mites & Morgellons. I had this illness as well and have been better for 6 years.You can write to me to get a free e-book at or buy one from Amazon.


Oct 28, 2015
Colloidal Silver for Morgellons, etc
by: Angie from

I don't think it would hurt to try colloidal silver. I have used it for other things but I haven't heard any confirmed results from people who have tried it on this particular affliction. My earlier suggestions are still my best, but I hope you'll let us know if you use the colloidal silver with positive results.

Oct 03, 2015
confused at the sores
by: anomynous

I have tried everything on the sores that don't heal. I have a scaly sore on my nose that I pick at and a new sore on my ear lobe where the skin is being eaten away. I itch when I go to bed sometimes. I have tried everything. I am sick and tired of wearing bandaides to work.

Someone told me try colloidal silver. What do you think?

May 14, 2015
Treatment for Morgellons, etc.
by: Angie from

Hi Gonzalo,

The best natural remedy I can suggest for Morgellons and Lymes is my basic parasite cleansing protocol. For most people, this will make a tremendous difference if it is followed faithfully.

You also listed Melanoma, which may certainly be helped by the above protocol, but I would also consider a topical treatment that is not "approved" by mainstream or conventional medicine yet. It is called cansema or black salve. I, my husband, and quite a few other people I know, have used this topical treatment with excellent results on skin cancers. You can research it and decide for yourself it is something you would want to try.


May 14, 2015
Morgellens/melanoma /Lyme /????
by: Gonzalo Vizcarra

Oh man this is a very sneaky and nasty parasite people who know a stronger remedy?

Aug 19, 2014
Tell us more
by: mario

Hi Nina
Very clever what you have done
please let us know as soon as possible whats happening
How many times have you done it so far ?
Is it coming less and less each time you doing it?
Please keep us updated

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