Pimples Or Ingrown Hair

by Nathan
(Monterey, CA)

I have recently found on my knees a few isolated red bumps. At first glance they look like pimples or ingrown hair because it is always close to a hair.

It doesn't itch, or hurt initially, but when I went to pop it, it felt pretty solid. When the skin finally broke around it some blood and excess water came out along with a tiny piece of tissue that looks like skin until you squeeze the area more. Then you can tell blood is coming out of the middle of it.

I've used forceps to pull this out of two of them, and they've healed, but I don't know what it really is, thus I do not know if it is the right thing to do.

Can you give me any information of what it is, and what to do? Should I suffocate it with oil? Freeze it like a wart?

I am up for any information.
Thank you

Hi Nathan,

I'm afraid I can't give you too much help with your pimples or ingrown hair dilemma.

Are you saying that you are removing a small piece of tissue from beneath the outer skin and then that piece of tissue seems to also have blood inside it? Or is it the resulting wound in the knee that has the blood coming out? Perhaps both?

Do you remember kneeling on anything that would have allowed you to get small particles in your knees that could have festered into these sores?

You might consider using some alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on the bumps. I don't necessarily think that oil will suffocate it or even if freezing them would be a good idea. I'm guessing not.

What might be a good option is using some tea tree oil, neem oil or oregano oil directly on the bumps (available at Puritan's Pride). If these little tissue bits happen to be parasites, that should help to kill them.

Sorry I can't help you further.
To your good health!

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