Ms Betty Trestain

by Betty
(Sydney Australia)

My name is Betty Trestain and I live in Sydney.

Myself, my son, and my dog were caught in a severe storm in Oct 2008. After this storm, we became very sick.

I went from doctor to doctor as we were not getting better. After seeing many fibres coming out of my son's skin I immediately took him to a doctor at my local hospital. I was not believed and nearly scheduled under the NSW mental health act.

We returned home and stayed up all night with electric like shocks throughout our bodies. We became sicker and my father and a family friend came to a well known children's hospital.

I tried to explain to them that I had some type of fibres inside me. They locked us in a room then illegally drugged me then scheduled me.

They rang doc's and they took my sick baby from me. My fight had just began.

I have been fighting for three years, and I now am in the supreme court of NSW representing myself with a recent diagnosis from a Lyme disease doctor.

I have been diagnosed with Morgellons and Lyme disease.

I produced a video showing myself pushing a morgellon fibre out of my skin.

All I want is my son to be treated as he was only 18 months old and has suffered without any treatment as I was diagnosed by a court clinician with a psychiatric label called "Follie a Deux".

I HAVE BEEN ALONE WITH THIS TERRIBLE AFFLICTION, watching my baby suffer, unable to help.

Dear Betty,

I'm so terribly sorry to hear your story and of the way you have been treated (or not treated as the case may be).

Sadly, you are not alone in being labeled or dismissed by medical professionals. I'm glad you have found a doctor who is willing to investigate further and consider other options.

I hope that your court case turns out to have a positive result and that you and your son are both given the care that you deserve. Please keep us updated on your results.

Kindest regards,

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May 30, 2016
The washing powder is called 20 mule NEW
by: Lee

The washing powder is called 20 mule Borax. the ingredients is borax (sodium tetraborate) you can buy Borax (sodium tetraborate)online in most countries. Make sure its food grade. We can get it quite readily here in New Zealand on an auction site called If you cant get it, let me know and I can send you some and you can reimburse me. I make a bath and put 1 cup of borax powder and 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide (food grade) bath in this daily and it kills the morgellions. I am sure this bug is a manufactured parasite. curezone has alot of information on this and Ted from bankok on earthclinic is very clued up on this deasease.

Dec 12, 2011
Plant woman
by: Kazza

Betty , have been reading your postings. I think u should try and get that washing powder!

Aug 13, 2011
Washing Powder for Morgellons
by: Angie

Hi Betty,

Do you know what the name is of the brand of washing powder that is supposed to help heal morgellons? Let us know the name of it when you find out.

So sorry to hear about the shortage of Bicillin injections. That does seem so unreasonable.

Hoping for all the best for you.

Aug 13, 2011
cure for Morgellons
by: Betty Trestain

My Doctor has gone to America. He said's there is a brand of washing powder from America that they have just recently found heals Morgellons. He will be trying to get it for mewhile he is there and I am going to give it a try.I will let you and your readers know the results.
I am also a bit angry at the moment as there is a shortage of Bicillin injections at the moment and so Lyme sufferers have to wait till it comes in.
Which means some people would have to start their treatment again.This wouldn't happen to other people in the health system who need regular medication for their recovery would it?

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