by Joyce
(United States)

NIX and RID absolutely did not work due to immunity!

As long as 20 years ago, in Northern California, Nix and Rid were both useless in fighting lice. We used both of these for 2 weeks and kept finding 6-8 new nits every day on my roommate.

We spent 2-3 hours a day inspecting her hair and removing every single nit. About the time I was ready to go crazy, I sighted a very large adult and was able to catch it as it ran across a section of parted hair.

I placed it in a pure drop of Rid, completely immersing it. It swam in the Rid for 10 minutes. I rinsed it off and put it in a drop of Nix or 10 minutes. It swam for 5 and them slowly stopped. I rinsed it off, placed it in a sealed jar with about 20 hairs.

Next morning it was moving around and there were 7 new nits on the hairs.

I was horrified, called the Nurse hotline at our hospital and reported to them. They completely rejected my report and treated me like I was silly.

Hi Joyce,

I'm not the least bit surprised by your report. It's a shame that more information isn't made public about the lack of effectiveness of these chemicals on lice.

NIX and RID were effective when they first came out, but eventually the creatures built up a tolerance for it. Now the only ones who suffer ill effects from NIX and RID are the people who put it on their skin and let the toxins get in their body. :-)

I still think that the best treatment for lice is the olive oil method. Lice can't build up a tolerance for suffocation!

Thanks for sharing your story here. Hopefully it will help others to think twice before trying or relying on ineffective toxic chemicals like NIX and RID to treat lice.

To your good health!

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