Morgellons Symptoms

by Angie
(Coventry. U.K.)

Having a bad time at the moment and so many Morgellons symptoms with this disease.

I improved for a few months then went on slimming food diet and do I regret it! All those chemicals!

I also ran out of herbal fibre blend as I was too ill to order! That bad. I take fiberblend every 2/3 days and feel so much better afterwards.

I also take Silver Sheild and I've managed to get to 2 tsps in 2 litres of water a day. I'm building up slowly to 4 teaspoons or I detox too quick and feel like I'm dying. I started off at 1/4 tsp 3 times a week so have improved.

At the moment its squealing at me! I can't tell my story as I don't want to frighten anyone and it is so long I've started to write a book! It will probably take a while and it is very difficult going over the years of being so ill. I also find it hard to say what I've been through and still am going through as I know some people think I've lost the plot as well as everything else.

I get very scared sometimes and worry what the future holds. I usually feel very positive and know it is important not to lose hope.

I have a microscope and when I see all the coloured fibres moving and jumping its almost as bad as the itching scratching and biting.

On a more positive note I don't feel as sick and poisoned as I did for quite a few years. The fatigue is very debilitating!

When I've got up to 4 tsps of silversheild a day I don't think anything will survive and I cant wait!

So much more to say about lots
of other symptoms but now is not the time. I hope everyone out there with Morgellons will recover or at least improve to lead a normal life and try not to get too upset about the delusional label because so many of us know it's real, as one day it will be recognized for the horror disease it is!

Personally I think its G.M.O - remember I said that! God bless you all and don't give up. You're not alone even though it feels like you are! Finding websites like this helps so much even if they're just confirming all you know. Sorry went on so long- got carried away!

Angie xxxxxxxxx

Dear Angie,

Thanks so much for the update on how you have been progressing with your Morgellons symptoms and what you have been doing to fight against them.

I'm so glad to hear that the Herbal Fiberblend has been helping you, but I wanted to mention that I think you will have much better results if you will use the herbal fibre blend more than every 2-3 days as you have been.

You really should try to work your way up to 1 tablespoon 2 times per day. You'll have a much better chance of getting rid of the toxins and parasites in your body if you are more aggressive against it.

I'm glad that you are finding the colloidal silver product Silver Shield helpful also. Colloidal silver is very effective against a wide range of bacteria, so I'm not surprised.

I'm glad you are writing your story down. Even if you never do anything with your book, it will be helpful to you, I believe, by recording your progress and journey.

We continue to wish you good health!

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Dec 29, 2014
ccolloidal update
by: Dani in Texas

Hi I recently found this site, please give update on c. Silver success if any and let us k ow how you are doing.

Apr 12, 2012
stay strong

just want to wish everyone with Morgellons can be brave and hard as it is do not lose hope! Only people with it know the hardship they face. Try and pray when it gets too much, there is something comforting about a healing prayer book. We know we arnt imagining it or being delutional and it will be recognised one day and then you must make who is responsible pay. I know its never going to make up for what has been done to you by selfish greedy people but it will help. Stay strong! Love to you all!xxxxxxxxxxxx

Oct 04, 2011
by: Angie (coventry)

sorry by saying there squealing at me now I mean the things in my stomach!They probably wanted feeding!


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