Neuro Cutaneous Syndrome/Morgellons/Lymes?

by April W.
(Augusta,GA USA)

Finally diagnosed with Neuro Cutaneous Syndrome/Morgellons/Lymes Disease...

Finally diagnosed with Neuro Cutaneous Syndrome/Morgellons/Lymes Disease...

I have been seen by more then 50 doctors, most do not have a clue. Finally I went again to the ER and they called psychiatric.

God was with me that evening. I was seen by an Indian doctor from India. He must have done research or seen the study by DR. AMIN in Arizona.

I called there today and left a message. The doctor said stop any scabies treatment, and these are no stress sores and he walked out of my room and had words for the other doctors.

He said you have neuro cutaneous syndrome, Morgellons, possibly Lymes.

I said well I do not see threads or bugs, sometimes black specs and lo and behold I got a jewelers magnifier and yep the black thread looking things. Also a few white fuzzballs.

I also met a plumber who had this and he brought me Vetericyne at the feed store, and it seems to be drying it out.

While I was in my yard, I got bit by a tick, had a target lesion also an iris lesion before 100's of cutaneous lesions.

I had Bells Palsy for a few months til it went away. Now mind you every time something came up I went to the ER they did not know what the target lesion was; neither did I then.

They did not know of Bells Palsy except one nurse, but she left the room so fast I did not have the chance to ask her.

I was diagnosed with fibromylagia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Well my teeth rotted out. I lost 2/3 of my beautiful hair, and I have sores all over me, except my face.

I lost over 30 pounds. I weighed in at 88 pounds, but I managed to get to the 100 mark finally.

Some days I feel like I am
going to die. I have had 1 gran mal seizure and swelling in both eyes and now both feet are swelling and now I am having neurological symptoms and cognitive problems.

This DR.AMIN has it right on with this neuro cutaneous syndrome and people are getting well and sores are going away.

Mine are getting a little better just by letting my skin dry out which what this vetericyn is doing and it kills staph, strep, mrsa, funguses, skin ulcers, skin infections, eye infections, etc., and will not harm humans or pets.

My skin is so dry it is horrible but it is closing the holes. I still believe this is in my blood, because new ones creep up as red pin prick dots.

I am hoping to hear from DR.AMIN tomorrow. I feel bad for all of us. I was working in soil when this happened. I am on pain meds and it does not begin to touch the pain.

My mornings are worse. I stand over my bed and put my head down and wait in horrendous pain til my meds work. The confusion really bothers me.

So if they call it neuro cutaneous syndrome and are treating morgellons this way and it is healing then a big amen.

If your teeth have become rotten then it goes back to all this stuff they used toxins in sealents on our teeth and it is somehow sparked by sulfa which I am allergic too. After I got bit I went to the doctor and they gave me sulfa, the rest is history.

Please read DR. AMINS articles on neuro cutaneous syndrome/morgellons/lymes disease. He explains the fibers and black specks. God Bless you all.

Do not give up. Sometimes I feel weak and like I am dying but God will help us. Have faith.

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Jun 23, 2016
I thought I had scabies but not sure now NEW
by: Rhonda Henderson

It all started after I saw my dentist in late 2015. He had just returned from Mexico. I had a few red bumps in the front lower crease of my neck, where they clip on the towelette. The edge was touching my neck for about an hour while my dentist fixed my tooth. I thought my dentist may have brought parasites back with him from Mexico. I've tried everything internal and external to get rid of this. They go away, always come back. I've spent almost $1,000 on different products recommended on all the forums. I'm a 60ish female with very weak immune system. I've been a healthy vegetarian since July 2015. I have all the symptoms of "Norwegian Crusted Scabies". Red bumps all over with crusty tops and sometimes black specks and microscopic eggs come out. However, a few months back I poured hydrogen peroxide on a spot and with a magnifying glass I saw it move and got it out with tweezers. It's very thin like thread, white almost clear with a black dot on one end. Well, that's not what a scabie looks like right? I've tried all the prescriptions, lotions, potions and zappers like everyone else and nothing is working. My hair's falling out and the itching is insane. Doctors think your crazy. Today is June 23, 2016 not sure what to try next.

Mar 18, 2011
by: Angie


So glad to hear that you have found something that has been helpful and gives you a measure of relief.

I was wondering if you have tried taking some essential fatty acids (Omega 3,6,9) to help with your muscle pain and arthritis? If not, it's worth trying. AIMega is a plant based combo rather than fish, if that is a problem at all for you.

Also, for your fatigue that you still suffer from, you may want to try BarleyLife or Leaf Greens. The nutritional support usually provides quite a boost of natural energy for most people who suffer from fatigue.

I hope perhaps this will be helpful. I hate the thought of you being 60 feeling like 80.


Mar 18, 2011
by: Sue from PA

I have been using the hydrogel vetericyn for a few months now. It really does help to heal the lesions of course anyone who has this stuff has probably come to the same conclusion as I have. It is not just skin related. We need to treat the inside of our body also. As far as Vetericyn goes it is an excellent product, I use it on all my animals for all kinds of things but most importantly it seems to really help with Morgellons. I have Lyme also. The arthritis and muscle pains are horrific. I too have to get it together in the morning when I get up. The pain and stiffness is grueling. At 60 I feel like I am 80+. God Bless all of you and give you strength to get through this. I have been over 4 years and am much better. The brain fog has lifted and the lesions are less. I still get muscle spasms and twitches and exhausting type of fatigue

Mar 08, 2011
UK Treatment
by: Angie

Hi Angie,

I'm Angie, too. :) Thanks for sharing your tips for those in the UK who may be able to find some relief.

I've heard of cleaning the blood through using hydrogen peroxide IV's and also infrared light. I wonder if that's what you are referring to. Always interested in hearing more on these technologies.

Thanks again for adding your comments.

Mar 06, 2011
Treatment for Morgellons
by: Angie

Contact the Immune Clinic London and ask about an appointment for Laser treatment to cleanse your blood. It cost £75 a treatment and you will proberly need a course of 3. I also have a treatment once a month, because it makes me feel so much better. It works immediatly after the 1st treatment. I no longer feel completly poisened! Also try to avoid G.M. foods. I also have homotoxicology treatment from The Garden Clinic-Marc Salmon, it can be expensive though, but definatly worth it. Good Luck.


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