Morgellons Patient for 4 Years

by Morgellons Sufferer

I've been a Morgellons patient for 4 years.

What's NOT helpful:

The Medical community
Oral antibiotics
Anti viral medications
Drugs for mental disorders

Since we (Morgellons Patients) are delusional, "crazy" etc. does the treatments for mental illness work?

Has anyone EVER done a follow up study. I think not. Just label us "delusional" and send us on our way.

Even IF the mental health physician determines we are sane and have a real physical problem, tell them to keep looking, they are missing something.

Makes one wonder who really does have the mental problem?

I'm sorry to hear that you have been a Morgellons patient for 4 years already. I have to completely agree with you regarding your list of things that DON'T work.

I understand your frustration with the mainstream medical community and their remarkable attitude toward this particular area of suffering.

I hope that you will continue to search on your own for some natural remedies that will help to relieve your symptoms and bring your body to healing.

If you haven't had a chance yet, take a look at the natural morgellons treatment that we have recommended here and see if you can incorporate some or all of the suggestions to find some relief.

To your good health!

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