Parasite Under Or In Eyelid

by Cherry

What can you do for about a parasite under or in eyelid?

My 5 year old has a small raised bump on her eyelid. It looks kinda like a squiggly little line.

Her MD said it could be a parasite she picked up from an animal. He sent her to a dermatologist but we have to wait 3 weeks to be seen.

Anything I could do until then?


Hi Cherry,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I've had a such a hectic week and am just now playing "catch up" on all my questions and correspondence. ;)

If there is a little parasite under or in the eyelid of your little girl, I can certainly understand your desire to take some action right away to try to get rid of it, rather than waiting for the visit to the dermatologist.

Have you noticed whether this little squiggly line has moved at all around the eyelid, or is it just stuck in one place?

Cleansing herbs are great for getting the body to expel parasites, but they can be difficult to get a little child to take because they taste bitter.

Let's face it, it's difficult to get adults to take them! :)

I don't know where you are located, but if you can get your hands on some fresh papaya, you may find it easiest to crush up some of the black seeds in the center of the papaya and get your daughter to eat a half a teaspoon each night for several days.

You may have to mix it with some mashed banana or something she likes in order to help her get them down, but that may be easier than getting her to take my usual recommendation of Herbal Fiberblend.

You know her best, so consider whether you'd be able to win that battle.

You could try an "eye wash" with perhaps some sea salt in the water. It may sting a bit (test it on your own eye first to be sure it's not too strong). :)

There is something else in the back of my mind that I also wanted to suggest, but for some reason I just can't think of it at this moment. I'll try to remember and add it later in the comment section below if it comes to me.

Hope this helps a bit. Do let us know how your daughter's condition progresses.


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Aug 31, 2012
Don't Use Mustard On Eyes NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for your suggestion and desire to help. In this case, though, I do need to contradict you. What Cherry has described does not sound like the Demodex mite.

Also, it is definitely NOT a good idea to use dry mustard powder on the eyes. It could cause a severe burn to the little girl's eye.

The dry mustard powder mixtures could be a good solution for those who are suffering from Demodex, (after they research the proper method for use, of course) but I would really not suggest it in this particular case.


Aug 31, 2012
Eye parasites NEW
by: Danielle

My guess is that she has Demodex Face Mites.
Please check out "Toni's Dry Mustard Power" for info and treatment.
Good luck.


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