Moving Lumps Under Scalp

by Nicole
(Dover, DE, USA)

Moving lumps under scalp, back of neck and ribcage...

For the past 3 weeks I found 7 small white/clear bugs on me, treated for lice. Have had what I thought were nits, but more of a skin colored blister like bump that I would pick to release what was inside to find a fluid with flakes.

Neither my son nor husband ever got anything from me within these 3 weeks also.

From picking my "nits" I caused myself to get 2 serious infections on my head that swelled up, oozed puss, and are now finally healing, but every other day seem to fill up with dandruff like substance.

In the past week I have discovered moving lumps all over my head and neck that swell up making my hair stick out, then go down.

They have now spread to my left side of rib cage and almost feels like a worm wrapped around my ribcage to my back and is pulsating and painful.

The lumps on my head actually feel like they are sliding around and move when I touch them.

I feel like I'm going crazy. Help!!!!!!!

Dear Nicole,

The description of your bugs, does sound like lice, but the description of the "nits" does not.

Nits are, of course, the eggs laid by the lice, and they do that by attaching them to individual strands of your hair. They don't lay the eggs under the skin.

This makes me think you have something else entirely
going on. Yes, you most certainly could have caused an infection on your scalp by picking.

Unless you've been sick for quite some time with digestive issues, constipation, etc, I really doubt that the moving lumps under scalp and down your rib cage are a parasite worm.

People certainly DO grow large tape worms in their body, but it would be unusual that one would grow that large without any symptoms indicating its presence.

Have you seen a doctor about these lumps? To me, it almost sounds like they are welts. Welts can develop as the result of an allergic reaction to something - a food, a chemical from a product, a bug bite, etc.

If you are experiencing an allergic reaction to something, a doctor might prescribe an antihistamine or even give you a shot of something to bring it down.

Here's a suggestion you may like to try for the troublesome sores on your scalp that are failing to heal properly.

First, dissolve some sea salt in warm water and rinse your scalp thoroughly.

Second, create a mixture of lavender oil and tea tree oil and rub it on your scalp, particularly where you are having the sores.

Repeat this process a couple of times per day until your scalp has cleared up.

I would also suggest that you get some probiotic capsules to take to help strengthen your immune system to help fight off any infection in your system.


Comments for Moving Lumps Under Scalp

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Apr 15, 2019
Possible culprit to Our symptoms NEW
by: K

From what I've gathered I have a further advanced case there's now what feel like about 1 to. 2 inch worms crawling through muscle tissue in my left arm and neck but began as all the same symptoms listed above when I was in South Carolina I've researched every parasite and I've come to the conclusion it's either the nematode Str. stercoralis with a few new evolutinary traits or it's toxoplasmosis that has come out of it's cystic dormant phase one in three people have the cysts but I could never find answers on what happens when it's no longer dormant

Nov 02, 2017
Lumps moving on scalp and neck NEW
by: Jennifer

I have the same thing going on I have finally shaved my head all sorts of treatments nothing has worked it’s not a allergic reaction it’s worms I am sure of it I am not crazy

Jan 24, 2017
White shrimplike "bug" in scalp, chest abd fingers NEW
by: janet

I'm not nuts at least not on a good day! I started off with Cheyletiella Mites. Then I started feeling a very specific crawling sensation under my skin. I could tell they were moving and will literally run from where I'm pressing.
I bleached my hair a few weeks ago and getting the strangest feeling on the to of my head. I looked in the mirror with a viewing mirror and saw five like white maggot looking things squirming in a bump that had started on my head weeks before. I went back to the sink and there lay one. It is a clear white "bug" whith an ice crab cone twist looking tail end. The other end has six legs and a weird looking head. Most importantly it has two tentacle like things that stick up out of my skin, just barely above the surface. Very very painful to mess with.
I was sick from the bump in my head and I leaked fluid the times from that sore.
I believe my dog has the same thing by his are a bluish gray. I don't have health insurance but bed to find out what these are. They are moving all over now. And they won't heal as long as the bug is in there. ALL DONE WITH THESE DAMN BUGS!

Sep 11, 2016
Moving Lumps Under Scalp NEW
by: Candace

I am having the exact same thing happening to me. I am a biochemist, and I feel like I am going crazy. Everyone thinks I've gone crazy too! Ive been to the ER 3 times and only treated for infection because the doctor said it was an ingrown hair on my scalp... but that does not explain the movement and the worm-like shape changes as the lumps move. They don't pass the hair line, its all over my head. Now, I have a dime-sized bald spot on the top of my head, which occurred when one of the lumps appeared to be a worm sticking its head out and then back in... I know it sounds ludicrous, I have wanted to end my life at some points because its drving me crazy and nobody believes me or even look at what Im trying to show them.... one family member did look but couldn't "see what I was seeing" so now my family thinks I'm crazy and hallucinating! Please help!
My symptoms are exactly like the woman's a few above my comment fieild.

May 04, 2016
Moving Lumps Under Scalp NEW
by: Dina

I have had the same thing for a couple of months. My lumps are squishy and move around. But they never go past my hair line. After moving around for a few seconds it was like they would go into section of my hair and fill up the folicals with an oily substance. It would flatten sections and move on looking like a worm. My dog has basically the same thing. His is very visible on his legs and paws. It has gotten worse and started making maroon colored lines and blotches that look like veins on my scalp as it moves.I have started seeing thin brown things coming up and disappearing. I have also noticed black dots that disappear as you try to get one.
I also have gotten head lice a few days ago. I am infested badly. It seems to be immune to the shampoo and permethrin. I have never had lice before, but my kids have. I have never seen it so bad. I found out hours before they hatched. I only went to the doctor because I noticed odd things in my hair and on my face visible only in pictures taken with my phone and enlarged.
I have been to two ER'S they think I'm crazy. Nobody sees anything and won't let me show them in a mirror.
I will return to my family doctor tomorrow regarding the lice. Dogs can't get the same lice so why does he having everything I am except the lice bugs. Right now his arms are a dark red underneath his fur and you see worm-like images traveling up his arms and others on his head. He has patches of fur that are puffy and oily. When touced they go away and return somewhere else.
This is not a reaction to anything.
I believe this is some kind of parasite from dirt. He is always laying in the dirt and I noticed myself after making several flower beds. Or something in the water. We have a well.I have a girlfriend that has started feeling lumps in her scalp moving around every now and then. It's scary and I feel like I am gonna go crazy if it doesn't end.o don't have insurance so I can't keep doing doctors and vets.

Jul 29, 2015
Lumps Under Scalp NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Veronica,

If the topical treatments I suggested above don't help, consider doing an internal cleanse with the Herbal Fiberblend.

I've found this to be a remarkable remedy for such a huge range of issues that I use it as a fall back for almost everything.

The Herbal Fiberblend not only has multiple anti-parasitic properties, but it also detoxifies the body and allows the immune system to get a break and fight what ails you.


Jul 25, 2015
Moving lumps under scalp NEW
by: Veronica

I have a similar situation. My head irritates me so much. I have treated myself for lice but I don't think I have lice. My husband and my mom both checked my hair and found what looked like bites but no signs of lice. I have small bumps on my head. When I touch them I can feel them move or go down even though I'm not really pressing on them. The are driving me crazy. I'm seriously thinking they could be bot flies because I don't know what else they could be.

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