Parasites Are Making Me Nuts!

by Deb

I Am Starting To Go Nuts From This....

I Am Starting To Go Nuts From This....

Please help me! These parasites are making me nuts!

In Sept. 2013 I had to replace my skirting around my trailer and ended up with pin worms all through my body!!

My eyes, nose, skin, bowels, even around my mouth and they would pop out when I ate!!!

I started using Noxzema to pull them out of my skin. IT WORKS!!! I ended up in the ER and was given Stromectal and Pinex...I am very big on using natural products, so I also did a cleanse and took garlic and I take probiotics everyday or drink kombucha.

I started feeling better and started putting weight back on. Then in late Nov. 2013 I raked the leaves in my yard and wore gloves and all of the clothes I had on I took off and washed right away and got in a very hot shower and used Noxzema all over my body.

I keep getting bacterial infections in my vagina and yeast infections, and as of Dec. 29, 2013 I was back in ER for worms again. Again I was given Stromectal and I did all of the same stuff again, but I still have little white things coming out of my skin.

It feels like my skin is crawling at all times and at night it gets worse!!! I leave white specks on all of my clothes and have a lot of film on my body as well.

So now after really thinking about all of this and when it truly began, I think it was at the beginning of the summer when I worked in the yard not aware that I should use gloves when working in the dirt!!! Nor should I have been barefoot!!!

I really think the vegetables I planted were contaminated from the ground and that I might even have started with some kind of parasite even as far pack as the summer of 2012...I have been so sick for well over a year!!!

I have terrible joint pain and keep getting more and more of my lymph-nodes that are enlarged!! I am tired all the time and spend most of my time in bed... It has taken my whole life away!!!

I am afraid of passing this to anyone. I had thyroid cancer in Nov. 2011 and had the tumor removed along with many polyps. I am on a thyroid medicine that should be helping me, but I am still so tired and no energy to do just everyday tasks!!

We do have a very bad raccoon problem where I live and I did clean up a lot of their feces from around the outer part of my trailer (YES I WORE GLOVES!!!) and showered right after.

I found 5 kittens at that time and brought them in because they were only about 3 to 4 weeks old and I did not want them to get killed by the raccoons. They had tape and round worms and were treated for both. Now my dog is having issues with her health (seizures) and so are a few of my cats. The dog has tape worm (retreated her last week) and the 3 cats have tape worm and 2 of them also have round worms that have moved into their lungs.

Could I have picked up tape worms from the dog and cats sleeping in bed with me and could they be what I am now seeing in my eyes face and arms hands and feet?

The spot on my forearm was a huge sore and when I put peroxide on it, it bubbled up and I started seeing
a white worm come out and took tweezers and started pulling it out piece by piece. These worms are different from my pin worms, and there is still more of it in my arm that I can't remove!!! and the Stromectal has not killed them off in my body!!


I am afraid the doctors think I am seeing things or causing this to continue. I was asked had I ever had a mental evaluation!!! I AM NOT NUTS!!! and sure have not reinfected myself on purpose!!!!

Please help,

Hi Deb,

I'm from Ohio, too. :) I'm not going to write a long reply because I'm afraid you may never see this as you didn't leave your email address in the notification section.

However, I'm going to post this and give a quick answer on the off chance that you come back to the site on your own and look for your post. If you do, let me know using the comment link below (or the contact form) and I'll give you a more detailed response, okay?

It's impossible to say exactly when your condition started but based on what you've said, my guess would be that your surgery back in 2011 at the very least left your immune system extremely compromised and susceptible to anything you came in contact with. You may even have picked up something while in the hospital.

All of your suspicions about the yardwork, the pets, and the racoons problems, etc, are certainly possible contributors, but the underlying problem is most likely your weak immune system. That has to be addressed if you ever hope to reach full recovery.

I'm glad to hear you are open to natural remedies. A cleanse was a good idea but either you didn't do one of a high enough quality or you didn't do it long enough. Even if you did manage to to eliminate most of the parasites, if your immune system wasn't addressed, you may just be getting multiple re-infestations.

So, I can only suggest that you follow a very aggressive natural protocol to both cleanse your system of the parasites AND build up your immune system so that your body can regain health and strength and fight off further encounters.

Here's what you need:
  • Herbal Fiberblend
  • Para 90
  • Barley Life
  • AIMega

There are other supplements I could recommend as well for a more complete immune boosting regimen, but I don't want to scare you off. ;)

I think you'll get good results if you take those daily for a few months. I don't mean it will take a few months for you to start improving, as that will begin fairly quickly, but you need to be consistent and thorough or you will just continue to have recurrent issues.

Here's a list of the supplements and their wholesale prices in the US. You can click on each product to get more info on it and see why I am suggesting it to you. If you do find this post and have questions, please do ask and I'll be happy to help.

Yes, you also need to be sure to have your pets treated properly and try to keep them out of your bed until you are all parasite free.

Hoping and praying you will be able to follow these suggestions and begin feeling better and healing soon.

Angie from

P.S. Guess I went longer than I intended, but hopefully this will help you or someone else later. ;)

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May 04, 2018
pinworms/threadworms/morgellans NEW
by: mishka

Now... having had.pinworms for years, unknown because doctors ignore the fact that pinworms not only bother Anal area,vaginal, nasal, mouth.. etc.. now realisticly, eggs are under fingernails, the eggs are spread via hands, airborn, toys, etc. Now.. if they can get on surface then yes... i am sure skin is also bothered. afterall butt area is where eggs are left nd burrowed into skin... right... so eventually skin is then bothered every where...I believe morgellans is pinworms doctors are misdiagnosing. lots more info in the UK. it's actually taken care of and not ignored. Pediatricians, family doctors, dermatogist, are not even thinking pinworms even though it is more common then Lice. My kids are grown. I never heard of pinworms other then pork... not 1 peditrician told me how common it is. Sad,very sad & is Not Just a contagious problem for children. Adults are suffering. Please Tell uouf doctor's to get with the program & update more intense knowledge. Stop ignoring this common parasite. They are part of the problem. And family members who,refuse to acknowledge they neex treatment when they have been around children or adults w pinworms is not helping either. Also Our Diet's are important... good luck everyone.

Feb 19, 2017
Morgellons NEW
by: Lori

Both of these accounts are morgellons. Please look up Steve's protocol. There is a Facebook page for Morgellons sufferers. Morgellons Support Protocol

Feb 18, 2017
Jami NEW
by: Jami

I have copd and last stage cirossis of the liver I have these black moth like things are coming from. Me and my clothes please help

Jun 05, 2015
Morgellons NEW
by: Lori

Look up Morgellons disease and see if that's what you might have

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