No more symptoms after using Zapper!!!

by Zappy

My boyfriend has been desperate about itching all the time for years. No cause was found. He was sure it had to be Morgallons.

Finally I heard David Wolfe on a seminar speak about a Zapper (re-invented by Don Croft) that we should wear that works against parasites.

We ordered one on-line. Since then: NO MORE ITCH!!!

Hopefully this message will help somebody else too.

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Feb 18, 2011
Fighting Morgellons with Cedarcide?
by: Angie

Hi Maria,

I'm happy to help in any way I can. I'm sorry to hear you are still suffering. One of our visitors not long ago mentioned that they had much relief and success by using a product called Cedarcide Best Yet, also known as Dr. Ben's Evictor.

It's all natural and is used in a "fogger" around the house. I did some reading up on it, and it really does sound like it has been very successful for a wide range of pests around the house.

The biggest problem, of course, is the expense. Everything costs money! :( I do believe they have a guarantee, so it may be worthwhile giving it a try. If you find it doesn't do the job you can get a refund.

I hope that you are keeping your body supported with quality nutrition (and nutritional supplements), too. You are in my prayers.


Feb 18, 2011
by: Maria

I received the Zappa site,and information. Thanks for always be so considerate.
I still suffer with this morgellons thing.
You are a wonderful friend.
God Bless You!

Feb 18, 2011
Parasite Zapper
by: Angie

Hi Maria and "anonymous"

I'm afraid that "Zappy" did not provide an email for notification, so she may not come back and reply unless she thinks to come back and check on this thread.

I haven't used a parasite zapper, although I've heard about it before. I think you might want to Google "Hulda Clark zapper" and you can probably find some for sale on amazon, etc.

Hope that helps if you want to give it a try.

Feb 18, 2011
by: Maria

Hi zapper person, glad to hear you had a recovery to what you believe is Morgellons. My question just like the others its more then just itching, you know the symtoms.. Please share what the symtoms were so that I could make an educated decision. Money comes hard to me but a cure from this horrible, heart breaking disease, would be a comfort. Thank's for caring:D

Feb 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

Forgot to ask you-is that the only symptoms he was having? Just an itch? Did you see any activity on your skin or have any lesions? Just wondering if that was his only symptom is it possible it was just an allergic reaction to something or dry skin? Thanks so much for your response & I'm happy you were able to find relief!

Feb 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

Where did you get this zapper? I thought I was getting one on ebay, but it was just 2 videos. Kinda making a homemade one out of a old phone plug in but kinda hard to keep that regulated.
Please let me know-thanks so much

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