Natural Healing of Cold Sores w/in 2-4 days via Your Own Body!

by Terri

Could This Strange Remedy Be A Natural Healing of Cold Sores?

Could This Strange Remedy Be A Natural Healing of Cold Sores?

Despite my reluctance to admit an affliction from this often-ostracized virus; I have experienced outbreaks of "cold sores" or (supposed) "fever blisters" since I was 7 years old.

My mother has always sneered at the fact my "infected" grandmother made a habit of providing both my little sister and I her less-than-favorite lipsticks with which to play dress-up.

I am now 33. My outbreaks have been typically triggered by:

  • extreme fevers (as high as 104 whilst undergoing breast cancer treatments or fighting black mold);
  • unprotected sun exposure (an impromptu 30 minutes by the pool in Palm Springs will surely provide an extra guest for dinner :[ );
  • periods of recognized stress (don't those little viruses realize they only add MORE stress?);
  • and also at time I have yet to admit the internal stresses I am attempting to combat (read "ignore").

Curiously, the "sun" and "fever" blisters have always appeared as single pressurized blisters, typically on the upper lip.

Inexplicably, "stress" outbreaks consistently appear as long trails of "micro-blisters" usually extending from my lower lip (or the corner of my mouth) ALL the way down my chin. :(

Blessedly, my embarrassment is now practically non-existent!! A wise octogenarian ferreted out the root of my insistence on wearing a turtleneck AND scarf to a dinner meeting in California's mid-August heat wave. I believe the intensity of my flush may have rivaled that of a chili pepper at that moment!

Once able to admit my "infection", he whispered a life-saving remedy into my still-pink ear: when you feel the tingle of a blister attempting to form, or witness the first visible signs of an outbreak, carefully coat the affected area with YOUR OWN EAR WAX.

Honestly, I scoffed at this remedy as a test of "lemming-itis" (suggesting someone follow a ludicrous instruction just because it was provided).

As luck would have it, my next interaction with the dreaded Herpes Simplex I was the worst I have ever experienced; millions of microscopic blisters
radiated in ribbons from my mouth in lengths up to three inches long!!!

On account of my desperation (and a temporary lapse in my Zovirax prescription), I tried this home remedy for myself.

Due to the lack of excess earwax readily available for utilization, I improvised with a saline ear wash. To make the process more effective, I microwaved a wet hand towel and wrapped the ear wash bottle inside until the liquid was closer to body temperature. I dropped a minimal amount into the canal, just enough to feel the warmth in my inner ear, and placed a natural cotton ball into the canal. I then laid down on the side I had just irrigated whilst debating whether the inclusion of a few drops of isopropyl alcohol would increase the effectiveness of my little experiment.

Three minutes later, I dislodged the now damp cotton ball from my ear and smeared the resulting wax across the sandpaper of blisters. A slight tingling was the only indicator I had successfully applied any diluted ear wax...

Disgruntled and defeated, I retired for the evening. When I awoke, I had forgotten the nightmare of my painful stigma. I went about my standard morning rituals and did not recall the blemishes until I went to the mirror to apply make-up. All that remained was a slightly pink. irritated rash- NO blisters or seeping wounds!!

I have now used this treatment for over five years, achieving nearly instant relief from the itching and burning. I would strongly advise resisting the temptation to lick your lips whilst undergoing this treatment!

My results have never again been so drastic, but the healing time has been reduced to three days at the most, and the outbreaks are now so rare, I often fail to recall I ever dealt with this condition!!

Due to my scientific, experimental mindset, I have also discovered the effectiveness of this treatment for occasional cystic facial outbreaks and light acne.

Good Luck!!
~ Terri

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