My Morgellons

by Veronica Nino
(Mathis, TX)

Hi, my name is Vonnie and I'm going to tell you about my morgellons.

I notice tiny little red blue fibes on my skin. I panicked and cried knowing what morgellons is but I will beat this disease like Mr. Commonsense did.

I'm currently going to clean my house now. I only had morgellons for a week but I wanna catch it early before it turns worse. Wish me luck.

<3 Vonnie

Hi Vonnie,

Thanks for sharing your concern about having Morgellons. We certainly do wish you the very best and encourage you to keep that positive attitude.

To your good health!

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Oct 14, 2010
Wonderful News!
by: Angie


That's wonderful news. I am so happy and relieved for you. Thanks so much for letting us know. I was hoping that you would find out it wasn't as bad as you feared, so it was great to get the follow up.

One great thing about good quality supplements is that they are generally going to only boost your immune system anyway, so they won't go to waste. You'll just be better prepared for the winter season. :)

Oct 14, 2010
by: Vonnie

(update) turns out I dont have morgellons and the blue and red fibers are clothing fibers. I guess I sorta jumped to conclusions but Im still going to take all the vitamins :) heres to everyone that DOES have morgellons that the CDC is already finding cures and soon it will be over :D

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