Parasite From Guatemala?

by Fran

Could this be a parasite from Guatemala?

Recently my daughter went on a trip to Guatemala. She has been home almost a week. She has had some vomiting, but mostly nauseated every day since she has been home.

Today we noticed an insect bite on her back with a rash about the size of a silver dollar surrounding it.

She commented that the only time she felt like she would have been bitten was when they were outside. The flies there were really big and would bite.

If she does have a parasite from Guatemala, how would she treat it?

Hi Fran,

Yes, it is possible that your daughter picked up a parasite from her trip to Guatemala. It's also possible that she is suffering from an insect bite and the toxin it injected from the bite.

Something simple that may help draw out any remaining poisons from around the wound you described is to take a regular tea bag (black tea) and wet it and then cover the site of the insect bite. You can band-aid it in place overnight if possible. It may sound a bit strange, but the tea bag acts as a drawing agent.

Encourage your daughter to drink plenty of water, too, if she can keep it down. If not, at least sip it as often as possible. The water can help flush the digestive tract, too.

During the day, if you have some aloe vera plant, you may find it helpful to put some aloe gel from one of the plant stems on the rash to help soothe it and help it to heal.

Internally, some good cleansing herbs and some quality probiotics would be a very good idea. I'd recommend Florafood for the probiotics if you don't already have some on hand. This is good bacteria that will boost her immune system so that her body can fight off whatever the problem is.

For cleansing, Herbal Fiberblend is your best option. Whether your daughter has a parasite she picked up or toxins from an insect or nasty fly, the herbs and fiber combo should help to expel it from her system fairly quickly. Still, I'd suggest a 3 month gentle cleanse with HFB, particularly since she spent time out of the country and you don't know exactly what it is that is making her ill.

I hope your daughter feels better soon. Let me know if I can be of further help.


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