pH Imbalance And Addiction

by Brenda B.
(Washington, Massachusetts)

Is there a pH imbalance and addiction connection?

Is it possible that pH imbalance can cause you to crave or fiend, and when you find something that tricks your body into thinking it is balanced, that is when addiction occurs?

Does pH imbalance have an electrical component?

Dear Brenda,

I haven't really considered the connection between pH balance and cravings or addictions before, but I must say that having now done so, it certainly does make sense.

Because your body pH has such a significant impact on your overall health, it stands to reason that if you're dealing with a pH imbalance, there is some deficiency.

I was just talking to someone recently about mineral deficiencies and how we often crave "odd" things because of those deficiencies.

For example, I've had women tell me that during their pregnancy they actually craved and ate dirt! Sounds horrid, I know, but there are minerals in soil that we also need in our body.

When your body is lacking in those minerals it tends to crave things that do have them to help bring the body into balance. Those cravings are not always for the best source.

I remember my mother telling me on more than one occasion that my craving for chocolate was because I really needed some magnesium.

Obviously, chocolate was not the "real" solution, but it "satisfied" that craving. I would be much better of taking some magnesium supplements (or at least my waistline would!).

Your other question about whether pH balance has an electrical component, again I would have to say yes. I can't personally explain the ins and outs of it, but it is my understanding that just about everything in our body has an "electrical component."

I did locate this article on the subject of the pH regulatory system that you may find beneficial.

To your good health!

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