by Elaine S.
(Angleton, TX)

I'm plagued!

There is too much to tell...a NIGHTMARE!!!
Tried everything....tea tree oil, neem oil, Klean, bleach, alcohol, garlic, etc, etc.........
Can't sleep...intense itching!
Sores and ugly scars all over my body.
They heal, and a few weeks later, there are sores and itching again.
Worm-like bugs on my bed sheets.
Feathery like substance in ears and nose, etc.
Can't go visit anywhere...itching intensifies...even at the hospital and doctor's office and church.
Clothing... itches worse with any type of clothing.
Small black spots all over my back.

Oh Elaine. I'm so sorry to hear about your suffering. How long have you been feeling plagued with this condition?

If you are certain that you have the bugs on your sheets, then I guess you can probably rule out an allergic reaction to something you've come in contact with, whether a medication side effect, a new chemical in a product you're using, etc.

Have you entirely ruled out something like that? It's amazing how painful and itchy an allergic reaction can be.

You mentioned trying a lot of external treatments. Have you tried some internal natural cleansing remedies?

I'd try cleansing with Herbal Fiberblend and Para 90 as well as taking Florafood, AIMega, and BarleyLife for immune building and support. These are all AIM products and are well worth trying.

As strange and messy as it may seem, you may find that you'll get good results and some relief by making a paste out of the BarleyLife and water and applying it externally as well as taking it internally. It has excellent healing properties.

You may also want to consider trying some Composure just to help relax you so that you can get some relief from the stress of your condition and hopefully get some sleep.

You are in my thoughts and prayers and I hope that you will get some relief and healing soon.

To your good health!

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Jan 08, 2022
Ivomec NEW
by: Lux Bellatrix

I've heard of people being cured after dosing themselves with ivomec. Good luck I am sorry to see people suffering with no help.

Nov 05, 2010
to plagued
by: Lynn

you can write to me. I have a few persons I write to about crazy stuff on the skin. I have something on my skin too..or in it. black spots and so on. might be able to help with ideas and at least let you know your not alone in this.

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