A Parasite Worm

parasite worm

The amount of damage a parasite worm can do is significant if it is not detected and eliminated as soon as possible.

These parasites travel to your intestines and live there causing disease and generally wreaking havoc in your life.

The fact is, it is completely unnecessary for you to put up with the effect on your health that intestinal parasites cause.

If you haven't done so before, consider doing a thorough parasite colon cleansing at least once a year.

I'm glad I finally got around to doing it myself. It is amazing how much better you feel afterward.

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Types Of Parasites

There are many different "types" of parasites. You can have parasites that affect your skin, your stomach, your blood, your bowels, etc. 

Ironically, many people don't realize that intestinal parasites also affect their blood, their skin, their joints, and can affect every part of their body.  They often focus on a particular symptom and forget about targeting an underlying cause - internally!

On this page, I am particularly referring to the different types of intestinal parasite worms...

  • Roundworm (Ascaris) - Roundworms are approximately 20-30 cm in length and are pink or white in color. Roundworms are spread from feces to mouth. Basically, that is a result of a lack of cleanliness. Through a roundabout series of events, roundworm eggs pass from one person's stool to another person's mouth.

    Once the eggs are swallowed, the young worms hatch and enter the bloodstream; this may cause general itching.

    The young worms then travel to the lungs, sometimes causing a dry cough or, at worst, pneumonia with coughing of blood.

    The young worms are coughed up, swallowed, and end up in the intestines where they grow to full size.

  • Pinworm, Threadworm, Seatworm (Enterobius) - Pinworms are white and about 1 cm. in length. They are very thin and threadlike.

    Pinworms lay thousands of eggs just outside the anus. This causes itching, especially at night. When a child scratches, the eggs stick under his nails, and are carried to food and other objects. In this way they reach his own mouth or the mouths of others, causing new infections of pinworms.

  • Whipworm (Trichuris, Trichocephalus) - Whipworms are approximately 3-5 cm. long and pink or gray in color. Like roundworms, whipworms are passed from one person's bowel movement to someone else's mouth through a lack of good hygiene practices.

    This type of parasite worm may not cause serious harm, but may result in diarrhea. In children it occasionally causes a prolapse of the rectum, where part of the intestines come out of the anus. (If this happens, turn the child upside down and poor cool water on the intestine. This should make it pull back in.)

  • Hookworm - Hookworms are about 1 cm. long and are red in color. Baby hookworms enter a person through their bare feet. They then travel through the body, eventually landing in the intestines.

    Hookworm infection can be one of the most damaging diseases of childhood. Any child who is anemic, very pale, or eats dirt may have hookworms.

parasite worm hookworms life cycle

  • Tapeworm - Tapeworms can grow to several meters long in the intestines. The small, flat, white pieces found in the feces are usually segments about 1 cm. long. Occasionally a segment may crawl out by itself and be found in underclothes.

    People get tapeworms from eating infected pork, beef, or other meat or fish that isn't well cooked.

    Tapeworms in the intestines cause stomach aches, but the greatest danger is if a cyst (small sac containing baby worms) get into a person's brain. That is why it is particularly important to practice good hygiene and kill off the tapeworms as soon as possible.

Since learning about parasites and healthy herbal fiber colon cleansing, I began  to cleanse my colon each year to eliminate any side affects that I might have as a result of picking up a parasite worm.  It's amazing the difference it's made to my overall health.

I also try to eliminate the possibility of future parasitic disease infections by boosting my immune system with natural supplements. I highly recommend this practice.

Take charge of your own health and become pro-active.  You'll be rewarded for the effort that you make.

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