Parasites in People and Animals

by Susan Hawkins

Can parasites in people and animals be shared?

My sisters poodle has a tape worm and keeps getting that worm back. Is it because he's into poo?

See, my brother is bed ridden and someone takes care of him at home. I don't think hands are being washed as much as they should be. Could that give anyone in the house parasites?

Hi Susan,

Yes, parasites can certainly be passed from animals to people and failing to wash hands properly is one of the most common causes for transfer.

Maybe you can stress the importance of good hygiene particularly after handling a pet or anything that the pet has laid on, etc.

As for your sister's poodle, it may keep getting the worm back because it isn't getting rid of it completely in the first place. Or, it could be because it continues to be exposed to the source again and again.

It doesn't necessarily have to be from poo, but it certainly can be.

The poodle needs to be treated for parasites, but I would encourage everyone in the household to also be treated. You can use a natural cleanse like Herbal Fiberblend on the people involved. It does not carry negative side effects like most of the prescription medications given to people.

To your good health!

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