Not feeling Hungry

by Manish

I am not feeling hungry since several days. All my blood, stool and endoscopy reports are normal. However still I don't feel like eating anything.

I have become very week and am always tired. I have bad breath if I eat more. Sometimes dysentery which comes and goes.

Am I suffering from a parasitic infection? If yes, then what is the cure as I have tried several medicines for parasites like albendazole, Tinidazole etc., but none of them is working.

Please Help....

Hi Manish,

Yes, it is possible that you could be suffering from a parasite infection based on the symptoms you are describing.

Unfortunately, the medications you mentioned do not always work against particular parasites and they can end up doing more harm to you than good by weakening your immune system further.

I would normally recommend a good cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend and taking some good quality probiotics, like Florafood to help build your system up. However, these products are not available in India.

What I would suggest is that you go to those pages and read about the products and then see if you can find something very similar in your area. You may have to combine the herbs yourself and mix them in psyllium powder to create your own cleanse, but it is worth a shot.

You really DO need to try to eat some healthy food so that your body will have strength to fight off whatever is troubling you. A good idea is to juice some fresh fruits and vegetables and drink them throughout the day, even if you are not feeling hungry.

I hope you feel well again soon.
To your good health!

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