Parasites On Scalp

by Annie

Dealing with parasites on scalp...

My scalp has been itchy for months. I have been treating as for lice but no improvement. I comb out tadpole-like larvae 1-20 per day with a louse comb. Medicated shampoo doesn't work.

Hi Annie,

An itchy scalp can be caused by a number of different things, but since you are seeing larvae, you can only assume that it is parasites on your scalp.

Have you looked at photos of lice to compare to what you are seeing from your head?

Try covering your entire head thoroughly with olive oil and then wrapping it in a towel. Sleep that way or leave it on for at least 8 hours.

You can comb it out with your comb afterward, and then wash it with some clarifying shampoo or just use a dish washing soap like Dawn.

Do this every four days for a couple of weeks and that should do the trick if it is indeed lice you are dealing with.

The olive oil smothers the lice so that they suffocate. You don't have to worry about harsh chemicals that can hurt you even if they don't hurt the parasites.

In between days, you may want to try using some organic apple cider vinegar as a rinse on your hair. The ACV should help to soothe your itching scalp and heal up the bites you've already received.

Let me know the results after you've tried this method.

To your good health!

Comments for Parasites On Scalp

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Aug 20, 2021
Orange & White worm parasites on scalp
by: CS

I have orange & white color worm parasites on my scalp, prescribed ivermectin, however, nothing seems to help. Natural doc prescribed wormwood complex and citricidal (also a liquid for scalp). The orange ones won’t leave my scalp, I see them move on the nit comb. Doctors don’t seem to think I have anything. Ha! They don’t look on the nit comb through microscope. You will see them move. Also, in my stool. I feel sick now a days. Anyone know a good parasite doctor who can help? Had this for three years now and it is contagious. I live in Michigan. I give up, trying to fight them off. I lost my job & sold my condo. I had no idea what a nematode was.
Thank you, CS

Jul 21, 2021
Help itchy scalp NEW
by: Stephanie

I've been I've been going through it for about a year-and-a-half but my scalp is started with spots that were coarse and feel like saying now I have these bugs that look like black flies it hurts and it's in my scalp I can't find no help they all say it can't happen and I'm really really on my last leg hair what should I do

Feb 13, 2021
What kind of zinc
by: Jfr

Are you serious about the zinc? What brand and how many milligrams daily is working. I'm going on a year now and I'm literally going crazy. Moved out of my house and staying at my moms while I do everything I can to clear this up. Have wat looks like multiple bugs and they do this weird thing where they cover my hair with wat looks like skin but it's not because I can pull my hair back through but they win and then they break it off. Make a nest out of it I think. Its all out of the twilight zone. Is it some kind of std? I found out my husband has been going to those asian " massage parlors"all this time. I have been blaming it on that because he gave me scabies a year ago just before this infestation on my scalp. I've tried every cream, antibiotics, and recommendations on boards. So much poison in my blood I probably glow. Dissolved my hair to my shoulders taking a borox and bleach bath and at times felt like I was so drained I couldn't go on. Everyone claims to be there for you but they get aggravated real quick wen day after day I have the same shell shocked disposition. Maybe the zinc??? Thanks!!

Oct 09, 2020
scalp mites NEW
by: sandy

i have had these nasty critters for 4 years. they r relentless! drove me nuts! tried almost everything. i started taking zinc for my immune system. right away i was able to pull them off my scalp. they were dying in droves......its been 2 months and i basically have just about got rid of them.....can believe that did the thankful...

Nov 18, 2018


Jan 03, 2018
help i NEW
by: elizabeth jolmes

I have been here in Rapid City for 2months now I had hair and was free of any disease or parasite I have been doing the rid every 2weeks but nothing so I'm doing my investigation my husband now has them I'm adding a photo of my hair and these bugs just when I thinki have them all more come out I am scared to death I am not on psyc meds and the photos should be proof please let me know my number I amstayong at is 605 393-2703

Mar 03, 2017
Cleansing A Long Time Parasite Infestation
by: Angie from

Hi Steve,

In your situation I would strongly suggest the full parasite cleansing protocol that I have outlined for those with severe infections. I use most of the products myself on a regular basis just for good health and maintenance, but they are extremely beneficial for those with a compromised immune system as well.

The most important part of the protocol in getting started in a situation like yours is the use of the cleansing herbs, the Herbal Fiberblend and the Composure. If you can do nothing else, that's what I would focus on.

In your shoes, I would give myself a FULL aggressive cleanse with the Herbal Fiberblend lasting several months so that you ensure to completely eliminate all stages of the life cycles and get your body back in control.

You will pass some crazy stuff, but that's the idea. The Herbal Fiberblend is strong but gentle for the most part, and quite safe. It's been around for over 30 years and has a great reputation.

The Composure is an added bonuses that works well with the HFB and will also help in dealing with the whole problem on an emotional and stress level too.

Hope that you will find this helpful.

Mar 01, 2017
Treating parasites
by: Jar from Mississippi

This is in response to Steve from San Diego. I don't have a problem with parasites, But I've read about this issue when doing online research. I recently read about turpentine being helpful in killing off parasites; I think I would like to do a yearly or twice yearly cleanse using turpentine to rid myself of possible candida or parasites. Have you read about using turpentine for your problem?

Borax is another substance/mineral that has been used successfully by some to get rid of internal parasites. Fluoride binds to Borax so I've been taking it for about 6 months to rid my body of as much Fluoride as possible. is a site that recommends a lot of natural remedies for untold # of issues. You may find some useful info/treatments there. I was there last night. You can search Bill Thompson and ways he suggest using turpentine.

Have you ever been to You may find something helpful there, too.

Mar 01, 2017
I've had them for four years now. Help!!!!
by: Steve in San Diego

I have had worms/larvae under scalp for four years now. I strongly suspect it is a tapeworm infection, possibly dwarf tapeworms. I see little black and sometimes white residue that resembles little flies. I have determined these are not flies, but rather the newly hatched eggs of the tapeworms that die right after they hatch. They do resemble little flies but they defibately are not. I have been treated with albenza and ivermectin. I also started treatment with biltricide but stopped taking it the second day because it was making me physically sick. The doctor had prescribed a one week course. This was the summer of 2015. Looking back, I believe the biltricide was making me sick because it was killing the tapeworms, and I think I need to try taking it again to knock the infection out of my system.
I have symptoms in the sinuses, nose, mouth throat and have larvae and worms in every bowel movement for almost the past three years. I think the diagnosis is invasive/ disseminated dwarf tapeworm infection. I have endured much skepticism as well as out right accusations from some doctors that they think its delusional parasitosis. They are incorrect. I live with the symptoms every day, and have photograoglhic evidence, as well as a clinical diagnosis of having a worm infection throughout my body by one very reputable doctor. That same doctor also stated he believes I am 100 per cent disabled as a result of this condition and that I will remain disabled until the infection is cured.
I still am seeking a laboratory diagnosis, and am under the care of dermatologists and gastrointestinal specialists, and will be undergoing a colonoscopy in a few weeks. I am very frustrated but I am certain that there will ultimately be a laboratory diagnosis and that it most likely will be a tapeworm infection. I also believe this condition may explain many cases of morgellons disease. I pray for a solution for everyone out there living with this and similar conditions, and am confident that my mysterious illness will ultimately be understood, diagnosed and treated and hopefully cured and put behind me once and for all. I look forward to comments from others with similar symptoms. Together we can make a difference and obtain the appropriate diagnoses and treatments necessary to end our collective nightmares.
Steve in San Diego California. February 28, 2017.

May 13, 2012
They are not LICE.
by: Dustin K L

these things, are new parasites.... SUPER PARASITES... lets call them... hot water and steam... MAKES THEM INCREASE... cold cold water... works best.... if u have body spray or like foot spray, you know that comes out REAL cold .... blasting them with that seems to be effective... but doesn't kill them. this sucks.....

Jan 17, 2011
scalp parasites
by: Anonymous

i have been suffering with scalp parasites of some kind and also feel them on my body.i have tryed multiple lice shampoos and every home remedie i could find.i comb and comb and nothing.i have seen 3 little black winged insects on one occasion.i have been dealing with this for over a year.please someone help me find a solution..thanks so much

Aug 28, 2010
Getting Rid Of Body Lice
by: Angie

Try the same suggestions outlined above for getting rid of parasites on scalp. You can smother the body lice and hair lice with olive oil if you saturate the area and leave it on for at least 8 hours.

Be sure to repeat the process every 4 days for a couple of weeks to be sure you get all the hatching eggs.

Aug 28, 2010
How to get rid of body lice?
by: Anonymous

I have a case of hair lice and body lice. I have tiny black sesame seeds glued to my hair shaft blending in with my hair color which is black.

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