Parasites In Ear Canal?

by Anonymous in SoCal
(May 6, 2013)

Dealing With Possible Parasites In Ear Canal

Dealing With Possible Parasites In Ear Canal

Black and light red colored "thread" in ear canal, with itching. Could this be possible parasites in ear canal?

About 5 years ago, I had a GP doctor check my right ear canal for an intense AND SUDDEN "crawling under the skin" sensation that also itched: the issue came and went through out the day, & more intense at night when I lay my head upon the pillow, never knowing, like now, when it stops, as I just fall asleep, trying to THINK IT AWAY.

I do not recall when it stopped, but seemed w/o symptoms for maybe 4.5 years and now it's back w/vengeance....

Have done these things for 3 weeks now: careful wipe w/tea tree oil (burns!!)3x a day, for 1 week, no help at all; Herbal-mix drops of garlic (Mullein Garlic Compound, by HerbPharma: Calendula, St. John'sWort, Mullein, Garlic) or only olive oil, or coconut oil (fungal, etc. fighter; parasite ZAPPING therapy with Hulda Clark type electric hand-holds (90 minute therapy: 7 min. zap, 20 min. rest: x 3), w/her 'after cleansing tonic' of green-hulled Black Wormwood extract therapy...all that daily for 2 weeks, no help...

TO SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING: I use a PALM-SIZE MAGNIFICATION LENS> A commercial printers' 8x magnification "LOOP", also used by jewelers, to see what a careful q-tip swipe reveals: examine q-tip first to see if clean, often has some black dots of hairs-threads on it, straight from box!... after only using a clean one, I get ALMOST similar black thread-like bits, or lite red colored straight, short 'hairs': the black bits are bent sharply & short or long and always twisted, not true 'curls', and/or hard bends: they are there every day.

The itching, crawling is on the outer opening of the right ear canal, & moving inside the canal a bit: it seems to encompass the round opening, really like many worms crawling in circles or back & forth... sometimes the q-tip has shiny, clear, tiny dots; beside light-colored-neutral wax (very little wax), and seemingly some few tiny flakes of dried skin, & rarely a tiny black dot..... the skin feels dry & rough, if I put my finger there (upper round part of ear canal opening) & I try to NOT scratch or rub it, except hard pressure there seems to sometimes stop the crawling feeling for a short time.

I would never put an unclean finger, for example in my ear, or anything... I have never had any ear issues over my life, & have great hygiene; do not use normal commercial products or meds... I sleep with my long-ish hair over my ears, fearing it is a bug invasion, but no other signs of bugs: I sleep alone, am a health freak, but do have indoor-outdoor cats at the end of my bed only, sleeping most nights...

Have my cats infected me? Why hasn't the ZAPPING killed the parasites if they are under the skin? Why the long absence of several years?

I have not seen a doctor this time, due to $$$ issues, & past doc said nothing but, "my scratching showed skin irritation: simple nerve spasms causing the 'crawling feeling'", & I cannot believe that is all there is!!!

The irritation of this sensation & the daily "threads" emitted are totally freaking me out: I am a 58 yr old busy, sane woman, semi-clean home, health freak/no pharma meds/vegetarian-80% raw foodist for over 15 years, no health issues except chronic back pain from car accident 2 years ago(ear issue began 1.5 year after car accident): no out-of-area travel, except 6 mo.-1 yr prior to start of this issue (2005), I lived on Florida's east coast, 2 miles from beach, for 1 year in a new
home edging a mature golf-course: for past 7 years, living in urban, middle-class society, in southern California, in a home, with many flowering plants & grass-lawns, & the gardener (my aged mother) has long history of using toxic chemicals for pesticides/fertilizers, against my wishes: normal amounts of spiders, house/garden bugs...sorry so detailed, but I am thinking PARASITES, & regional?

IF already burrowed under skin, what stops them, in that spot? HULDA CLARK says they (often from pets) travel, make "pathways" to the brain & other organs!(<<< where even cancer cells find it easy to migrate through) HELP! I am fearful to hold the ZAPPER close to my head/brain/ear...

Are there LABS that will take me seriously, not 'rip me off', for a fair fee to examine the THREADS on q-tips I have been saving for analysis? I AM CURRENTLY UNEMPLOYED, 6 months, from back-pain, & borrow all funds for my family to survive (my Mother offers us free rent/utilities): am very interested to find a lab PRO-BONO, who may help with a mail-in analysis of these threads, can you help? ARE the THREADS 'excrement' or egg-chains? Have only seen @ 10x magnification of a make-up mirror, no no idea beyond a 'thread' description...

By the way>>>> I once learned soaking our vegetables & fruits in a pitcher of filtered water & a big splash of ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (UNFILTERED), FOR 2 MINUTES, THEN A FILTERED WATER RINSE, KILLED E.COLI AND SALMOMELLA... sooo, we always do this, for over 10 years, hoping to protect our family from parasites coming from fresh food sources... I have written BRAGG, the major American organic apple cider producer & original health GURUS, to confirm this practice, with no response: do you have any contacts that could be interested to research this practice for truths? universities, private labs? many thanks for your dedicated service & web site!!!!!

thx for any help!!!!

God Bless you all, namaste, oxo

Dear Anonymous in SoCal,

Thank you for providing a thorough and detailed explanation of your symptoms and actions in trying to deal with this possible parasites in ear canal problem.

It sounds like you've done a lot of the right things if you were dealing with parasites, but since you are seeing no change at all in your condition, it makes me wonder if perhaps parasites are not the problem.

I honestly don't know! It's certainly possible, but I don't know specifically what might be in your area that is not reacting to the anti-parasitic herbs you've been using, etc.

I guess the only place I can think of who might help you for free to identify what you are discovering on your Q-tip might be an Cooperative Extension in your area - maybe something linked to an agricultural college? It's worth a try.

Out of curiosity, have you tried the same swab test on your other ear or on anyone elses ear to see if you find similar microscopic results?

If the issue is parasites in the ear canal, taking the cleansing herbs internally as well as the topical application should definitely help after prolonged use.

Of course, the problem could be some type of nerve damage in the ear that is giving you that creepy-crawly sensation.

It could also be hormonal imbalance (as strange as that may seem), because one of the symptoms of hormone imbalance is a biting, crawling sensation under the skin. It's more often noticed in the legs, but if you have a weakened area of the body I don't see why it can't be there instead.

I wish I could offer you more help, but I can only suggest that you continue on cleansing and building your system in an attempt to get your body to deal with on its own accord.

I usually recommend Herbal Fiberblend for internal cleansing and BarleyLife and AIMega for a good immune boosting combo.

Other things you may want to consider:

You can try putting hydrogen peroxide in your ear for about 5 minutes at a time.

Zinc may be a good supplement to add to your diet if you aren't already taking it. A deficiency in zinc can sometimes cause ear related problems.

Clove oil (mixed with olive oil or coconut oil) is another good topical treatment.

If I think of anything else that may be beneficial, I'll add it below.

Hope and pray that you find a solution that works for you!
Angie from

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Aug 04, 2022
by: wanita

These same things are happening to me, something in my chin sulking blood and I've loss skin, I done everything, see many doctors, they think im crazy and the soar on my neck I've pulled larvae out and have many pictures, I live in BC, and they won't even let me speak to a skin doctor, won't give me an MRI I think they said they will try a CT scan but so far just giving me run around, so tired , I think of suicide every day, Nobody wants to help!!!

Sep 10, 2020
Ear Parasites
by: Carl

Demodex mites that go virtually undisturbed for years can cause major infestation on the scalp, face, neck, chest, back ear canals and in nose. The older you are and the worse your hygene the worse the demodex infestation is. It took me months of religious treatment to even notice improvement. Bathe and wash hair everyday for at least a week then go to every other day. Add tree tea oil to shampoo, liquid soap and mosturizer creams (careful it is caustic). Defense medicated gym soap is good. Ivermectin internally is good safe inexpensive clean kill used periodically. Perethrin cream is good insecticide to kill mites. Perethrin cream or dilute tree tea oil on Qtip is good to swab ear canal for mites. Those devils are hard to even slow down because of the constant reproductive cycle. The females hide in your pores out of harms way and the males crawl out of pores to mate when it is dark (dont like sun or bright light). Scabie Blaster cream is great to put on your night stand to spot treat mites when they wake you up crawling on your face. Scabie blaster is expensive but a little goes a long way (can be used in nose and ear canals too).

Jul 20, 2020
Me too!
by: Elbe

Well it started when I borrowed the microscope I purchased for my grandson’s Christmas present. I have had ear problems all my life practically. I’ve been on antibiotics for ear infections etc. I had a weeping sore on my outer ear that would drain into my ear at night, and I mean sore!! The ear nose and throat doctor had such bad bed side manner that I walked out and closed the door behind me with him still sitting there with a confused look on his face. He wrote that I didn’t let him examine me. Well not after he laughter at me. Please!! Doctors and nurses are quick to tell you how uncommon worms are in USA but the CDC is trying to educate them. At least one nurse told me that it took her mother years to convince doctors that she had scabies. So i took the permethrin treatment because this nurse told me ‘scabies‘.
I think it coincided with my parasite’s circadian rhythm because the boiling (I exaggerate slightly) that occurs under the skin on my arms calmed down. The whites of my eyes had some pretty jumpy wiggly movements so I went to an eye doctor thinking surely he would see something. Not. With that report my pcp actually scolded me with fervor that she didn’t want to hear about it again. "There was nothing there" she told me after not examining me in person. She said that I was to have a colonoscopy (I am long overdue). Then she asked me if I would ‘quit it’ after the results of the colonoscopy proved to me that it was anxiety like the urgent care doctor told me and not parasites. Its like Santa Clause or Easter Bunny. Doctors just can’t believe. Morgellons, I think they call it. It doesn’t help that I can only see virtual doctors during COVID-19. Urgent care still receives live bodies though so of course when they let me go saying I was fine, the doctor said "I understand you have been under a lot of stress." Parasites will do that to a person, doctor. And after wearing out the nurses on call Over the phone with questions like "what would they do if they had worms in their eyes?" I finally spoke to an ophthalmologist. Actually I was pretty upset and he asked me if I was upset. 🤪 I make it easy for people to think im crazy I guess, because I kind of yell at people thinking if they hear me they will understand me. The ophthalmologist I spoke to on the phone did actually get me in to see an actual eye doctor (not himself of course) a real visit with another eye doctor. And he made virtual referrals to my pcp and a psychiatrist. My parasite also involves a flying thing. At least there are wings in the microscope. There are a lot of fruit flies around here these days and something that looks like a seed until you put it under a microscope. I have something bitting me from inside. I felt a big bite type pain in my groin and the next day my thigh was bruised half way down to my knee. It Must have wounded a big artery or vein. I’m collecting slides of critters that come out of me from one place or another if you get my drift. I saw a guy online who had white pepper reappear on his face faster than the other guy could brush them off. I’m starting to recognize the shapes of the things that voluntarily come out of my skin or I find in my bed. I seem to have an assortment of parasites, hopefully some of them are friendlies. Whatever I have shows me it’s many stages. I recognized a louse in my hair so when I began to itch and little things started falling on my face I rinsed my hair in vinegar.. I catch the critters in my bed with scotch tape to take them to the microscope. I’ve stayed up most of the night with my scotch tape. A couple were bedbugs that came back after a year but they don’t worry me. But tonight when I put my head on the pillow and heard something that reminded me of crunching (usually it’s just ringing and clicking) I decided to do a little more research online and found this site. I was in New Orleans right after Katrina and I became very ill for well over a month after that. (Subtropical!) And I live on five acres of woods in the PNW (red fox host) and I ate bear lasagna while visiting family in Alaska. I have a disabled son who visits every weekend who has lived in group facilities for over 25 years. (He doesn’t have the best hygiene.) All are good reasons for a SANE person to suspect parasites. I must tell you the best part. My helminths sometimes spit sparks of light out of me or on me, they very quickly open and close little red or sparkly lights type holes in my skin. I have a small partially collapsed lung. Whoops, worms do that. My eosinophil count, although still normal, is rising. My ears hurt. My joints hurt. My head will hurt in a sinister pain. My eyes hurt and have what the doctors are calling floaters and dry eyes which manifests as white film that goes over my iris and sometimes pupils. I feel insect bites but nothing seems to be there except sometimes pepper. My allergy to the little devils’ poison will give me a pretty big red reaction after theIr bite and my belly hurts pretty bad when eliminating. The word of the day is microscopic. That’s why even though I have a small lesion on my retina the doctor could not detect worms within my eyes. I think our little friends ‘sic’ stick to the fluid that covers the pupil and iris. And my skin will look bruised in big spaces for a short time and then the bruise will move to another place. Our only hope is is possibly the CDC. They have their work cut out for them trying to educate doctors about neglected tropical diseases. They could use our prayers. They provide a pretty good resource for diagnosing, etc. They have a good site with pictures you can compare with what you see with a microscope.

Apr 05, 2020
same or similar symptoms.
by: ed harris

I have most of the same symptoms except with a q-tip all I get is a small amount of blood. I have tried peroxide. after the peroxide I generally have a couple of hours of relief. also if I vigorously rub the outside of the ear I get relief for awhile.

Sep 29, 2018
Rashes, itchy pimples
by: Pam

So I have been getting red, itchy rashes and then outbreaks with skin scaling off shortly thereafter. Usually a very tiny white embedded nodule in area and maybe some white specs protruding out of skin and what looks like raised burrow marks. Then some small patches of itchy pimple like spots and then some larger areas that feel like hives it itches so bad. I was treating for folliculitis with no relief. Could still feel crawling on body and scalp. Of course dermatologists are no help at all. Now I am treating with ivermectin and permethrin and getting relief. Scaling off of skin and then more of same now — rash, itch, spots, rash, itch, spots. Flaking between fingers. Eruptions of white specs off feet. Scabies????? Had slight symptoms for a long time and then after Tomefen for cancer pill was started, it got a lot worse.
Almost gone out of my mind. Been told it’s my imagination.
Scabies? Walking dandruff?

Sep 26, 2018
Ear parasite
by: Maria Mangini

I recently discovered parasites in my ear canal and I believe that many people are suffering from them. It started when I decided to let my hair go natural and see what it looked like without coloring. Six years ago my hair went very gray and I began dying it. At that same time, I began to notice a functional hearing loss. Each night I was awoken by hot flashes. All of this was attributed to my age. I found my hair was very damaged with many silver threads. I began removing the damaged sections and discovered that my hair was actually woven together in a very intricate pattern. After many days of unweaving my hair I decided that something must be weaving it together. The damage was extensive around each of my ears. I then began using hydrogen peroxide on my hair and scalp. Are used hydrogen Prock side also to clean my ears. This is when I found the insects in their many stages. They transform from black bead like creatures to a flying fruit fly insect. I cut away the damage and used hydrogen peroxide for a number of days in a row and both of my ears and on my head. I found many dead bodies but my hair was still being well then at night. I finally found the egg laying black worm on our mattress pad. I would have missed it but what had happened earlier that day was as I washed my ears out I saw a black worm like creature come out of my ear-dead clinging to ear hairs. Since then I have continued to treat my ear canal and my head with hydrogen peroxide and clean my home. My hearing loss is gone! I now can hear! This insect was making me lose hearing, destroying my hair and making me go bald, and lodged in my sinuses. I can now breathe through my nostrils deeply. My hearing and my breathing has completely been changed by the distraction of this era parasite. The egg layer appears to be a black worm like creature and the larva I need to create a cocoon in your hair to turn into fruit flies. The fruit flies also will live in your drains and anywhere there is hair. I also used hydrogen peroxide and a pludger to clear my drains. You can see the trails they live in one's hair they look like a zebra or candy cane stripe with a shotgun. The parasites are nocturnal so they crawl into your ears and are active at night. This is why I was having such intense night sweats. My body was trying to kill the parasites as they distracted my body at night. I believe I have been caring these parasites for years and I cannot emphasize enough how distractive they are to one's health. Treat yourself, find the host bug, treat your drains. I highly recommend hydrogen peroxide. I cannot say that my physicians have been interested in this at all. Now that I know the signs and symptoms I seem to see people with this condition everywhere I go. If you were turning gray, balding, having difficulty with your hearing, having night sweats, and other allergic reactions then you may have an ear parasite. Your parasites are particularly dangerous because they have access to your nose throat and sinuses. I have never breathe as deeply or as well as I know Karen! We all need to breathe we all need to hear and we all need to sleep. If you are having trouble with this it might be a parasite. Or as the ancients referred to them- an ear wig or an ear wiggle. Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria and is a safe treatment and more effective than anything else I have found.

Jul 25, 2018
Hang in
by: Oneof you

Food grade diatomaceous earth.

Jul 17, 2018
I am having it too.Please help
by: krish

i found my right ear war giving crawling sensation and most of my time went with earphones ON, so i was not able to realize much feeling.But now i feel it with pain in both ears. Please Help. What to do & how to diagonis

Feb 27, 2018
Treatment and proof of parasites
by: Spike

I felt with ear parasites for about 20 years. I believe I got them living on a farm and sleeping in a bed shared by dogs and cats. The dogs had mange and eat mights, but I have no absolute proof they were the origin.

Most importantly is that I’ve finally cured them. The answer was PURE TEA TREE OIL. I had tried tea tree oil before without results and gave up on it, but recently worked with a natural doctor who showed that most commercial tea tree oil is very diluted. I purchased 100% pure oil and used it a lot. My ears were constantly wet and dripping with oil. It was unpleasant and burned, but was less bad than the feeling of the parasites.I was constantly putting oil in for months. I continued treatment for a long time after the symptoms were gone. I ended treatment 9 months ago and the parasites have not returned.

Also important is proving you have parasites to people who call you crazy or delusional. You can do this with still water. Drop some skin from the infected area into a pool of still water and it will swim. Literally move in a consistent pattern for several minutes then stop because the parasites are drown. Drop a non-infected skin sample into the same water and it will not swim. This test proves that there is something alive inside of your ear. I discovered this by when skin from my ear fell into clean toilet water, but I could recreate it with a glass of water.

Above is all the most important information this last bit is just personal stuff that may be helpful to some, but is unnecessary for most. When infected my ears were very dry and had almost no wax. 20 years no ear wax. Since I’ve killed the parasites my earwax has become normal. The I itching was so bad that I would scratch my ears until they bled and they still itched. My hearing has been damaged, but I don’t believe it was from the parasites. I did damage my eardrums by puncturing them with q-tips, most of my hearing damage comes from oilfield work that exposed me to excessive noise for long periods. Doctors who say there are no such thing as ear parasites are simply wrong, and can be proven so by the still water skin test. Film this theater and take it to your doctor if you must, but that won’t make him/her know the cure. A list of things hat didn’t help - diluted tea tree oil, aloe, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, various lotions, cortisone (it did relieve the itching but didn’t treat the parasites). I hope this is helpful and you all get cured.

Feb 26, 2018
Have it too
by: Pam

I have them too, and I think they might be Demadex mites, since I first noticed them several months before I found out my immune system was way down due to breast cancer that I did not know I had. Doctors don’t have a clue, and my husband tried to get me labeled delusional and put in in patient treatment It’s no fun. Mine got much worse during radiation treatment.

Nov 20, 2017
Look up Nematomorpha
by: Billy

Look up "horsehair nematomorpha on Qtip" and see if your symptoms are anything like that. The lady has this lab verified diagnosed parasite.

Oct 05, 2017
parasite in ear
by: telzsa

started over 2 months ago.fely crawling in ear kinda like a spiders legs crawling in r ear.since then have been seen by 6 docs to no prvail.all saying noyhing in ear,some saying just fluid put these drops it now far worse and I have pics of this thing coming out of my ear after puttning crushed garlic cloves(a lot) in olive oil.doc finally took culture after seeing pic and crusting in ear.find out results is now traveling out of ear at top has burrowed hole in my ear,going in sinus behind eye and up past templeam seeing infectious doc tomarrow hopefully he can help.dont let docs make you feel like u r crazy that's what they all did to me.u no your body.i can feel where it is at all time.will update

Aug 08, 2017
Parasites in my ear
by: Jo

I'm experiencing the same thing in my jaw and in my ear and I'm so tired of people looking at me like I'm crazy

May 06, 2017
Have you tried cleansing herbs?
by: Angie from

Hi Liz,
Sorry to hear about all that you have been going through. It sounds like you've done a ton of research and are pretty knowledgeable about the reality of parasites in humans. What you didn't mention at all is whether or not you have done anything specific to eliminate the parasites apart from those doctor visits, etc. Although it's not "conventional medicine" you can usually get pretty good results using herbs for cleansing and nutritional supplements to boost your immune system. Have you tried anything like that? If not, let me encourage you to do so. I have outlined a high quality parasite cleansing protocol that you can follow if you are inclined to give it a try. I wish you all the best and a quick and successful recovery.

May 04, 2017
by: Dana

Maybe u have Lyme disease. If u don't know anything about it google it. The lump on your neck that's what I got and it won't go away

May 04, 2017
Suggestion worth looking into?
by: liz in so cal

Hi, I, too, am somewhat silently suffering from what I know is an infestation. I should note that I'm only now reading this thread and realize its been some time since yours and others have posted.

My troubles began just over a year ago, April of 2016 to be exact. It began with extremely heavy increasingly blurred vision and problems with the right side of my neck where it meets the base of my skull.

I, too, consider myself above average when it comes to health/fitness. I walk the trails, climb a local rather steep & rocky hill & at the very least, I walk/run the Gage Canal (I live in Riverside). Its not incommon for me to cover 8-10 miles when I walk the canal. There's a "wash" that ascends, descends & ascends again so its a good workout.

In April, my problems became so bad that I knew I needed to seek help. The night I did, I wasn't able to drive & had Lyft take me to Loma Linda University Medical Center ER. This is a world-reknowned facility but I felt its where I would get the best physicians & care. I would feel movement in my neck & horrific squishing sounds when I even tried to turn left/right, forward/back. It freaked/creeped me out. There were tickling sensations inside my head, near my ears. Most disconcerting was the palpable knot at the base of my skull that was increasing in size and was so painful and I was sure I had a brain tumor. I kept packages of frozen vegetables on it. Swelling would decrease slightly as would intensity of pain. I would cry each night as I drift off to sleep thinking the worst.

The wait time at LLUMC ER that night was 7-8 hrs. They quickly called my name. Blood pressure check. They took it again immediately. I asked if something was wrong. There were 2 males attending. They looked at each other. One asked, "Are you taking medication for HBP?" I said I was not. They took my BP again. This time I asked what the reading was (tho I know nothing abt BP). BP was 210/140. They went on to explain that its extremely high. They kept me in the chair periodically taking it until it went down some and back out to the waiting room. They brought me a blanket and I sat & sat with all the others. They called me up again said they were waiting for a bed for me and that it could be 8-10 hrs. A bed bc the would be running scans which could take some time. Finally got my bed. They attached heart things to my chest & back, put a clip on my finger, brought the machine in that monitors heartbeat temp etc.. finally they wheeled me off for a CT of my head & neck. They took me back. The dr on duty said "I'm the guy you normally dont wanna see. I'm the bad news guy. But in your case its good news. Nothing on the scan. You can go home. He was looking at my vitals and actually inquired abt my neck. What he said next didn't register with me for 7-8 months and by that time i was in the thick of battling several types of parasites. He asked me if I'd been scratching my neck or back. I said "no just laying here." As he gave instructions to a PA he looked at my neck agn and said "youre sure you haven't scratched?" I said "I'm positive. I doubt I could even reach that part plus i have all these sensors attached to me." He said " hmmm its weird. Oh well get dressed, wait for your discharge papers and youre free to go." Fast forward 1 year to april 2017 & I'm in a battle so crazy doctors have given me a CA-125 Test, a trans-vaginal ultra sound, and MRI w/wo contrast. My doc took one look up my nose and said it was the 2nd worse case of allergies hes ever come across and prescribed nasal spray. I knew better. Due to my line of questioning and list of symptoms (which were crazy by that time) he asks, "Liz do you mind if I ask you a series of questions? I want to see where you are mentally. I'm quite concerned. Do you have feelings of anxiety? Do you worry a lot? Is your lifewhere you thought it would be at this age? Are you concerned that you might disappoint others? Do you find yourself doing things over that other people did bc its not to your satisfaction?" He diagnosed me on the spot with severe adult depression. Next appt it was Acute allergic Rhinitis. I said, " what's that? I've never had an allergy to anything in my life." He gives me a more potent nasal spray plus a pill Rx. He refers me to gynecology. The clock is ticking. My problems are becoming worse. Infestation is very clear in my stools. I now become obsessed with this and proceed to carefully dissect it all, frightened to death by what I'm finding, photographing all of it as well as saving it. It was mortifying but bc those creatures are living and breeding inside of me I felt consumed, compelled to know everything I could and I lived on the internet trying to ID all the helminths themselves as well as theyre eggs oocysts, their life stages, transformations, what organs each tends to infiltrate and its during this that i discover that I am likely going to encounter opposition even at there mere suggestion that I think I have a parasite infestation. It was on my 2nd visit to my new gyn that I took 2 specimen .. in sealed containers .. very clean .. inside a plastic target bag. At this point I was undergoing comprehensive testing blood panels diagnostics MRI & CA-125 Cancer Marker bc the transvaginal ultrasound revealed 2 abnormal masses containing multiple cystic structures.. some solid some liquid .. complex cysts. They were concerned I had ovarian cancer. I also have an internal hemorrhage on my left side inthe groin area. And there is a separation of bone at the base of my spine. All have occured in the last year.. since this all began. I asked my gyn if she would view or send to the lab the 2 specimen that I brought. She said "I wouldnt know what to do or who to call. If you want I can ask my staff to make some phone calls but I wouldnt know where to start." From that point on the whole vibe in the room changed and went from her drawing pictures of my ovaries and where the cysts & masses were and us laughing to her being very standoffish and of course I feel like I'm now a nutbag. I haven't seen a medical practioner since. I have them in my nose and in my ears and pieces find their way into my mouth.. occasionally full bodies .. eggs as well. I can confidently ID them now. I'm in pain. The hemorrhaging. With it comes massive blood bruises. I have little scabbed over holes all over my arms & legs. About the circumference of a pencil lead. I have outlines of them in places where they congregate in me. I had one exounge itself through the first knuckle of my right ring finger leaving a permanently bent knuckle in its wake. One day I looked at my back in the mirror and nearly screamed .. 3 very large.blotches / patches of red .. irregularly shaped .. I've since read its a.possible reaction .. UC Riverside has a entymology department and staff that is well respected and tops in the field. Entymology is not parasitology but even if you email and inquire maybe include a photo or 2 .. the least you'll receive is a considerate reply and maybe a suggestion. I believe one of the main guys (hes often cited in media articles) is Rick Vedder. I've sent a spider question or 2 w/photos and he promptly and kindly replied. I typed WAY too much. However it felt therapeutic. Because I either (A) cant share it with most ppl or (B) have gotten ridiculed by the ONE person I've told/tried to share with hoping to have someone in my corner.

Dec 01, 2016
killing ear parasites
by: mike neri

i have 5 dogs that im close to. big dogs! water pik nightly, at low pressure, will keep ear clean. Q tips are not very useful and seem to impact whatever crap is in there deeper in the ear. dry inside ear with hair dryer. then hit it with Ivermectin! Squirt the nozzle deep into ear.lay on your side and do one ear a night. push cotton swab into ear to keep the Ivermectin from rolling out!I've had no reactions from the Iver, but the bugs hate it! then, GET very hot showers 2x daily, because their cousins are microscopic on the skin and make us stressed and crazy as they get too many!MILLIONS ARE ON THE SKIN!

Dec 01, 2016
Mine swim too
by: Spike

I've had itchy outer ear canals for most of my life. They get very dry and flake off dead skin daily. It is at its worst when I wake up from sleep. If I do not clean my ears with a Qtip daily it gets worse very quickly. My ears get red on the outer canal, swell, and eventually bleed. Tea tree oil helps, but doesn't cure it. When I drop the dry skin in water it swims. It is definitely alive and moving on its own in compliantly still water with no air flow while other debris remains stagnant. It has never affected my hearing in a noticeable way except when my canal swells. I don't know if it is relavent, but I had dogs with ear mights and mange when I was a child. The dogs and I were very close and offen slept together. I suspect I got whatever this is from them, but can't be certain. If any one knows what this is or how to cure it please respond.

Dec 01, 2016
ivermectin and more
by: mike neri

my earlier comment on my use I remains 100% true! what is very very very upsetting is when I went to 2 ENT docs, they laughed at me! It took me 2.5 years to come on the ivermectin cure.
BTW, NGO's are using tons of it in africa and asia having people swallow it to kill massive parasite infestations. so don't get scared about its use only on animals which our govt requires I makers to state.

Dec 01, 2016
by: mike neri

I bought a 50ml bottle of generic Ivermectin from Amazon. about $30. got a free injection tube from wal mart pharmacist. laid on my side and inserted about 1/3 the tube of it into ear. the little MF went wild! about 30 minutes later, it fell onto my pillow dead ! then the next day, it's babies were dead, flushed out with the water pik.
[ swear to God this is true!

Dec 01, 2016
I Also
by: Beadle

I too have had something in my right ear for the past three months that has caused intense itching from time to time, usually when I lay down to go to bed. I do not have any animals. This condition has narrowed my right ear canal with the bump that it has caused. I guess I should break down and go to the ENT doctor. I am 64 years old and in good health. I am careful to wash my ear canal daily but sometimes it is difficult to get all the water out of my ear because of the narrowed ear canal. It seems like some kind of bug has taken up residence in there and burrowed itself under the skin. I guess it will not leave until forced to.

Oct 03, 2016
It's a nightmare...
by: Dana

I live in so cal. I saw the tan/black threads and the spiral threads last night...I have had this fluid behind my ears for almost 5 years now, doctors told me they didn't know what was wrong. I have gone weeks just draining fluid from both ears at the same time before...Miserable. I'm doing a parasite cleanse atm and all the sudden my ears just start gushing a few days into my cleanse. Wtf are the spirals?! I googled spiral parasites and found one that is a fluke type looks extremely similar to the spirals that buzzed out of my ear holes. Like an army of them hatched or something! The peroxide works as a short term remedy only for me. I just want the nightmare to end...going to the dr on Friday hopefully I can get some answers then...

Aug 15, 2016
so...what's the solution?
by: Cheryl

What these people are describing could certainly be me. The one big difference is I feel something actually biting me. It's a piercing bite that feels similar to a mosquito bite. I feel that it's an insect too. I've been putting doggie flea shampoo in my ear at night. It helps but does not get rid of it. I sometimes feel it in my nostrils as well. Help!
What is the solution?
I have an indoor/outdoor cat that sleeps at the foot of my bed.

Jun 07, 2016
They swim.
by: Francisco Sayles

About 3 years ago I started feeling an itching and crawling feeling in the outer canal of my right ear. I thought it was an infection and just put ointment on it and flushed my ear regularly with peroxide. It didn't go away, instead it got worse and eventually I could feel a small bump or bumps. I consulted a doctor and was given a dismissive response but I felt like this was something to pay attention to. Over a year passed with consistent irritation and oddly enough by then I was so used to it I was ignoring it... until the day I cleaned the earwax out of my bluetooth earbud and tossed the small ball of wax into the toilet. What I saw next still keeps me awake. The earwax started darting back and forth and going in circles on the surface of the water! In disbelief I put a small piece of paper and a piece of a leaf there as well to see if it was the water but they didn't move at all. so I cleaned some earwax from my ear and put it there and again it was darting back and forth and literally swimming for a period before eventually sinking. I called my sister who is a surgeon and she advised me to see a doctor. Has anyone else experienced this as I am finding it difficult to find previous cases with similar symptoms? The Ear wax swimming in the toilet occurred again today and I hope someone can help me cure whatever this is. There are no visible signs of bugs with the naked eye but I get itching and crawling sensations, dry patch of skin, and an occasional small bump or two... and SWIMMING EAR WAX. If anyone can tell me what the hell is causing this please respond.

Apr 27, 2016
They are also in my ears
by: Jane

I am very grateful to this site for allowing those of us having to deal with parasites and, even worse, the disbelief of those who don't, a place where we can share our common symptoms.

When I first started dealing with this parasite, they traveled only to my nose, around my mouth creating sores in those areas, and down my legs into my socks or nylons. I would and still do receive what feels like tiny bites on my legs. I had read that these embryos exit the body seeking moisture so I could understand the nose and mouth. After about 9 months of taking the supplements recommended by my Chiropractor, the things exiting my body have become much smaller, but some of the things suddenly started going into my ears also. It"s almost as if the supplements I'm taking for the parasites may be damaging their sense of direction.

I sleep with ear plugs in on the weekends when I don't have to wake to an alarm because I live on a noisy street. Imagine my horror when I woke that first night feeling things moving in my ears under the ear plugs. I couldn't rip them out fast enough.

I dip Q-tips in rubbing alcohol and wipe my ears out and behind my ears. I find tiny white things that look like microscopic ice chips stuck to the Q-tips.

I had to see an ENT doctor recently and before he could see to the bottom of my ear, he literally had to vacuum the ear out. The ENT didn't say anything about what he was vacuuming out. Maybe vacuuming out an ear isn't uncommon, but it had never happened to me before these things started traveling into my ears.

I notice it more at night on the ear pressed to the pillow, but it happens day and night.


Apr 18, 2016
by: WillB

I bet this is why Van Gough went crazy and cut his ear off.. it's driving me absolutely insane. especially at night. it feels like a spider is trying to crawl out... the VA doc looked around and didn't see anything. I don't know what to do...

Jan 23, 2016
Parasites in ear
by: Brenda

I to have something similar in my ear. On the q tip I have blood with a very slender translucent shiny organism. I have put several in jar and upon adding water they make a ball of mucus. I also have something on my hair that makes it move and I can see this tiny maybe mite but the end of hair strand is black and when wet turns to mucus also r they related what is this. Not lice. Please HELP

Sep 22, 2015
what worked for me
by: a christian

I will only say what worked for me. After dealing with the same symptoms for years. I tried something radical. i took liquid nicotine from a smoke shop. One night I laid on the couch on my side and put several drops into my ear. i used 36mg/ml. it made me instantly dizzy and nauseous. I did not move for about an hour. The next night I did the other side. I have not felt the movement since. My research showed this as a potential lethal dose of nicotine, but I am still here. I do believe that this is a parasite not a nerve issue.

Nov 13, 2014
Help for Itching Ears
by: Angie from

Dear Timothy,
I understand that you are desperate for relief, but please let me encourage you to NOT poke sharp objects in your ear as you are more likely to cause permanent damage.

I'm assuming that you have seen an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor and they haven't been able to help? If your ear is weeping fluids, it is likely that you have an infection or possible burst ear drum.

I am NOT a doctor, but if I were in your shoes and couldn't get help elsewhere this is what I would do...

Place about 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ear and leave it in for at least five minutes. Turn over and repeat with the other side. Do this every day for a few weeks.

I would also be sure to take probiotics (good bacteria, like Florafood) for a few weeks, ESPECIALLY if you take any form of antibiotic like Mike has suggested. This helps to boost your immune system, and/or build it back up if you've taken antibiotics. Otherwise you end up with recurring problems.

I try to avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary, so I try natural alternatives first. In this case I would start by taking Herbal Fiberblend twice per day for several weeks and see if I couldn't knock it out that way. The herbs are great for that purpose.

I would also take Barley Life and AIMega to support the immune system and help the body have the essentials it needs to fight off whatever is the underlying cause of your itching ears.

I've had great results over a wide range of symptoms with that combo and I wouldn't be surprised if it worked in this instance, too.

I hope this helps and you can conquer this itching ears issue for good. Let us know if you follow these suggestions and get results so the next person who comes along can be helped, too.


Nov 12, 2014
ear parasite update
by: Mike in Grand Prairie,tx

all my efforts at killing-whatever the presumed parasite, wound up as follows: The most painful ear infection I've ever had in my life, so bad I was thinking crazy! I could not focus thinking and the pain had migrated to just inside the eardrum, on the brain side! The pain in my left temple, jaw, was a 9.5 on a 10 scale. Went to the ENT doc. The ear was so closed up he couldn't see in! He gave me Ciprodex, an expensive liquid antibiotic($40.)even with my 90% med pay plan, plus Tramolda pain killer, extremely cheap (21 pills were $1.28 co-pay) They were useless without 18-24 Ibuprofens a day! The Ciprodex (liquid Cipro antibiotic) has almost killed off the inflamed infection and the temple, jaw pain! I'm down to 12 -14 Ibus a day, ran out of the Tramolda, which as I said was worth every penny I paid for it, meaning near nothing!I think the infection was caused by the dead-dying parasite that finally died en situ, a fear I had, which its decaying body caused this reaction of infection. When the infection is gone, I'll see if the bug has any life left in it. I hope not.
I wish I had a better outcome, but I figured once in there, it had to die or keep reproducing. I used WORMWOOD/BLACK WALNUT SUPREME,made by Gaia, LIQUID THAT I THINK FINALLY KILLED IT! LEADING TO ALL THE PAIN, INFECTION, SWELLING OF EAR CANAL, AND CRAZY THINKING! A different site confirmed the invasion of parasites into brain, but my orifice wasn't the nose, as the site said was the most often. It was the ear. docs will avoid discussing this parasite scenario as they seem to fear the discussion, as I don't think there is a DMSO code for them to be paid by. We infected people are left to screwdrivers, icepicks, etc to kill the critters. I think I'm a few days away for the pain and infection to be gone. The Ciprodex was a godsend med, when it hit the ear canal, it was like Hiroshima bombed! The pain was nuclear! For about 10 minutes! Thus I felt it was efficacious, had it been worthless , I think there would have been no pain!

Nov 12, 2014
Bugs in my Ears "Oh Dear"!!
by: Timothy Richmond

I am a very active late 40 male and I have had this itching in my ears for over 3 years! I also get this foul smelling clearish fluid that at times has drained ouy uncontrolably. I have used everything from shop vacs to screwdrivers to possibly kill these unseen quests!! I have actually seen a small black spring looking parasite in the liquid oozing from my ears. Am I loozing my mind? " I think not " I wish someone could eperience this nightmare I have been tryind desperatly to be rid of.... Can somebody please help me with this?r

Oct 13, 2014
my ear parasite!!!!
by: Mike in Grand Prairie,tx

It is only DEEP IN left ear CANAL. It's not active until it senses its dark/almost dark,AND MY HEAD RECLINED ON PILLOW OR RECLINER CHAIR. Never when it can sense light!I'm 68, male,in good health. BUT..I have a dog that had really bad ear mites and it took lots of alcohol/hydrogen peroxide mix spray into his ears, several x's daily, over 3-4 weeks to kill them. It drove him crazy each bottle spray. He sleeps right next to me, with his head near my head. I think that's how I got mine. My left ear is next to him. HE's about 2' away from me, but he sleeps on my bed top all the time. He's free of them now. Hydrogen peroxide, alcohol mix, individual does no good. BUT ALCOHOL ALONE IS EXTREMELY PAINFUL TO ME! I BET THAT'S HIS BURROW IT'S GETTING INTO. MY DO doc said it could not be a worm! He's wrong!I'm very concerned if I don't kill it, it will get into my brain. OR, if I do kill it, its body will fester en situ and hurt me some way! I will keep trying!

Aug 10, 2014
So many 'different' things could be the same
by: Lynn L

Was also holistic/gardener/over 55 now/ate well/organic and have cat...Lyme is definate possibility. The Lyme/Morgellons site clearly states "Many with Lyme do not get Morgellons, but all with Morgellons will test positive for Lyme" This writer bekieves Morgellons is Lyme by a GMO bug bite-I also live in So-Cal and hope you have not spread this like I did experimenting shaving but using therazor from head to legs etc. I'm not a dr or claim to have a cure, but found the remedies here very helpful-especially with brain fog but it takes time and money. Almost homeless here myself. Can I enquire if you got any help/relief? This site is very helpful/informative. Reading comments from angie AND others is kind of novel-some sites won't allow constructive comments other than from site owner. Live and learn and cleanse.

Jan 23, 2014
Possibly, but pretty sure you have . . .
by: mjo

Can't be positive but it sure sounds like you have Morgellon's Disease. Please look into this.

Your cats may have infected you via ticks since they go outside and Florida has tons of ticks and Lyme disease, although Florida, like many other states, tries to hide the incidence of Lyme disease.

A subset of those who have Lyme disease have Morgellon's. Do not let anyone tell you this is not a real disease. It is. Somewhere you may be able to find the show about it that was on a major network.

You may not know or show that you have Lyme disease and it is certainly not a prerequisite of Morgellon's.

The creepy threads from human tissues are the hallmark of Morgellon's.

In addition, do not rely on commonly available commercial tests for Lyme; they are inadequate (no matter what your local MD says). Get yourself tested, with the help of an MD, through IGeneX in California.

Best of luck to you!

Nov 24, 2013
same symptoms
by: Carol

I have the same symptoms, usually at bedtime and mostly on the ear against the pillow, have done all the hulda clark stuff, garlic oil, etc and still have it too, so frustrating and creepy!

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