Mucous Dots And White Specs

by Military Wife

For the last month, I have felt crawling all over my body, including my hair, gums, eyes, and all over.

I initially got a stomach ache that was way horrible. I was bent over in pain. It went away and I had watery stools for 2 days but got better.

Since then I have felt crawling. I've been on "The Cleaner," an herbal product, for 2 days and it really cleaned out. The first bm it looked like small translucent mucous dots on it. The second bm was watery and had lots of tiny white specs in the toilet water.

Also, I was very alarmed when i felt crawling in my mouth and when I spit mouthwash into the sink, more translucent white mucous looking things.

I went to the doctor, and I am scheduled for an MRI but don't know how that will help. I live on a military base in a different country and had to go 3 times before they took me seriously.

I'm a young mom, and this has totally ruined my quality of life. I just want these things gone. My husband's deployed and I feel helpless because I have no knowledge and this was never on my radar.

If anyone can add anything beneficial please do.

~Military Wife

Dear Military Wife,

It sounds like you believe your mucous dots and white specs are parasite parts and parasite eggs, which is in line with your initial description of having a severe stomach ache and diarrhea (watery stools) that started the whole episode.

I should mention, though, that the mucous dots you are seeing could actually be the soluble fiber in the product that you are taking. Soluble fibre absorbs moisture and becomes gelatinous, which could fit that description of yours. ;)

(To test this theory, you could open one of the capsules and pour it in some water and wait a little while to see if some of the ingredients turn into mucous dots.)

Having said that, your symptoms of the
severe stomach ache, watery stools, and constant crawling sensation since indicate that you most likely ARE infested with parasites.

You are certainly doing the right thing in cleansing. Although I am not personally familiar with "The Cleaner," I looked it up and it does sound like it has a lot of the right ingredients to do the job.

You only mentioned taking it for 2 days, though. Did you take it longer than that? You most likely need to take it for at least a couple of weeks.

When I suggest a good Herbal Fiberblend cleanse, I always suggest several weeks, at least, so that you are sure to get ALL of the internal parasites. Otherwise they will simply continue to reproduce and you will continue to battle the problem indefinitely.

In most cases, the longer you have been suffering from a condition, the longer it takes to get rid of it. There aren't many overnight cures out there. :)

Regarding your MRI concerns, you should ask the doctor specifically why you are having the MRI and what he hopes to determine by that. Don't be afraid to ask specific questions and keep asking until you understand the answers.

I'm not certain myself, but I was of the understanding that MRI's can detect lesions that may have been caused by parasites, but perhaps not parasites themselves.

I'm not sure why you would need an MRI either, unless he is concerned that something else is going on.

Regardless, I would continue to use a good herbal cleanse, cut out the sugars and processed foods as much as possible from my diet, and take probiotics and whole food supplements to help get my body back in balance.

I hope this helps and that you are able to get yourself all sorted out soon. I'm sure it must be doubly hard to deal with this while your husband is away and you feel more vulnerable and alone.

My thoughts and prayers are with you!

To your good health,
Angie from

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