Parasitic, Bacterial, Fungal Multi-infection

by William

Parasitic/bacterial/fungal multi-infection causing neuro problems...

My name is William. For quite sometime I have been dealing with a lot of the problems other people have.

The little tiny white and black specks. The mites. The white borrowing worms that pop in and out of the skin. For a long time the itching was the worst problem, and the stress. But now it is really the least.

I have since had paresthesia, respiratory illness, muscle spasms, seizures, vision loss, speech problems, and noticeable mental decline.

Often my head feels bloated and pressurized and my eyes will pulsate. It makes the ground bounce.

I am now positive that this has been a co-infection from the beginning. I am going to the hospital Thursday and Friday for MRI, CT, and gait tests.

My family doctor finally realizes something is really wrong after all this time. I fear the worst. Encephalitis, lesions, or other brain damage is almost certain.

I hope the CDC really does something.

Hi William,

I'm so terribly sorry to hear that you have suffered for so long with this possible parasitic, bacterial, fungal multi-infection and that your symptoms have become so serious.

People don't often realize how serious a parasite infection or fungal infection can be. Bacterial infections receive more attention for their dangers,
but they are all the same family.

I will be praying for you for Thursday and Friday that your worst fears aren't confirmed. Please let me know your test results.

William, have you tried some good quality herbal cleanses for parasites and nutritional supplements to help boost your body's natural immune response and ability to heal?

I know many doctors belittle the benefits of these natural treatments, but I'm a firm believer in their helpful benefits.

I believe the Lord designed our body to heal itself if we give it as much help as we possibly can. When the body is in crisis, it needs a lot more nutrition than it would normally require (about 10x's more!).

Whatever they suggest that you do for your recovery, consider adding the Garden Trio to your daily intake of nutrition. It will be a tremendous support to your body as these whole foods are in a form that is very easily absorb-able into the blood stream.

If you haven't tried a herbal cleanse, I would suggest that you do try that, too. In fact, the full recommendations for Morgellons treatment would probably do you a world of good.

Looking forward to hearing from you after you have your appointments.

To your good health!

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Feb 12, 2017
My son and wife think I m crazy I have been dealing with what ever this is for NEW
by: SmileHop

I have been dealing with this now for almost a Year.
What ever it is is attacking my hair and skin. These white black fibers wrap around my hair. It looks like one hair, but it's is more like 5 or more. It coats my hair so like water or what ever never gets to the scalp. The hair gets really sensitive. Hurts. Always tired, muscles hurt. My son doesn't believe me. I AM READY TO JUST TAKE MYSELF OUT OF THID WORLD CAUSE I CAN'T HANDLE THIS ANYMORE.. TIRED OF CLEANING AND WASHING EVERYTHING. TEA TREE AND OTHER THINGS HAVE NOT WORK. I don't have the itching just the black and white fibers in everything. The coating on skin. Yellowish gray, that does not scrub off.
I look like DEATH....
I HAVE TAKEN PICTURES with the microscope at work.
I DON'T KNOW AMYMORE.... Out of 7 to nine days of this cycle. I might feel kind of OK one day. Have a pain on my left side hip area that gets worse when it close to the 7 the day.. I have numbness in my hands, with tingling.
I guess it's just OLD AGE.. LOL Going to be 49 in August..

Oct 08, 2016
black specks NEW
by: tintin

Please go to Morgellons exposed. Chemtrails, it is on you tube, very informative. This destroyed my life it seems like no doctor or vet wants to deal with it. I know that colloidal silver helps with brain fog. I am barely coping with this, very tired. I did not open an envelope for 2 years. Much more but do not have too much strength. Again go to Morgellons exposed lot of info.

Aug 10, 2016
Multiple Parasite Issues
by: Angie from

Hi Jan,
So sorry to hear of all that you've been going through. Unfortunately, I can't diagnose you, but I can give you my best suggestions for you moving forward that may help.

When moving into your new home, I would get some cedar oil and make up a solution in water to spritz the whole place with it to try to ward off any critters you may accidentally bring along with you.

As for your own personal treatment, I would strongly urge you to follow the parasite cleansing protocol that I have outlined for cleaning out your body and boosting your immune system. It's the best thing I know that helps to achieve success and healing.

Your body will not fix itself, particularly if your immune system is not strong enough. It can only work with what you give it.

Whatever has attacked your system, you need to aggressively attack back, which is why I urge people to try the antiparasitic herbs, etc., in the protocol I have outlined.

You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that you will be able to follow the protocol and soon be feeling like your normal self again.


Aug 10, 2016
Multiple Parasite Issues
by: Janna

My name is Jan, I have been extremely ill for almost 5 months. Fatigue, memory loss, confusion (my speech, hand writing, demeanor have all changed ), heart racing, bloating, major diarrea non stop since the onset, my feet swell and recently had small worms, I sleep a lot, I am unable to function, pay bills,lost my job..I am losing pretty much everything at 57. Was fired by my client due to being so sick. I get so sleepy unable to keep my eyes open, just no desire to get up. I forget what I am doing, I miss meetings, appointments, and haven't done my taxes. With the loss of my job, I have sold my home but let me ask you, do mites, insects or microbes take over your home, embed in floor, furniture, my dogs, me, my brother? Since March of this year, I have had something besides the above... looks like a thick layer of protection on my scalp,which turns into a big mess. larvae, or tiny black round balls, fuzzy brownish white balls, Little bugs, and like sand. My dogs have some type of bug embedded in their skin, catapillar/fiber like hair as well...

I I'm moving into a new home and I do not see that I can't take anything with me because it has like a light sorry it's over like a life and the furniture and everywhere I have tons of pictures it's just it's scary it's weird I don't know what to do I mean nobody believes me know dr. Know that nothing no family no friends.

I feel defeated I feel desperate I feel depressed I feel terrorized it's really that bad I mean it's constant and I don't know what to do and it's just taking its toll it's everywhere in our food everywhere Please help.

Jan 06, 2016
by: lorna parrish

It's not in our minds, and this is serious. I'm so sick of it I too have contemplated suicide. I have all the symptoms, the eyes bother me most, now I have 2 spots under both eyes. I have used EVERY SINGLE suggestion on every site, there is not one thing anyone can say I haven't tried. I am having some tooth work done again this week and I'm taking out any silver (old fillings) in my teeth, or the tooth itself I don't care. I cut my hair to my ear, it was to my butt. And bleached it. Everything helps some at first then it doesnt. My next try is kerosene and a match. I was an attractive woman, and now I feel like a walking experiment. Make up makes it worse so don't bother. I'm in Texas and I'm an extremely educated woman, I'm not delusional. None of us are, I would like to start a Web site for suffering people and we can discuss trial and error, NO ONE is going to help us. One percenters are finally doing away with us. I'm ready to fight back, this not only makes me miserable it makes me PISSED! DON'T DRINK TAP WATER, or sodas. Drink only distilled water and there is one thing I found that works better than anything and it was an accident, I'm not posting it because if I do, I promise you next time I buy it, it won't work. Please email me Thank you.

May 30, 2015
by: J

To anyone suffering from anyone of these horrific afflictions...maybe I can help:

First off, I am not an entomologist (obviously, because from my experiences none would even visit this website), and from your posts, it looks like many of you may have unrelated and/or improperly diagnosed issues. However, regardless of the causes, words cannot depict how sympathetic I am to your situations. Our family has been suffering from what we believe (after extensive research) to be collembola or bird mites. After fighting a losing battle for 5 years that has included treating ourselves (and our children) with various natural treatments, pesticides, diatomaceous earth, and borax; almost divorcing; and my wife confessing that she was seriously contemplating suicide, I may have finally found something that could help some of us.
I discovered ozone treatment. I just began this process and I will follow up in a few weeks to let you know how it works but it looks promising so far. If you are like us and notice all the little specks an whispy hairs that seem to be everywhere you reside, this may be for you. So far, to test, I have used ozone to treat our vehicles and it worked fantastic. No more specs, dust, whispys, and the bites and itching dropped radically. I did this treatment using a unit from a local rental store. After the result, I researched extensively and bought a commercial style unit for $775. I'll receive it next week and if it works it, or not, it was worth the try. Stay tuned...I am very hopeful on this one. The science and technology makes sense for eradication of any small life forms which require oxygen. If you plan to try this yourself before I post again, research extensively first. Ozone can do severe damage to lung tissue and mucous membranes at elevated concentrations, so you have to do it right.

May 17, 2015
Freaking bugs!
by: Rachel

Hey guys, I had a parasite infection a year ago. Noticed at six p.m. Each night the symptoms picked up and on full moon nights, it was hell. I freaked! And I don't freak. ..ever. The docs and ER made me out to be a nut job. My symptoms were all over from eyes, ears, nose to feeling things under my skin, sometimes rushing through my veins of my legs, ad ripping through my muscles of my legs, butt, back, and head. I went on wormwood and Cina at the order of a naturopath I saw in clatskanie, Oregon. My symptoms resolved. Ok now, during this I bought an adapter microscope for my iPhone and found chiggers as I discovered a flea problem as well that I thought may have contributed to this infection. They ate tiny black dots like a period in a sentence but they bite. Sometimes I still itch all over but now contribute that to the nights I take Vicodin for an injury I had. It causes these symptoms. Do a parasite cleanse every year. I'm going to do another one soon. Quite honestly, if any of you have tape worms see a naturopath and get treated. Colonoscopies often won't find them because they hide in the small intestine during the day. Go figure. They rob the body's B12 which puts us in freak mode. Pray. That helps too. I'm a nurse. Lots if nurses I know say they see tape worms all the time in the operating room yet doctors were telling me it just doesn't happen in the u.s. Don't eat lox, smoked salmon, etc, unless you cook it. Don't buy bagged salads, but it whole and soak it first. So sorry for all of you. Been there done that. Many nights I lied awake feeling my muscles being torn through. Hope my post helps. There is hope. Look up also hulda clark? I believe he has some interesting information and solutions that I looked into during my plaque with parasites. Do I think they're gone? No. I think many lie dormant until we get really stressed. I thought I was going to die when it happened to me. Yearly treatment may keep them under control though and some may be symbiotic (work with our bodies for harmony, cleaning). Just do your best. Garlic Kills almost anything. Look up allicin. But beware, many antibiotics do brig a risk of tendon rupture and after my gastocnemus and hamstrings ruptured last summer while on garlic, let's just say, makes me wonder.

Apr 20, 2012
Try Treating Yourself
by: Angie

Dear Simone,

I'm so sad to hear of what you are going through and how you have been treated. There is no excuse for people to be treated so terribly by those who are supposed to be helping them.

If you can't find a doctor who is willing and able to help you, maybe you can try some of the natural remedies that many of us use to help ourselves.

You sound like you are in pretty bad shape physically on a number of levels. If I had to try to help myself in your condition, I would do a very thorough internal cleanse and get us much good nutrition inside to support my body as possible.

This is what I would use:

  • Para 90
  • Herbal Fiberblend
  • Composure
  • AIMega
  • Garden Trio
  • Florafood
  • Proancynol 2000

That would give your body a good basis for cleansing out the intestinal parasites as well as supporting your immune system.

If you can't afford the whole protocol, consider at least the Daily Essentials pack that is the Herbal Fiberblend, AIMega, and BarleyLife. Here's the price list for the US.

The more you can help yourself, the better chance you have of recovery. I'm so sorry you have been left in this position, but I hope my suggestions will help and encourage you.

Apr 20, 2012
i have been gravely ill lost 1/3 of body neuro conditions are going to kill me
by: Simone

but i told my fine gastro i thought i had a round worm as my bowels were 8 feet a day and i was now housebound and some was leaking out in hard little clumps 9not a movement and moreso in evening) he tested me one time, and when i asked for second test as i was really sick and on 100 mcg of fentenyl for brain lesions (pain) 7 migraines -mri series of three rapid bone loss i can not walk and doc has stool tests with fungi no absorption no calcium no protien low hemoglobin, and yup,as most of you know only mine will live with me forever as the pain of what was said and what happened next killed my spirit and fear to seek help is unreal.
doc a in sf is famous guy who i loved, and if i was still with him he would treat me to no end to the end to find a cure, but he snapped. my phone call on second message i left was my stool looks like a slug with either dorsals and or eyes and a mouth, to wit hesaid on an open family phone message only i answer but anyone could have heard, simone, (not my real name, you are --- nuts, i have been looking for a way to get rid of you for a long time,I CAN NOT STAND YOU- IT WAS HEART WRENCHING. (he aided me in a law suite he was super so this came from no where as my neruo sensory perephial not able to feel severe pain, need spine surgery but infection they refuse to believe its a rabiform of a long lived i think hook or roundworm. eat off land, but prior tHE SHRINK I HAD FOR 5 YEARS FIRED ME TOO. i got shink days, who subsequently fired me too, as she said i was so grossly ill, and very under weight 80 lbs at 5'5" and eating about 3000i went to er, asked for a second look, SO CPMC DO NOT BE DESPERATE FOR WELLNESS YOU WILL FIND YOUR SELF LOCKED UP AND YELLED AT TIS ALL, AND I REFUSE TO PUSH AS FEAR OF BEING SENT IS HUGEyea i will seek help AHNOT IN THI LIFE, (no way the unit for mental patients is pure i have a filform or what have you form of a para or a garden slug in me, living happy and killing me,
so sick doc sees me ever two weeks this time he is wondering why the blood hemoglobin is low, dar de dum ah the tests are now all coming in bad bad bad and kidneys hurt and are thining - i am angry very angry that i was put in a nut house and the house if for nuts and cpmc needs to out source as no one has a thing to do and no thereapy and the director was IS NASTY I DO NOT KNOW IF HE IS STILL THERE

Mar 24, 2012
Miracle Minerals
by: Angie

Dear B,

Just wanted to drop a quick note to you and see what kind of results you ended up getting with the Miracle Minerals that you were using. Did they do the job?

Hope you are feeling better.

Mar 24, 2012
Bird Mites? Fungal Infection?
by: Angie

Dear J,

Sorry to hear you and your family are going through this. I'm not a scientist or a doctor (smile) so I can't give you any "professional" advice, but you might want to consider having your home and yard checked for a bird's nest in the roof/attic or overhanging trees, just to rule out the possibility of bird mites.

There have been a couple of people that reported here on the site that after a long battle that they discovered they had a bird mite infestation in their home and once that was dealt with they were fine. Just a thought.

Black specks usually make me think of a fungal infection because that is one of the possible signs. Do you have a mold issue at all in your home? If so, take that into consideration.

I live in the tropics and have to deal with mold on a regular basis, so I like to use a clove oil and water mixture to wipe down my walls and ceilings as needed to keep the mold down. Clove oil is great for fighting mold.

If your wife is familiar with the appearance of lice and yet is not actually seeing any on the heads of your children (or anyone in the family) then that is probably not the issue. However, it may be worthwhile to coat all of your heads with olive oil before you go to bed, in a simple attempt to suffocate any lice, mites, etc., that you may be harboring. You can wash it out in the morning using a clarifying shampoo or even dish washing liquid that has a degreaser (like Dawn).

You could even add a few drops of tea tree, lavender, or clove oil to the olive oil when doing this exercise for added support.

If you've ruled out everything else, I always suggest an internal cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend for the whole family. If you've ended up contracting some type of internal infection or toxic reaction to something you've been exposed to, HFB stands a good chance of helping to eliminate it. I've used it with good success on a number of conditions, and it's a natural product that you don't have to worry about contaminating your kids. :)

The last thing I can think of suggesting for the house itself is the Cedarcide oil that others have mentioned in various posts. It's also worth looking into.

Sorry I can't give you any definite answers, but I hope you may find something in this helpful. Keep us posted on how your get on.


Mar 24, 2012
Black Specks and Splinter like debris - part 2
by: J

continued from 1st post...

As she spent a significant amount of time researching this issue, I have begun to notice the strange occurances of the debris and that all members of our family continue to scratch our bodies. There have also been periphial health issues in two members of the family, but I won't get into it because we don't know if they are connected, and I am attempting to not over complicate the issue. However, it has prompted me to join my wife in researching possibilities.

Realizing that many things could contribute to "black or white specks" I have been having a hard time with this. However, I have witnessed these specks appear in the sink, coming off of my wive's (and my) skin and scalp, following a thorough shower.

Unfortunately, the most prevalent possible cause for all of this that we have discovered, based on internet research, may be a worm parasite. However, no specific worm infestations seem to match the conditions we are experiencing.

I am a scientist who spends the majority of my time analyzing data, so I tend to demand empirical evidence before generating a conclusion on just about anything in life. Therefore, this has been very challenging because it's just not there. Additionally, our research has also uncovered a psycological condition called "delusions of parasitosis" of which the individual suffers from delusions of parasitic infestation and will collect specimens bugs, worms, dust, debris, etc to take to physicians to help to deal with their conditional experience.

I don't believe that my wife, nor I, are crazy, and hopefully nether are you since I am writing this looking for a solution. I have attempted to approach what is happening around our house very cautiously, and unfortunately I cannot come up with a clear cause. My children have already been treated with pesticide containing creams for the lice incident and I do not want to subject them to any more. That said, we have to do something about this, and I am hoping to discover some type of homeopathic remedy to whatever is plaguing us.

If you have stayed tuned in for this lengthy comment, then you will realize that I am very serious about this and at the point of desperation.

Seeking helpful advice


Mar 24, 2012
Black Specks and Splinter like debris - part 1
by: J

Dear Angie and B:

In a strange way I am relieved to read that someone else out there has been experincing a condition similar to what is presently plaguing our family. We are also discovering black specks on most surfaces in the house and on our bodies. Just to be clear, the specks can range in size from about the size of a poppy seed to very tiny, like the head of a needle. They are almost always spherical and generally fairly hard. We will also find white specks, similar to the black ones, and splinter like white and/or brown substances.

We don't know how long this has been going on, but have taken attention to this strange phenomonia ever since a lice report at my eldest daughter's school about 5 months ago. At this time, we inspected our children's hair and it appeared that they also had contracted head lice, so we went through the typical over-the-counter treatment regiment, and we believed shortly after that it took care of business. However, we have had periodic itching almost ever since. At first we didn't question this because, apparently continued itching is typical even after the lice treatments, but it has continued and has now migrated to other areas of our bodies. We have recently even experienced an itchy sensation in our nose and ears. I will say that throughout all of this, our heads probably have been the focal point of the itchyness, and it is not necessarily every day or even all day long. In fact, there have been periods that I thought it was gone for good.

We were concerned that the itching may have been associated with re-infestation of lice from other children at school who were not being treated appropriately. We also thought that perhaps, there was a misdiagnosis, and that maybe it was actually body lice and not head lice, because they are apparently very similar in nature and appearance. Then, as my wife continued to inspect and comb through my children's hair in an attempt to stay dilligent in doing our part to try to resolve the issue at school, she began to notice the strange specks and debris that continued to reappear on our floors, couch, beds, etc. We have a cat and messy children, so I really didn't know what to make of it. Admittedly, at first and for quite a while, I thought she was overreacting to the messyness of a small home that we have unfortunately overgrown during a bad housing market.

continued on next post due to size requirements...

Feb 14, 2012
Miracle Minerals and Chlorophyll
by: Angie

Dear B,

I'm glad to hear that you are starting some internal supplements. I hope that it makes a difference for you and that you have gained some encouragement from our site.

Keep us posted on your progress.


Feb 14, 2012
DR Visit
by: B Connecticut

Dear Angie I have been taking Miracle Minerals and LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL. I am going the internal route now. I will keep you all posted. My doctor yesterday said the black specs are lint. He told me to have the derm look at them also and I will see him in a few weeks to go over everything again. I told him I do not do drugs or drink, I have been in recovery for over a year, so I am not dilusional. He was understanding. I really appreciated that. The Miracle Minerals taste is not pleasant but I did not get sick on it yet like some have experience I will see when I up the dose tonight. I am so happy for this site so I do not feel so out of place.
Thank you all for your comments.

Feb 14, 2012
Parasitic, Bacterial, Fungal Multi-infection
by: Angie

Dear B,

So sorry to hear of your distress and what you and your family are all going through. You've mentioned a lot of things you have done and are doing externally, but you haven't mentioned anything that you are doing internally.

In my opinion, it is absolutely essential that you tackle this from the inside out. I'm not saying that you haven't done some good thing outwardly, but since you aren't getting results, it only makes good sense to assume that you are harboring this fungal infection (or whatever it might be) internally.

You really should consider following some candida diet guidelines and the basic cleansing and building supplements for a candida cure.

This sounds like an internal fungal overgrowth problem in many ways, but even if it is some other form of parasite, these same principles and supplements will be the best options for internal use.

If you've been exposed to the chemicals in all those bombs and perhaps from some of the other treatments you've used, there's a high chance that your immune system has been weakened by them. That's another good reason to concentrate on building up your body internally through diet and nutritional supplements.

I hope you and your family find relief soon.

Feb 13, 2012
Black specs and splinter looking things
by: B Connecticut

I have noticed this just recently and my entire family is going through it. I have a daughter 21, son in law 20, and they have a 2 month old baby. Black specs appear out of my skin, especially on my hands. I am wiping them off with a tissue all day.. I went to dr. and they gave me cream and more came out all over my body.. I feel pinpricks on my legs and arms and wrist. I have some red pinprick looking bites on my body but not raised and no rashes that I can see. The baby has them appear on his scalp.. I go to DR. again today and I have tape over them on my hands and collected samples.. Tomorrow I go to derm. I have tried everything. I treated house for bed bugs even though there were no signs of them. mattress covers also, set off 8 bombs, had our skin treated, been doing baths with all kinds of things like tea tree oil, salts, and Neem oil. minerals in tub and started taking minerals. I also have purchased Miracle Minerals and waiting for it to come in mail. I have spent so much time and $$ on this.. I even bagged everything up in my house and have been disinfecting and washing everything in hot water. I feel I have no one to talk to because I went to the ER last week and they thought I was a nut job and me and my entire family went it. We were scarred for the baby.. I threw out all my plants in case it was from the soil. I have DE in my house. I am praying one of these drs. can help me or I will go off the deep end. I feel everyone's pain. I feel suicidal myself..I am also a young 40 year old with no health issues I am aware. If it did not appear on my kids to then I would think I was nuts.. I don't know what to do...

Dec 18, 2011
Dealing with this for years!
by: Anonymous

None of us are crazy because we feel and see these things; but it does affect the mind. My husband has had to have his thyroid removed which causes multiple medical problems. My MRI found several growths on my thyroid. We are both so depressed; I truly worry about him because he never leaves our room. It is affecting every aspect of our lives.

I purchased a called iclops and if you look at these things coming out of the sores; you can see worms and microscopic black bugs. We have been to MANY doctors and like everyone else was told to see a psychiatrist. We have sent many samples to the state were told they did't know what they were. You get to the point of not wanting to leave the house or associate with others. There is no doubt that our brain is being affected. By the deep sores on the skin; I can only imagine what they are doing to our insides. We have taken many over the counter supplements such as garlic and bacterial and fungus creams including prescription for scabies creams which did nothing. The best thing so far for me is medicated powder which helps dry them up to keep them from spreading so badly. I use it several times a day (dollar store brand will work). I also take baths in salt water.

I am not a vengeful person and don't wish this on anyone, but I do wish those that make fun could deal with it just for a day so they can understand. It affects people from all walks of life including one major athlete that was interviewed on tv.

I went to see a surgeon concerning the growths on my thyroid. After having an MRI, ultrasound and biopsy; I was told it was a living growth. I assume it meant some kind of parasite living on my thyroid. I cough up some horrible stuff and after reading tons of articles on the internet; it sounds like it's coming from a parasitic infection inside colon. My surgeon said; "If a doctor tells you he knows all there is to know about such things; he is a fool because new things are brought here all the time from military over seas and illegals coming into our country". Why should they take the time to try to find out what's going on; when they are already rich from colds and pimples.

They live in our clothes and they lay eggs in our body. The little black specks are tiny little worms and we breathe them. Other than close contact maybe it comes from second hand clothing. I have read about suicides because of this disabling illness. Please know there are a lot of us out there affected and many praying for you. You are loved by people that truly care.

Nov 17, 2011
People Think Ive Lost My Mind!!!
by: Anonymous

I have been seeing worms crawling underneath my skin! This is likestuff from a horror movie. It first started about 6 months ago, my daughter came home fromstaying a week with my aunt. The night she got home she woke up in the middle of the night scratching and clawing her head. I looked and it was hundreds of lice bugs! She was treated and combed along withmy other two children. A coule of times since then.Intime we all strted to notice that in the house we would feel something bite hard, look to see whatit was, but nothing would be there. Didnt leave a mark or rash. Now in the present after treating and washing everthing what seems likea million times, the really weird things started happening. I notice a black spec on my innerforearm, i scrathcedit off, immediatley it swelled up with a red bumy round area. I figured it was poison ivy bcwe had been working outside. More blk specs appeared, it looks like skinny little red worms are crawling just under the surface of my skin,im loosing my hair, the burning starts anywhere on my body, thats when i look where it stings and burns, sure enough the worm thingy is moving Problem is......Everybody thinks Ihave lost my mind!!! I know it sounds crazy,but i cant just ignore this. Last nightI swear I saw a rice sized white worm poke out of the corner of y eye, then back in. Also in my nasal cavity. HELP!!!!

Oct 10, 2011
Black specs and worms
by: Anonymous

I found black specs and white "worms" popping in and out of my skin. My hair coming out. I am tired and have bouts of mental confusion that come and go. Then I started having sharp glass like pains in neck , feet and hands. Emerged from those places that felt like glass "papercuts' are various odd shaped things. Finally found a doc who is testing for chronic Lyme and actually used the Morgellons word when talking with me. I found a couple of products that help my skin expel some of these??? whatever they are. I start on an herbal protocol this week based on blood, urine and stool samples. I will post again.

Oct 09, 2011
same problem
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with Babesia 3 yrs. Ago, while on the first month of treatment I developed spinal menengitious and if that werenot enough the crawling skin problem! I feel so sick mentally as well as physically that I don't know how much more I can stand! I DON'T want to go out of the house anymore, I am a very young 56 year old women,or I should say I used to be. I now feel 80!!!! Every Dr. I see tells me the same thing Im not sick but I am! So now Im trying to live with it. If you could ever call this living! Any body relate?

Oct 01, 2011
On my Last leg,gratefull for any info
by: Okiebassassassassin

Hey the one thats Sw8r, get in touch with me i m in the (EXACT) to the letter,situation right now as you wrote in your post. Maybe if nothing else we could hopefully put what we know togeather and figure this thing out.. I know how you re feeling bud, i ve had this for 7m now and gettin worse. I m not sure how far into it or how your feelin but im sick something bad. Im lookin at death SOON i think. GOD,I hope your not at the end of your rope too. cause i am.
If anyone else can help please help an O'l okie get a life back. Please people, all info is welcome

Aug 04, 2011
What have you tried so far?
by: Angie

Dear Cindy and others,

What are you DOING or what have you DONE to try to get rid of this condition you are fighting? It's really hard to know what to suggest when we don't know what you have already tried and what you are actively doing.

Have you changed your diet to get rid of all sugar and processed foods? Are you taking nutritional supplements to give your body some immune support?

Have you tried an herbal cleanse internally? Essential oils in your bath? Cedarcide spray around the house?

My heart really goes out to each of you as I can understand your despair and hopelessness, but it can be difficult for others to make suggestions when they don't know what steps you've already taken.

Aug 03, 2011
Losing My Mind
by: Cindy

Hi I have been struggling with some kind of infestation also. Black things that come out of my pores(Not blackheads) little white egg like things all over my house and freaking last night I had this neon green bujg jump out of my hair. This has been going on for quite some time now. I strongly feel my whole family is infected. these things are burrowedc in my scalp and skin. The other day my son said mom I just picked this black thing off my face my daughter has a very ithchy scalp. Im trying not to freak her out. But I think she is infested to. I am soooo scared every time I mention these going ons people look at me like I am crazy. Every body around me has been ill I have all these bites on the back of my neck my whole family has been irritated short tempered and very moody . MY grandson is only 1 year old. IM scared I am not crazy .Please somebody help.
Feeling suicidal Cindy

Aug 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

"The little tiny white and black specks. The mites. The white borrowing worms that pop in and out of the skin."
New to this site and was stunned when I read his symptoms. Vision disturbances,muscle spasms,no itching really, just a creepy feeling on my skin and then stings that hurt. All over now. Docs think I am crazy. Marriage is getting strained. I rarely talk to anyone about this anymore and I am getting sicker and sicker.
Holistic doc said I had a fungal infection but said I was just "overly sensitive" to a dust mite or something because of the intense fungal infection.
Suggested a diet and suggested Cat's Claw extract with concentrated trace mineral and 6 other vitamin supplements. My mouth has let of the "string worms" that appear sometimes, but the black and white, mites and skin is getting much worse. Sometimes I cannot even find it in me to get out of bed anymore.

Jul 17, 2011
Same story
by: sw8R

Was wondering if you ever found anything out. I am suffering from these same symptoms. Doc tells me I'm delusional. Neighbors asked me if I'm on meth. This illness is driving me and my wife crazy. It seems like just when I have it figured out, some other new and crazy symptom arises. Right now I am in the midst of a super cleans on my house. Recently discovered that I have at least 2 if not more rats in my attic. Seems that the white mites and black specks are coming from the air vents. I have also had numerous types of parasites exit from my skin. Tiny flies, little white worms, tiny beetles, and I swear to god, a small transparent spider popped out of my head while digging at an irritated spot. WTF!?! Right now it seems like these little black things are magnetized to me somehow. As soon as I pop it out, it jumps right back to me and burrows into my skin immediately. This has really become a burden on my life and it is driving a wedge between me and my wife. Have been desperately searching for answers. Going to list some possible causes, maybe some of you could hit me back with any similarities; I am a lineman that has been working on cell towers (lots of radiation), put pesticide in my yard a few months ago, had been dabbling with some of these "bath salts", was riding atv through freshwater creeks, have rats in my attic, and I too have had dental work done. Teeth pulled and bone grafts put in holes as well as a root canal with a rebuild of the tooth. If anyone has any input on my situation, or maybe some similarities in events when this all stated to happen, I would love some feed back. Maybe it will aid in me putting the pieces all together. Also , I live in east Texas, if that is of any significance.

Jun 25, 2011
Fu parasitic/bacteria/ fungal infections
by: Anonymous

I to also have the parasitic, bacteria and contagious fungal infection but also have been daignoised with heavy metal toxicity staph and candida overgrowth. Do you have fillings? I am haveing a real hard time my immune system is supressed. mj

May 15, 2011
status update?!
by: Anonymous

I would really like o hear the otcome of ur tests... I can no longer afford thd doctor or vet due to the vast amount of help I have seeked... to no avail. please contact me!

god bless

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