My Heart Cleansing Story

by Scott Prindle
(Tetonia, ID)

Scott & Laurie Prindle

Scott & Laurie Prindle

Who am I?
Scott Prindle

Where am I from?
Tetonia, Idaho

What do I do?
Pastor and Businessman

What was going on with me before Christ?
Growing up I was always very shy and did not have a lot of self-confidence. By high school I began using alcohol and drugs to deal with my insecurities and fears.

By the time I got to college I was out of control and didn't even know it. I woke up in the hospital after crashing my mom's car into a telephone pole partying one night.

I became aware of God and began to read the Bible for the first time searching for meaning and purpose in my life. I was captivated by Jesus, but still depended on alcohol and drugs to deal with life.

How did I hear about Jesus and accept Him as my Savior?
Two years later I was watching Rex Humbard on TV and he kept saying "God loves you and has a plan for your life".

The testimonies I heard got to my heart and I prayed for God to forgive me and believed in my heart that God raised Jesus from the dead. I asked for a new life and got born again in the spring of 1979.

How has my life changed?
My life has meaning and purpose. Over time I was able to overcome my addictions as a new confidence grew in me. I was able to think less of myself and more of others.

I'm not near as shy as I used to be and I can even talk in front of groups of people! I am called to preach and have been a pastor for fifteen years. I'll be forever grateful to God for this new life in Christ.

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Your Salvation Testimony Is A Blessing
by: Angie

Hi Scott,

Thanks so much for taking the time to add your salvation testimony to my site. It is always a blessing to hear of others who have had their hearts cleansed and know they have been forgiven.

Your story is similar to my husband's in a lot of ways. He was very involved in drugs, alcohol, and rock music before He turned to the Lord Jesus.

Many of his friends had died in alcohol and drug related accidents and some committed suicide. It really made him stop and think about what life was all about.

He lay on his bed one night and asked God to show him why He put him here on this earth, and, believe it or not, the very next morning a man knocked on his door and shared the Gospel message with him.

He realized how much Jesus loved him that He would die in his place. He prayed that day and asked for forgiveness and salvation and the gift of eternal life.

It took a couple of years of ups and downs before Don really was able to allow God to help him overcome some of the sin that really had a hold in his life.

Eventually, Don completely surrendered his heart and life to God and ended up in Bible college. That's where we met!

And the rest, as they say, is history. :-)

Thanks again for taking the time to share your own heart cleansing story with me and my visitors. I hope it will be an encouragement and blessing to all those who read it.

Perhaps someone who is seeking the Lord will be persuaded to give their own heart to Him and share in that wonderful gift of forgiveness and new life.

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