Not sure if me and my kids have a parasite???

by Crystal H
(LaGrange, Ohio)

Do you think me and my kids have parasites?

Do you think me and my kids have parasites?

I'm 24 years old and have two kids. My daughter is five and my son is two months.

Just a day ago I thought my daughter gave us pin worms because she sucks her fingers. A year ago she ended up giving the whole family pinworms in the past.

So I went and got Pin-X and me and my daughter took it. The doctor said my son was too young to take it so I didn't give it to him.

The next day I looked through my stool to make sure it was dead and instead of finding dead pin worms I found cream colored rice things by the hundreds in my stool. It didn't move so I poked it and a white looking seed thing came out of the shell???

I then checked my son and daughter and they had it to. The next day I looked through it again I seen more of those seed looking things and a black oval looking thing that looked like it had suckers. What is this???

Please help us. I'm driving myself crazy.

I almost forgot to say some of the side effects that we have - lots of gas through the day, feeling sick like we could throw up, foul smelling stools that are hard and almost black looking, and it has stringy things around and in the stool but not large.

My side has been hurting and butt also. My butt itches and I recently found a bump by the outside of my sons anus that wont go down even with antibiotics.

Please help us. I don't know what to do and I'm freaking out because I don't want anything to happen to me or the kids.

I also wanted to buy the parasite med but I just don't have the money right now. Thank you for all your help.

Sincerely, Crystal

Dear Crystal,

So sorry to hear about all that you are going through. It definitely sounds like you have intestinal worms.

Yes, it probably is pin worms in various stages of the life cycle that you are seeing in your stool as well as some other intestinal worms.

Although this is something you definitely need to take care of, it is not a cause for major panic as yet.

Pin worms and other intestinal worms are NOT uncommon as they are so easily passed from person to person. This is especially true where young people are involved.

If your daughter is around other children or playing with toys that other children play with (day care, etc), she may quite likely be picking them up that way.

The fact that she sucks on her fingers just makes it easier
for her to contract them. I'm sure you are working on teaching her to wash her hands well and often. Just keep it up and tell her she can't touch the baby until she washes her hands well each time.

Unfortunately, antibiotics do not get rid of parasites, so there is no point in giving them to your little guy. They will simply compromise his immune system and weaken it, which is NOT something you want if you can avoid it.

You mentioned various symptoms that you are experiencing. Although they ARE related to a parasite infection, some are also side effects associated with the use of Pin-X. If you have just started some of the symptoms since taking the drug, that may be the reason.

Quite often treatment needs to be repeated when using various parasite meds. I don't personally use Pin-x, because I use Herbal Fiberblend for parasite removal.

Pin-x is generally a one dose treatment, though sometimes repeat doses are needed. Herbal Fiberblend is a natural remedy and is used daily over a few weeks (or longer if needed).

I understand that your finances are tight, but if you find that you can't get rid of the pin worms using the meds the doctor prescribed, perhaps you will be able to find a way to get the money for the herbs. Maybe a family member will help out or something.

I'm afraid you are likely to deal with a recurring intestinal worm issue if your daughter is continuing to be in the same environment, etc. It's part of life. Having the Herbal Fiberblend on hand for regular use (even a 1/2 teaspoon per day) is a good way to keep your family parasite free.

Other inexpensive little things that help a lot is to eat more garlic and to eat pumpkin seeds. This may be just what you need to help you all keep from getting them again.

Another suggestion that will help you in your fight against pin worms are foods that contain probiotics - like organic plain yogurt, etc.

I also use probiotic supplements like Florafood because the good bacteria help keep your body fighting fit and an unwelcome place for parasites, but good food options work too.

You can also use a garlic clove (with the skin off) like a suppository in the end of the anus at night for you and your daughter. Worms don't like this and won't lay their eggs because of it.

For your little fellow, maybe you can just make a little paste of crushed garlic and olive oil and rub it on his anus.

I hope this helps you get the situation under control. Be encouraged!

Angie from

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