Patchy Dry Skin

by Shakisha Gleen
(Buffalo, NY)

Problem with patchy dry skin...

I've had patches of dry itchy skin on my face for as long as I could remember around my mouth, nose, hairline and above my eyes. It looks like ringworm.

I've been seen by doctors and a dermatologist whom all have told me it's psoriasis, but nothing they're giving me is working.

Could it be candida? And what can I take or do for it?


Dear Shakisha,

It doesn't really sound like ringworm because you've had it for so long and it has stayed localized to those particular areas on your face.

I believe that ringworm would have had more of a tendency to spread over time, and you probably would have passed it to others as well as it is highly contagious.

Of course, I can't say for sure whether your patchy dry skin is from psoriasis, candida overgrowth (yeast) or even toxic build up in the liver, etc.

If I were in your shoes, I'd definitely try cleansing internally with Herbal Fiberblend and boosting the immune system with some probiotics, like Florafood.

I'd also get some organic apple cider vinegar. You should be able to find Bragg's apple cider vinegar at a local supermarket or health food store. If not that particular brand, look for a substitute that is a raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. It will look a little bit
cloudy because it still has the "mother" in it.

Use the apple cider vinegar topically on the dry skin area (dilute it a bit if you find it burns). When I use ACV on my face, it kind of takes my breath away for a minute or two and makes my eyes water, so be prepared with a tissue or something. I cover my nose and breath through my mouth for a few minutes until it passes. :)

The apple cider vinegar is very anti-fungal, so it will help if you are right and that the skin condition is related either to ringworm or candida.

What is your diet like? Do you eat much sugar or processed foods (carbohydrates)? If so, try cutting back on them while you are cleansing and that will help you get better results faster.

There are plenty of other suggestions I could make for nutritional supplements that can really help boost your immune system and detoxify your body if you are interested - AIMega, BarleyLife, Redibeets, Bear Paw Garlic, etc.

However, I think if you are looking for the most bang for your buck, the Herbal Fiberblend and Florafood I mentioned earlier should give you a great starting point for dealing with the patchy dry skin.

Let me know if you have any more questions. I'll do my best to help.


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