Morgellons - Worm or Nano-bots?

by Anthony
(Vallejo, CA, USA (north of san francisco))

Morgellons - Worm or nano-bots as some believe?

First off, I don't believe Morgellons is a nano-bot or some genetically engineered life form, organic or inorganic.

I am just telling my story. I also tried a product from Longs Drug store called PIN-X which is over the counter used for killing worms. This morning I took a strong dose of PIN-X to start to see if it helps. This story below is that same day but what happened in the evening.

Make sure to read about the effect of magnetism effect and Pin-X worm killer on Morgellons below.

About 3 months ago my back started showing red bumps like pimples but the doctor examined it and said it was not pimples, in fact three doctors came in and said they never seen anything like it. I was prescribe antibiotics for a month.

When I came back it was worse. Now I had sores on the top of both hands, back, and shoulders. They put me on more antibiotics and said if this did not work they don't have a clue. I was also prescribed anti-fungal topical cream and also a steroid cream for itching. I did not scratch my back, arms or hands.

This is what I saw when I covered the top of my hands with the prescription strength cortisone. Now keep in mind the pharmacist told me the steroid topical cream will "thin" the skin so don't use a lot.

I put the steroid clear gel on and almost right away more tiny bumps appear like good pimples on top of both hands. Then on "unbroken skin" when I used a little too much clear steroid I saw "black specs like very very tiny pieces of sand" appearing all over the parts of the skin that was covered.

Some of the black specs were bigger and appeared on my skin that looked like a piece of black curly string about a centimeter long.

After suffering three months I found something that helped me. You will NOT BELIEVE THIS. I work in computers and I know that computers and magnetism or magnets will kill the cpu. I never thought this could be nano technology but rather a skin infection. Here is what I call PROOF!!!

I read that colloidal silver has helped people. WHY? Because when colloidal silver enters the bloodstream it created a "magnetism" effect. The gravity and the magnetic effect is measurable and high. I thought I could kill the organism or nano bots.

Colloidal silver also kills germs as a homeopathic remedy. I thought it was worth a try. Only after three days of two teaspoons a day of colloidal silver things got sci-fi. The crawling feeling got
very very bad - worse than ever. Then at the end of the three days I had a booger in my nose - gross. But the booger was not a booger.

What came out of my nose looked like a blend of white/coffee colored piece of rice. Yes it looked like and was the exact size of a piece of rice. When I compared it to a regular piece of rice I got the dreaded feeling that this was not rice but an organism or nan-bot.

The "rice" in my nose that fell out was hard and felt like plastic. It was hard but not too hard since I could squish it a little and was kinda rubbery. Under a magnify glass it appeared like a piece of rice but had scales. The outer shell was scales that were all the same pattern close apart from each other from head to toe.

Now I have this also coming out of my ears but they are hard to get out and I usually crush then to get out and some were softer and fell apart easily - small baby ones.

The black specs are coming out all over my body as well. So if they are nano-bots then colloidal silver kills them or makes them leave to save themselves since the solution definitely creates a magnetic effect throughout the body.

This is true. I have not told anybody yet because this just occurred tonight after my evening dose which I made stronger than usual concentration, and after I took Pin-X this morning.

When my symptoms were at peak my elbow joint and the joints in my hand hurt so bad that I could not even hold a briefcase. Now as of tonight the pain in my elbow and hands and joints is completely gone. No more pain.

I also had very bad back pain and this is where I had the sores worse. Now my back feel a lot better. The sores are drying up and actually starting to disappear as of today.

My mood has increased a lot and my head does not feel so fuzzy. Has anybody else seen rice come out of the nose (its not rice since it is amber or coffee color)?

As I am writing this I got an itch in my nose and gently scraped the inside of my nostril and found another "rice" but this one was twice as long as rice and was soft and squishy. It looks like a worm that is the color of very light brown and in the center I could see under a magnify glass that it has a black center that looks like this "<---} but not flat..rather looks like a black piece of string and where one side of the back center looks like guts but is actually a black fiber growing inside of it. I think the black fiber is fecal matter of these things and the body naturally tries to rid of this through our biggest organ which is the skin. The fecal matter must cause an allergic reaction which is itchy.

Have people also seen black specs? I read they see string of different colors but what about black specs and back curly string but very very tiny. None in my family have these problems. I have a wife and four children from ages 3-12. None of them suffer, just me.

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Jan 12, 2022
Suffering currently
by: Amy

Here is what I'm doing. Many descriptions of small dots, I'm getting them too in detox baths, it appears to be neural dust or nano dust.

I take a multivitamin blend with amino acids and glutathione with skikimic acid and iodine drops (300 mg) 2x per day.

Bath: 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide, borax, epsom salt, and banking soda, clove and lavender or any oil with camphor 10 drops.

I read The One Minute Cute by Madison Cavanaugh and started the hydrogen peroxide 35% therapy, also getting nebulizer. It appears to be helping, it works by oxidizing the body to boost immune system, highly recommend reading the book.

Deep breathing and alkaline water and trying to exercise or walk just to keep moving. I read manuka honey helps on wounds and scars.

Just what I'm doing. I also have two huge mercury fillings I'm worried are causing issues too. So many weird creepy things coming out in the bath.

Prayers! This is horrible.

Nov 25, 2021
Diatomaceous Earth NEW
by: Mary H

Diatomaceous Earth do we dust our skin or drink it? How about both?

Nov 24, 2021
Nanobots on masks NEW
by: Lauren

I've just found a website in Australia saying that QLD are spraying masks with nanobots to kill covid...

Sep 27, 2021
Bicarbonate Soda works
by: Wales UK

1 tablespoon bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water, twice a day. It tastes disgusting. After a fortnight I could stomach it no longer. It cleaned up the morgellons completely. It has not come back. Another event occurred in the same time period: I moved to a different house which does not have black mold. That could be a factor too.
There is hope - it is possible to get rid of morgellons!

Sep 27, 2021
by: Tabitha

Hello Thanks for sharing your story. Many people believe nano worms are in chem-trails. May I ask your occupation, that you would get them but not your family?

May 05, 2021
Another Option NEW
by: Crystal

Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) is another way to 'disable' this. Has many health and detox benefits as well. Non toxic and inexpensive.

Apr 10, 2021
None NEW
by: None

This might be why ivermectrin is said to cure the c.

Apr 06, 2021
Tanning Bed and Aspirin worked for me NEW
by: Eliseon

UV seems to nuke it. UVB

Also, strengthen immune system best you can.

Mar 30, 2021
Morgellons remedy NEW
by: Rick

A friend of mine had Morgellons 10+ years ago and he figured out how to beat it. He created a website called He is not a dr, nor does he get rich off his remedy. As a matter of fact, he has spent a fortune helping people get over the disease with very little financial benefit to himself, and he has created quite the community. He coaches people through the process and he is on the phone on calls all over the world, every day. You will find a very caring and helpful community on the page with a lot of success stories. The bottom line is you need to make your body VERY HEALTHY to get over this and the community he has created will help you through the process. He is changing the world.

Jan 17, 2021
by: Kelly

I haven't reached out to anyone until now. This has been going on with me since around 2005. I have so so much information that I would like to share with someone who understands what I am talking about. Please email me and we will go from there.

Nov 23, 2020
Treatment and evaluation of organisms NEW
by: Dr. Ure

I am a doctor for 40 years. Sorry I am just finding these posts. These posts are old and perhaps no one is reviewing them at this time. I decided to concentrate on several significant issues Morgellans, autism, EMF, and parasites.

I have been trained in evaluation and recognition of all kinds of parasites and I am avaliable to review specimens.

My web site is

Contact me if you believe I can help you.

God bless,

Dr. Ure

Sep 23, 2015
by: Wales uk

I caught it off a girl, i felt it bite deep inside my testicular tube minutes after we stupidly had unprotected sex on a one night stand. This was perhaps 8 years ago. It was not until 2015 when i was frustrated enough with being a single hot male to masturbate and noticed the same fibers in my ejaculate which I have seen photo's of as morgellons. I put them under a microscope, it is the same thing.

A lot of research later, I discovered that it might have to do with a form of Bartonella virus which has learned to use plastic and metal contaminants in the human body to create the fibers; black, silvery white, red, occasionally blue. I am more inclined to believe it to be natural evolution than a man-made thing although that would not surprise me, its pretty certain that HIV was made in a lab.

I am on the protocol from which is very expensive and does not seem to have reduced it much at all, I am in the 2nd month, my testicle is swollen and painful worse than ever. It is not coming out of my skin but the aches, fatigue, mind-fog and etc is all there.

I have not been to the doctor because the doctors around here are crap, and reports say the medical authorities do not recognize it as a real thing yet, like what happened with AIDS.

I do believe it is curable and am excited to find alternative protocols for it, which I will try too, I'm breadline on state benefits and can hardly afford to buy colloidal silver; waiting for one in the post which took months to save up for. I'm 38 and someplace between pretty depressed about it, philosophical about it and just plain exhausted.

Apr 17, 2014
Yes saw same shape under microscope NEW
by: CJ

I've been living with this for a year trying to figure out what it is. Finally started researching Morgellon's in earnest and the images people have posted or described match what I have been seeing under my microscope. Nothing else has come close.

Just the other day I picked off my scalp a black ovoid shape. It looked like a grain of rice but had ridges evenly spaced, and a small square or tube shape coming out of it. I tried to dissolve it using bleach so I could see the innards but it wouldn't dissolve!

The shapes I see when I pull them out of the fibrous lesions look like parasites - ovoid shapes or long tube shapes with inverted triangular fins coming out of them - but they are never moving.

I created a new email for communicating with the community while I try to cure myself:


Jan 19, 2014
Magnetism and Morgellon's [Both Nano-Wormbots] NEW
by: Kent C.


My name is Kent C. and I run a website that's called

I wont say too much but other then, yes, these are Nano-Technology and worm based, mini-crystalized based. I've even had a wood stick come out of my pores!

I will say that magnetism does seem to work, it's made my life more manageable. I've had this for 1 1/2 months, been rough. You will definitely find little help in your local communities for this!

I've been putting together my own protocol to sorta speak. I see alot of varieties of ways to attack this.

I was working a magnet set I got off cheap, called Serenity 2000, I didn't think it would do much. I had the back strap with 2 magnet sets and had the other 2 facing the front of my stomach aligned with the back ones. I felt the most radical feeling! I felt 3 SERIES OF EXPLOSIONS! come from inside my body! I mean i felt it! Like boom boom boom on my back! It made me feel robotic!

I will stop there,visit my site for more info!

This really exists and I hope the best for anyone in suffering like I.

Kent C.

Mar 14, 2012
Demodex Mites & Morgellons NEW
by: Anonymous

Do you think colloidal silver would work also on Demodex Mites?

Mar 13, 2012
update NEW
by: Anonymous

I actually have another theory. Please bear with me. If they are worms or some parasite then they sure dont like the very bitter tast of silver in the blood stream from collodial silver. In fact it is as though they food source they are used to is sort of bad tasting and polluted as it were. Think of this, all animals only eat a certain diet and will not eat what they dont like. We humans are the same. Insects such as fleas, ticks, mosqitos and lice will only feed on blood not bread. The parasites hate silver in the blood stream which collodial silver does. Also humans can digest collodial silver. However from my research the organism cant digest silver particles and seems to be toxic to them. Today I have to say that I woke up in the morning to see on the tops of my hands, forehead, nose, ear and eye very small "babies or eggs" on my skin that look like a very small cotton ball but its not puss or cotton but rather round and rubbery feeling. Eggs? Baby's that did not live to mature and so look like a small white ball about half the size of a grain of rice and similar shape as before but so small that it almost appears round but not perfectly round but as it were egg shaped. This is an update. I am on day 5 of collodial silver treatment and now I swear for the first time in months my sores and red bumbs are dissapering and faded. They are half gone on my chest where I had it bad. The top of my hands have only 1-2 sores left and healing. The shoulders, back of the neck and my entire back are much better but still has a way to go. I am told from health store that it is same to take the dose I am taking for at least 14 days if not 20 days if needed. Again, I ingest 1 teaspoon of collodial silver solution 3 times a day non-diluted. However I admit there were a few times I just put 3-4 teaspoons in a small glass of water and mixed to see the effect and if this helps more. The collodial silver strength I use is 500pp, the solutions out there range in strength from 10ppm to 1600 ppm. Basically the strong stuff only reguires a few drops and the weak stuff needs a few tablespoons. The strength I use is called mild since it is 1/3 the power of other collodial silver solutions. Thus I try not take too much and 3-4 teaspoons a day for almost a week has had drastic results against this organism wheather genetically engineered or just a simple unknown parasite.

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