Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

by Paul Simard
(Wesley Chapel, Fl USA)

Does it have to be organic apple cider vinegar, or will it work with regular apple cider vinegar 5% acidity. I don't have organic vinegar.

Hi Paul,

You can still get some detox benefits from regular or non-organic apple cider vinegar, but not nearly as much as the organic unfiltered variety.

The reason for this is that the filtration process that vinegar is submitted to removes the best properties. That's why it's clear and not cloudy.

The cloudy vinegar is referred to as "organic" or apple cider vinegar with the "mother" in it. This gives you the most health benefits of ACV.

Even if you can't locate organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar in your area, you can purchase it online from Puritan's Pride. They sell a brand called Bragg's which is the brand I usually buy. They have a good reputation.

But, if you want to go ahead and use the vinegar you have, by all means do so. It may take much longer to get the desired results, but the "regular apple cider vinegar" won't hurt you.

You should still get some benefits of balancing your pH because the "ash" of consuming the ACV would still result in alkalinity.

To your good health!

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