One day my ph was 6.0 and two days later it was 8.0 is that normal?

by k.abell

I tested my urine one day and the result was 6.0. Two days later I tested and it was 8.0. Is it possible that I changed it to that degree in two days?

Hi K,

Yes, it is possible to change your urine pH by a couple of points fairly quickly. It's most likely your diet that is the cause.

The food and drink you ingest is practically the quickest way to alter urine pH and it does fluctuate as it is flushing out what you took in during the day.

If you are consistently too high or consistently too low, then there would be a concern that you would need to address. But the occasional jump when you've eaten something extremely acidic or alkalizing is not that unusual.

Hope that helps to answer your question sufficiently. Thanks for stopping by!

To your good health!

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Can parasites effect the PH?
by: Anonymous

Hi Angie---
Can paraistes affect the PH? I eat a fairly healthy diet and I definitely have parasites. My Ph constantly stays at around 6.0, it had been staying at 5.5. My electrolytes are always low. Could my parasites be causing low PH. My husband and child constantly eat fast food despite my lecturing but their PH is good always between 7 and 7.5. This concerns me. Could it be that until we kill the parasites, we will not get a good PH level?

Parasites and pH Levels
by: Angie

I do believe that parasites and pH levels are linked in many ways. It kind of goes both ways. Parasites affect your pH levels and your pH levels affect the growth and longevity of parasites.

Certainly, eating a healthy diet is going to work in your favor. But, if you are certain that you have parasites, I would make every effort to eliminate them with an herbal cleanse and an increase in probiotics as quickly as possible.

I always recommend Herbal Fiberblend and Florafood for that job.

As for your electrolytes, you can bring them up by drinking a cocktail of apricot nectar, orange juice, and pineapple juice (all with no added sugars or sugar substitutes).

Alternatively, you can use Peak Endurance to boost your electrolytes and your ATP's. It is available through the AIM order form along with the others.

I think you'll find that if you eliminate the parasites and build up your friendly bacteria, you should be able to maintain a healthy pH just by eating properly.

How your husband and children manage to maintain alkalinity eating all that junk food is remarkable.

To your good health!

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