No herbs needed any more with Kangen water

by Leilani Plummer
(Springville Utah)

Constipation has been a life long problem but not since drinking the kangen water.

Even Dr. Shinya, inventor of the colonoscopy and a world famous cancer surgeon recommends this kangen water to all his patients. He has videos on You Tube that show his before and after colons from people drinking the water for 90 days.

My digestion is better and its easy to do what mother nature intended in the first place. I soak my vegetables in the 11.5 high pH water and it takes the pesticides off.

The 2.5 pH will kill viruses including MRSA or severe staff infection. The 5.5 pH is healing my skin after 20 years of sores.

I am grateful for this technology that is in 100 hospitals in Japan. It is now here in the USA and is moving around the world to change the planet.

I am hydrated for the first time in my life and my dry skin has gone away. My spine is regenerating and I believe my brain has hydrated with the microclustered water.

No alzheimers for me. Mom got it. No osteoporosis for me no thanks Mom, I'm breaking the chain and stopping the diabetes and arthritis and Parkinsons in our family.

I'm so grateful for the Russians who did the research on this machine and the Japanese who manufactured it.

The return to origin is a machine that hooks to the kitchen tap and recreates what is in nature both by negative charge, alkalinity, microcluster and organized hexagonal 6 sides. It is the most beautiful crystal and it tastes silky and smooth.

Please note: This testimonial was added by a private individual based on their own personal experience. Enagic has a no medical claims policy for their Kangen water, so please keep that in mind when reading personal testimonies and reviews.

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Oops my mistake about No herbs needed
by: Me again

I'm using more herbs to solve parasite problems Omphalia for hook worms Acera beatle nut.

Seems like I solve a constipation problem then the worms come to the skin to stay alive. They search for old injection sites previous broken scarred skin especially old TB pricks where poison lurks in the dead skin that has healed over but left its remains inside the dead cells.

That is where these cryptic creatures make a nest and reproduce again. I am killing them again for the hundredth time. Apparently they keep looking for new hideouts every time I make another healing and clean out my system more.

Each time I must find a stronger herb. I've received multiple information from my meridian tester to know which herb to try next for the latest parasite to reveal itself.

They must store their eggs indefinitely until they feel they are being evacuated. That is all I can figure out.

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