Parasite Cleanse And Then Diarrhea

by Lisa

Question about a parasite cleanse and then diarrhea...


I was on a parasite cleanse for 2 weeks and was doing well, then it said to take a 5 day break because that's the time that eggs can hatch again.

Well, on the 4th day I got really bad watery diarrhea and it is lasting 2 days.

Is this coincidence or can it be the parasites have hatched?

Hi Lisa,

What type of parasite cleanse are you using? The one I prefer and use, Herbal Fiberblend, recommends that you stay on it for a couple of months.

It's a gentle but effective cleanse and gives your body a chance to have a good clean out, not just of parasites, but of toxins and old fecal matter, mucus, etc., that may have built up in your system.

It is not unusual to have some diarrhea from time to time while cleansing. Diarrhea is a sign that there is something in your intestines that the body is trying to flush out. It draws extra water into the colon to try to expel the nasty matter as quickly as possible.

A parasite cleanse and then diarrhea does not necessarily mean that new eggs have hatched. That is a possibility, but it could also just be that your body is trying to get rid of some of the dead and dying parasites.

Another possibility is that, depending on the type of cleanse you are using, you may have dislodged a piece of old crusty waste in your colon and the body is trying to flush it out.

If you are certain that you have some type of parasite, I would also recommend that you replenish the good bacteria in your body so that you have more "little soldiers" to fight and strengthen your immune system. These are called probiotics. I prefer Florafood for a good quality probiotic.

I hope you stick with your cleansing and building regime until you are completely well. Parasites can be deceptive and persistent. If you don't get them all, they will continue to plague you repeatedly. Just because your symptoms seem to fade, continue cleansing and building for at least a few weeks afterward.

To your good health!

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