How do you know if you have a
Parasite Symptom?

parasite symptom

Many of us do not recognize the signs of a parasite symptom because it can manifest itself weeks or even years after the initial infection.

In addition, symptoms of parasites often imitate symptoms of other conditions.

Some people may not have any symptoms from infection. About 25 percent may only have some aches and pains that they can ignore.

The quality of life and health may be compromised in another 55 percent. Those who are actually disabled from parasites are about 5 percent.

It is estimated however, that about 85 percent of the population display symptoms of parasitic infection in one form or another.

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"Other prominent physicians agree with me; that in human history,

the parasite challenge is likely the most unrecognized of all endemic problems. Because they cannot be seen and rarely present
immediate symptoms, they remain invisible as a cause or
contributing factor to what can be a serious disorder."
- Dr. Ross Andersen, N.D.

One of the first symptoms to watch out for is constipation. Other common parasites symptoms include: diarrhea, gas and bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, joint and muscle aches, anemia, allergies, skin conditions, tumors, nervousness, sleep disorders, teeth grinding, chronic fatigue, and immune dysfunction.

What Parasite Symptom should I look for in my Children?

toddler with bal

Parasites in Children often show up as more than one parasite symptom.Irritability and restlessness are commonly reported by parents.

Other symptoms of parasites may include:

  • blisters on the inside of the lower lip
  • wiping of the nose
  • restlessness and grinding of the teeth at night
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • hyperactivity
  • bed wetting
  • headaches
  • sensitivity to light
  • twitching eyelids
  • gum, rectum, or nose bleeding

These are all signs that your child may have a parasite infection.

If you believe that you or a member of your family has a parasite symptom, you need to take action. Parasites are extremely contagious, so if one has a parasitic infection, it is more than likely that you all need to be treated for parasites.

For starters, I would recommend a good herbal colon detox to stop parasites in their tracks and gently eliminate them from your system. The good herbal cleanses aren't very tasty (sorry), but they do the job efficiently and without harm.

The second recommendation is that you thoroughly clean any clothes, bed linen, towels, etc., that the family has been using for the past few weeks. Depending on the type of parasite involved, you may reinfect yourselves unless you take this tedious but necessary step.

To your good health!

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