Parasites In Truck Air Conditioning?

by William S.
(Houston, Texas, USA)

Truck A/C Is Blowing Out Bugs Or Parasites - Help!

Truck A/C Is Blowing Out Bugs Or Parasites - Help!

I've been singled out by some kind of parasite. About 4 months ago I was driving a 2004 Chevy truck (at night) that a friend recently bought from a vehicle auction that owns a car dealership.

As I was driving, I turned on the a/c & as soon as I did it felt as if I was instantly hit in the forehead by a swarm of fast flying insects or something.

The next day I woke up & it looked as if my whole forehead broke out in blackheads.

I am 50yrs old. I did some research online & found that the same had happened to someone else. Whatever they are, I read they don't like lemon products.

Maybe a week later in the same truck and at night the same thing happened but this time it felt as if they were crawling all over my forehead, but I couldn't see anything. When I attempted to wipe them away they would not move.

I pulled over and bought some cutter lemon eucalyptus insect repellant and as soon as I sprayed it on my forehead it was instant relief and they seemed to leave for now.

I was scared of the truck after that. The next night I thought I would put a home insect fogger inside the truck while it was running & turn the a/c on as well, but as soon as I opened the door to the truck they instantly hit me in the face yet again.

The places on my forehead never seemed to go but appear to be infected maybe red & more of a bump at times. One of the original biggest bumps I attempted to press like a pimple & something tiny came out & crawled really fast past the bridge of my nose & as I attempted to stop it with 2 fingers it seemed to get hot feeling on the tips of the my fingers. I thought I had it but I didn't & it got in the corner of my left eye and I couldn't get it out.

I went to the ER. All they saw is what appeared to be a black
dot. when the ER person touched it with a Q-tip it felt as if it got a better grip. by the time I made it to eye specialist they couldn't see anything.

Later that same night the same thing seemed to attempt to enter my eye again. I managed to stop it, but a few minutes later it got in my eye & it felt as if it went straight to where the other was & it was so painful I went to the ER yet again.

The next day I washed my face with a bar of some type of derm, something soap & the soap had made its way in the corner of my eyes & the next thing I knew I felt movement in my eye again. The movement felt like it was headed to the corner of my eye and I was able to capture two of the insects that was in my eye & placed them in a zip lock bag with alcohol.

At night I seem to still get hit in the face by these fast moving insects you can't really see until you catch them, which is really difficult.

They appear to prefer the forehead and the side of your mouth. They try to make their way in your mouth while you are eating or talking or in your nose while you breathe. It appears to me that these insects maybe leave a scent like an ant to attract others. This is the only way I can explain why they attack ONLY me & no one else.

This has been going on too long & has cost me a lot of money & time researching. We are not talking about bed bugs here; possibly some type of fast flying mites or something. I have two captured & preserved.

I don't care what they are. I want to know how to end all this & get on with my life. I already tried pararid, or paragone, & blackwalnut clove. So here I am still seeking help and an end to this nightmare.

Please feel free to ask any questions and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Nov 24, 2021
William w/ forehead parasite NEW
by: Jaime brummett

So I had a similar problem and I’ve spent a lot of money n dr appts with no results n the only thing that worked is tea tree oil. Bathe in it 20 drops to a bath or whipe ur face n all area u need too wash ur bedding n clothes with it just put a little in ur laundry detergent

Dec 23, 2019
Same story here, cost me everything starting with my trucking job.
by: Mark

It's been three years of trying every anti parasite med I can find. Most doctors don't believe me. It's killing me, please let me know about anything you learn about this

Mar 06, 2018
Collembola NEW
by: Tina E

This traumatizing pest has been on me for 8 years. Also, I have seen many doctors in three different states. Finally, I found a doctor who would believe me and try to help me. I have been doing research on parasites myself for 8 years also. A lot of ways you people are describing it, is the same things I have been going through. It has robbed me of a happy life for 8 years thus far. My doctor finally did look at them under microscope and said, "Yes, it is bugs, but I don't know what kind". So, she did 6 biopsies and they all came back neg. except for one. And, yes it was Collembola, also known as Springtails. She was was afraid to give me the medicine to get rid of it, because it was very dangerous and had to be started in the hospital. She did not want the responsibility. Also, she and I had found others suffering from the same symptoms. I ask her, " you should contact the CDC.Gov, because they don't believe humans get this. Then, she just walked out of the room with a strange look on her face. Now, She has changed my diagnosis to Morgellons disease. The doctors do not want to report to the CDC, and that is why the CDC thinks humans do not get this and, furthermore, it is why the CDC will not do a study for treatment. Thanks to our Government, most doctors think we are delusional.

Feb 15, 2018
Im in the same bug boat needing rescued NEW
by: Mary McDaniel

This thing has been slowly killing me for a very long time, roughly 7 years. It started as a patch on the back of my head that felt stubbly, no noticable hair loss or discomfort yet. I have naturally curly hair but one morning,bam, it was gone. Then the hard pinching and burning on arms and legs, very painful, this was at night when I was trying to sleep. Then doing the day crawling itching pinching burning everywhere. It's inside my scalp hair, looks like shiny white thread. This stuff gets on the floor and if I step on it it's very painful like a burning stabbing pinching. I feel it crawling head to toe then itching in little fuzzy balls, if you look with you call see spikes, these are inside my skin hanging on for dear life driving my insane! My doctor actually told me to my face that it was"in my head" That this is ALL stress related. MY STRESS IS NO ONE BELIEVES ME. This had totally changed my looks, my weight,my mental and physical health overall. I'm miserable. One time 'IT' I don't know how to explain the feeling, it pierced my finger and I had to get tweezers to pluck it out, my finger on my right hand was not so fortunate. One week it good then next week it's an open wound, so very painful I can't bend it or put meds or wrap it up. I have never experienced anything like this. I also have patches where there are cottage cheese like bumps under my skin in arms and legs right on those main arteries. You can see the path, you call see it's lumpy. For some reason I can't hey my doctor or dermatologist to take me seriously and I'm only 40 years old, this is killing me.I have tried everything. I had a biopsy a couple months ago but he only ran the most common tests on my sample because my doc didn't even say what I was dealing with so they didn't know what kind of tests to run, help me

Sep 08, 2017
Cont...same NEW
by: Katpf

Looking back, I have had signs of the same stuff for years. Anyway, went to ER and they had a psych woman come in and after fluids the doc seemed to drop the psych patient distant reaction and agreed something was wrong with me. The waves kept happening the same each time then I woud calm down and be okay until it started again. He seemed to understand I didn't not say I thought I had worms but I made the mistake of using that word to describe the sensation. Come to find out on my own, it seems I had gastricrising focal point seizures which were identical to what I was exeriencing. Never had seizures but perhaps the dehydration and deformed med caused it the hospital never came upon that idea but said I had stomach infection. I was treated horribly at that hospital. I suffered anxiety all of my I've and have not had any sort of panic attack for 25 years. This was not a panic attack. When the dr gave me a strong Valium is when the what I suspect seizures stopped and that is how they stop seizures. So, I try epsom baths and tea tree and peppermint oil. Hydrogen peroxide will make stuff come out as will dandruff shampoo. At times I think mites because I will get the feeing that something is jumping on my eyelids or body or I will catch something dying off me. I do think perhaps springtails . I live in the south. It's hot and humid and I do think I also have skin fungus but it doesn't follow the typical athletes foot or soon. I would blame Katrina the hurricane but I had this way before I believe I notice my wrist will be really sore (broke it)and a pinched nerve in back made my fingers numb but sometimes horrible pains down my arms. Since doing these baths and stuff it feels better. Back and white Ike fibers (but just single ..not multiple together) do come from fingers. Cuts and scrapes do take inter to heal. After I wash my face and apply lotion with coconut oil my fingers always have more feeling and no onger swollen. I didn't even know they were until they stopped. It all is related and I hate to say morgellions. I will get a tingle or tickle and rub the spot and either small fiber or even pet like fur wil come out of my skin. These wrinkles on my face and arms and legs are the spots I wil be able t get a single worm like thing out. It got out of control after I had my son and he didn't sleep so I never slept and when I divorced and moved to my sisters I focused on being healthy but always fatigued. Felt better though and then a year later I noticed this. I did notice if it was humid I felt worse. Strange. It didn't become obvious until 6 months ago. I don't think my son suffers from these things with itching or pain but he wakes often still. He's almost 4. These things are inside of me as well. I did have a kidney stone 2 years ago but they just sent me home to pass it and never had me strain for the stone. I wonder if it was actually whatever this stuff is. I see stuff floating in my urine and I guarantee I have stuff in BMS though again, I have never seen anything move. I have looked at skin worms , pinworms (though i still can't find a good icture with actual size ), whiworms, roundworms, horsehair worms (woman on YouTube does have some symptoms I do and she was confimed as having a human case. Look it up). I'm not horribly sick yet but seems many people are. I am a clean freak now and my sisters house is spotless as can be and I still feel this stuff is all over. Anyone have any ideas? I still have bouts with it. I thought hormones because one week I'm fine then for a week feel terrible then feel ok then great and so on but I could also be having good weeks when they are killed off until,they hatch more. It's as if I have a title similarity with morgellions, a little with horsehair , a title with mites and springtails but nothing exactly Ike someone else's situation. My teeth have become worse and I do find the thin fiber (thin lint) likestuff in my teeth. I feel movement in eyelids. I get the strange pimple or breakout that keeps expelling clogged like pore stuff and then it bleeds and immediately closes up and healed by the next day usually a black speck wil he the last thing it of the pore before that happens. Cracks on the side of my ips do the same and the stuff comes from these deep strange shaped wrinkles on my arm, forehead , sides of nose and lips. It has aged me that is for sure. I'm not medicated, I have a degree and a teacher, I'm not on illegal drugs. This isn't in my head but I know well enough not to go to any doctor or they will Abel me crazy. Sad really. So, I was doing candida defense herbal pills and did take oil of oregano starting last week. That really pulls them out when I app,y the oil mixed with lotion to ,y skin. But lots of stuff in the bath will pull it out. I do not get herx symptoms anymore because this past month I learned to be viligant daily and not take a few days off. The dandruff shampoo would make me feel terrible for 5 min then ok and by the next day much better than before I used it. Same with apple cider. I think these are in my muscles because my back will hurt and then if I apply the special lotion mixed with tea tree and oregano it actually stops hurting and stuff does 'appear ' inside my shirt or even my hand if I reach back and rub it. Usually the thicker dog Ike hair comes from back there but really it's all over from head to toe. My eyes feel it palms now have a ton of new lines since trying to get rid of this. I guess it's good I don't see anything alive . Maybe it's killing the stuff and exiting my body? Who knows, addoerhas the beginnings perimenopause and being a Mom to a 3 year old and all the symptoms ,Albert I have it all! Fungus attracts bugs. I have skin fungus. My heels were cracked and bleeding and thick with callouses and I had sprayed athletes foot spray form2 -3 days and it cleared up totally without me having to touch my feet so apparently I do have fungus and likely spread it all over because I bite my nails and I have strange freckles or discolored spots and areas all over. Just think it's mild but bugs do seem to love me.anyone have anything similar ????

Sep 08, 2017
Same issues NEW
by: Katpf

years I think I have had this. I always had black cats and thought it was their fur but I no longer have a pet and find these wavy cat like furs everywhere. Yes, some ok like lint, others like dots but unravel to black fibers.i don't want to use morgellions because I don't have sores. I have strange wrinkles all over my body and had a breakout on my face months ago. I applied zinc butt cream and white stuff started coming from pores. I thought I found the new way to unclog pores but it was different. Once you woud rub off the cog another was right behind it. Years ago I always had fuzz balls in my hair. Those are gone but since trying to figure out what was happening to my skin I began tea tree oil and various things. Specks, white lint, thin dark cat fur like hairs that look like specks but will unwind if soak in alcohol and even some more course hairs like a dog hair in various lengths (not longer than 2 inches though ) come out of my body. The sink always had a ton of my hair like it jumped into the sink and then I realized it's similar to these other this just looks like my hair but a little different. I always had pets and rescued every animal that came across my path. My house cats were always deformed though. I noticed little scratch like marks on my son (age 3) as well as strange little bump or bruise of even wrinkle and when I use coconut oil with tiny bit of tea tree black fuzz comes from him. I do not dare tell anyone because I know it sounds nuts but not too crazy if so many people are on these forums. For a while I thought candida and I could have that as well but I noticed my sisters house is covered in the stuff. She has a black cat but these are different. Look like fur but not. I always wondered why my sister isn't so much hair and her short haired cat shed so much but single strands. I do get one really itchy night here and there but in general I do not itch that much. I had terrible stomach issues and strange wavy scratches and talked a derm into giving me invermectin. Took it once and 2 days later was severely dehydrated, terrible insomnia and actually had confusion due to dehydration. Made the mistake of saying it felt Ike a million worms down by Elvis region woud rise into chest causing fast heartbeat then throats and then it woud subside. I had treated my son and self for pinworms a month before so worms were on my mind though I haven't seen anything on me move I feel like things are but nothing has left my body that seems alive.

Aug 06, 2017
flying mites NEW
by: gary davis

use a uv light in vehicle and your problem should end about two to three months as you need to catch the eggs that are hatching

Jul 18, 2017
Bed bugs,funges,who knows anymore NEW
by: Kristy

I lived with bed bugs for 5 years and my sons were younger but we moved after the trauma and depression came and at that time no way to fix it with any co.We moved and it was a new place and happy for 12 years .Then i married and the boys were gone but i inherited 2 cats with only one initial set of shots and our house was very old.I began since he traveled with horrible itching on my legs.Then i got presription creams which would shed literally black,brown,green,or white unless water touched the white and mostly straight but coil up .Whatever,its crazy,real,sad,and depressing.It feels at times like they are crawling and then itches.What can i really do...please....i was so sad until it was shown there was a problem by a sample but its unfortanetely like cancer(and PLEASE I AM NOT DISREGUARDING THAT UNBELIEVABLE STRUGGLE BUT IT FEELS HOPELESS....PLEASE HELP....GOD BLESS YOU ALL ...ALLL STRUGGLING!!!!

Jun 19, 2017
Three years in hell!!! NEW
by: Terry

I had the same thing happen to me three years ago only the truck i was driving was a Dodge and the bugs seemed to like my chest rather than my forehead.They have since moved to my ankles and arms.
One thing I discovered on the second or third night that I was stuck in Californias central valley, unable to drive due to lack of concentration. It was cold and the windows were fogged up. I was awake of course, I decided to spray Windex on the windows so that I could see out.I started with the windshield and worked my way around. When I sprayed the last corner of the last window, everything that was chewing on me instantly stopped!!! That was the first of many times I thought I found a cure. I immediately ran into the convience store and bought loads of Windex. I kept the windows moist that night and when thw sun came out i though i would take a windex shower outside my truck at whatever truck stop i was at. The Windex shower did nothing. I still have no idea why spraying all the windows made them stop but spraying myself did nothing.
I have sinse tried every concoction imaginable to try to rid myself of these demons. Ive been hospitalized three times, seen two dermatologists and countless Doctors and was told by the nice guy with the CDC that he had no Idea what I had.
At this time I am trying a food grade peroxide treatment to try to chase them away from the inside out. I have grown inpatient so i tried soaking my feet in a mixture of peroxide and water. I dont know if its related but a small black worm came out of the top of my foot.
Still searching for a cure...

Mar 25, 2017
Guy wkith bugs in truck NEW
by: Tiffany

Mites do not move quickly like what you describe these bugs in the truck did. I was hoping you would describe the two bugs you were able to capture because I believe you are dealing with collembula (springtails). They are almost faster than the eye can see them move. They will run in your nose, eyes, ears, head. Get diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle it in the truck, around your bed, in the carpets, in your hair. Rub it on your skin...careful not to breathe it in...its fine like powder. Be sure you get food grade. It scratches the ectoskeleton of parasites and insects and dehydrates them. Very effective. You can also ingest it. I do twice a day everyday. I put a tbsp in 8ounces of water, juice, milk etc stir and drink quickly so it doesn't settle to the bottom. Springtails, it is said by doctors, don't infest humans and that is simply NOT true. The springtail is brown, small and has a pointed tail that curls up under the abdomen. It is what they use to jump and the jump further than fleas and are lightening fast. Hope this helps

Dec 24, 2015
parasites in truck ac...or somewhere...all around. NEW
by: tracieb

It has been forever ago since I commented on this post. I have not got an answer yet...what have you done to eliminate them???Please tell all.
thank you!

Dec 19, 2015
how doin NEW
by: shar57

would love to talk with you about the mites that aqatcke3d you and compare notes whats helped what hasn't how are you now? do they ever leave? or leave and come back. have you figured out a pattern to this madness?
I hope you so this.. when/ how long ago did you write your post?
take care,
should would love to hear from you or someone to see how they are doing
happy holidays

Sep 26, 2014
parasites in truck ac NEW
by: tracieb

Ok so did you ever find out what the parasites are? Ive got the same identical thing happening. Its been going on for three years! They are in everything including my hair. No matter what I do or what I use I cant eliminate them. All doctors say yes it is something but are unable to much for our wonderful medical community. I need answers. A true diagnosis and treatment plan that works...surely there has to be someone smart enough to figure this one out. Good grief. ...really. thanks!!!

Jul 18, 2014
Dealing With Parasites from Truck A/C
by: Angie from

Hi William,

What a nightmare. Your story almost sounds like it would make a good horror flick, but I'm sure you don't want to be the one living it.

Although I can't say what kind bug or parasite is infesting that Chevy truck, I can guess that it is some type of mite, probably from an infestation/nest that has built up in the air conditioner unit or most likely vent system.

Although I haven't had that particular problem that you are facing, I had a similar issue with a used vehicle we purchased a few years back and something unpleasant was in the vent system - I think something died in it, to be honest.

Anyway, you didn't say whether or not you are still dealing with the vehicle yourself or if it has been passed on to someone else. If it is still your nightmare, you may want to try getting some cedar oil (cedarcide) and spraying it in as much of the ventilation hoses as you can. Most pests can't stand the stuff.

As for your personal care and healing, I can make a few suggestions of what I would use in your situation.

The two things I would most recommend (one for the inside and one for the outside) are organic cold pressed coconut oil and Herbal Fiberblend.

The Herbal Fiberblend has loads of anti-parasitic herbs that will not only help kill and eliminate what has gotten in your system, but also help to make your body an unfriendly environment. Because of it's detox properties, it will also help to ultimately boost your immune system by getting rid of excess toxins. It is my #1 "go to" source for dealing with most issues as it has a long and illustrious track record.

The coconut oil is good for topical application (although it is also quite beneficial internally so can be used in cooking, baking, in smoothies, etc).

Organic cold pressed coconut oil that hasn't been heat treated has natural anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties. It can help to heal your skin and shouldn't hurt your eyes either if you want to apply it to that area.

You can probably find the coconut oil locally, but if not, they do carry it at Puritan's Pride.

Although I haven't used cholloidal silver in my own eyes (though I have used it topically and internally), I know others have used it in their eyes with good results. It is worth considering if you are not getting healing otherwise. Cholloidal silver is generally known for killing bacteria and infection when used appropriately.

Personally, if it were me dealing with what you are, I'd go with the coconut oil and Herbal Fiberblend and I'd also take Barley Life every day to support your immune system and help your body recover and heal as quickly as possible. (The Barley Life is available from AIM along with the Herbal Fiberblend at wholesale cost here.

Wishing you the best. Please let me know if I can be of further help.


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