pH of Barley Juice

by Katerina

What is the pH of barley juice if you dissolve 1 teaspoon of the powder in 2 dcl of water?

Hi Katerina,

I assume you are referring specifically to the Barley Life when you are referring to the powder to make your barley juice.

I use Barley Life myself so I went and checked on my canister to see if there is anything that actually says on the label. There is not.

I also have pH strips for testing body pH, so out of curiosity, I mixed up a teaspoon of the Barley Life in water and tested it with the strip.

That method tells me that the pH of Barley Juice in this case is 7.0.

Now, I have make two clarifications. The first is that the reading for 7.0 is green and the Barley Life juice is green. Could that cause the test strip to read that color? Possibly.

The second thing to note is that the pH of a specific element does not necessarily determine the pH affect it has on the body.

For example, lemon juice is acidic, but once you drink it, the body processes the lemon juice and the result is an alkaline "ash" which is why lemons help to improve your body pH. It can seem a bit confusing, but you have to understand how the body "burns" the food and drink we put into it.

I can tell you with confidence that the BarleyLife improves your body pH and helps you to have an alkaline balance. If that is your purpose in drinking barley juice, you need to take it at least twice per day to maintain the pH balance throughout the day.

To your good health!

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